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Splunk Phantom APP

Splunk Phantom

Splunk company’s security software, known as Splunk Phantom, is able to reduce some of the repetitive SOC tasks of organizations by automating security analysis and analysis processes. This software can identify all kinds of threats and suspicious traffic by creating a platform for analyzing and identifying huge amounts of data. The licensed Splunk Phantom module is installed on Splunk Enterprise software and has a high speed in data processing to integrate and automate security processes in all kinds of networks and services with the ability to apply policies based on the type, location of IPs, applications, suspicious URLs, reduce risk and vulnerability.

This licensed software can also provide an accurate report of types of data consumption and threats, which is suitable for use in medium and large organizations and SOC security operation centers. Also, with the support of Cloud platforms and advanced technologies, this software is an intelligent software for analyzing huge Big Data information, for automating processes and applying policies according to the results obtained from the analyzed logs.

Splunk Phantom APP

The licensed Splunk Phantom enables teams to work smarter by performing automated actions on their security infrastructure in seconds, instead of hours or more when done manually. Teams can code workflows in Phantom’s automated playbooks using the visual editor or the built-in Python development environment. By offloading these repetitive tasks, teams can focus their attention on the most business-critical decisions.

Also, this software has the possibility of coordinating with all kinds of services and network equipment such as firewalls. This software can reduce organizational costs and risks with SOAR technology to establish security, synchronization, automation and quick response.

Splunk Phantom key features

  • Integration of network notifications
  • Simulating attacks to assess vulnerabilities
  • The ability to tag data to speed up processes
  • Advanced search based on applied principles
  • Support of Third Party and Open API software
  • Data cataloging to speed up the reporting and search process
  • Support of cloud networks such as (AWS) Amazon Web Services
  • Ability to coordinate with On-Premise, Cloud, Hybrid and IOT networks
  • Ability to manage advanced notifications and reports based on defined logs
  • Accurate reporting of all types of data and threats based on applied policies
  • Announcing the status of processes through configurable management dashboards
  • Supporting KPI standards to evaluate the quality and efficiency of services in the organization
    For more information, Splunk License
  • Using advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify patterns and discover new vulnerabilities
  • Equipped with MaxMind software to investigate IPs and the geographical location of IPs, it causes accurate analysis of events
  • Equipped with PhishTank software with the ability to check the correctness of Internet URL addresses, it prevents phishing attacks.
  • Equipped with Palo Alto Networks (PAN) Firewall software, this software is able to apply policies on traffic and limit suspicious IPs and URLs by Palo Alto, a powerful company that manufactures the most powerful firewalls in the world.
  • The ability to be compatible with Ansible and create a Playbook to automate tasks and configuration. In Splunk Playbooks, it is possible to group based on the type of function and specific configuration of each group. Also, by using Playbook, you can easily automate MaxMind and PAN Firewall software.
  • Splunk Phantom is able to quickly identify countless information such as IP, email, traffic, software and other data and apply security policies based on it.
  • Equipped with (SOAR) Security, Orchestration, Automation and Response technology to establish security, synchronization, automation and response.

What is Splunk SOAR, formerly known as Splunk Phantom?

A security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) solution is the licensed Splunk Phantom, now known as Splunk SOAR. Security automation entails the programmatic detection, analysis, and remediation of security actions by machines.

Playbook automation, case management, integrated threat intelligence, and security infrastructure orchestration are all features of Splunk SOAR. The solution allows you to track, analyze, and triage events from a single interface while using playbooks to automate responses. It can ingest security events from a variety of sources.

The cloud-based service formerly known as the licensed Splunk Phantom has changed its name to SOAR. Although Splunk SOAR and Phantom are similar, they differ in terms of both architecture and functionality.

Splunk SOAR Architecture

Splunk SOAR works by first connecting to third-party sources using connectors called apps. Admins can configure apps and owners can manage them.

The solution ingests security events into containers. Events may contain IP addresses, email headers, and file hashes stored as artifacts inside containers. You can promote containers to a case consolidating multiple containers, and workbooks can help you define how to manage containers and cases. You can also use playbooks to automate actions.

Personalized Features

With the licensed Splunk Phantom, you can introduce sophisticated data objects into the execution path while using custom functions to share custom code among playbooks. These pre-built custom blocks can help you save time and effort and scale your automation without having to write any code.

Managing events

The licensed Splunk Phantom gathers events from various sources and stores them in one place. With this level of consolidation, analysts can quickly identify high-fidelity events by filtering and sorting all events in order to identify the most important ones.

Case management

Workbooks for case management are offered by Splunk Phantom. You can formalize a standard operating procedure into a reusable template by using a workbook. It can be used to assign tasks to collaborators, break tasks down into phases, and document your work. Additionally, it enables the use of non-industry standard workbooks like the NIST-800 incident response template alongside custom workbooks.

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