Veeam Backup & Replication License

veeam license

Veeam Backup & Replication License

What’s Veeam? 

In this article, we are going to get acquainted with veeam company. But what is meant by wim or veeam? veeam Software is a privately held IT company that develops backup, troubleshooting, and intelligent data management software for virtual, physical, multi-cloud, or multi-cloud infrastructure. The company is headquartered in Baar, Switzerland. It should be noted that veeam is derived from the phonetic pronunciation of the letters VM in the same virtual machine 


Ratmir Timashev and Andrei Baronov founded Wim in 2006. Timashev and Baronov sold their previous IT management company, Aelita Software Corporation, to Quest Software in 2004. Dell subsequently acquired Quest Software in 2012. In June 2016, Dell announced the sale of its hardware division, including Quest, to Francisco Partners and Elliott Management. The company introduced the first products of veeam, veeam Monitor and veeam Reporter, monitoring, reporting, document analysis under virtual infrastructure. The company then combined both products with veeamONE in 2010. Veeam was introduced in 2007 with the free backup version of VM, which became the basis for building data-protection software for virtualization of veeam hardware. In 2014, the company held its first data protection and availability conference, veeamON, in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

This software consists of two main software. This software is known as veeam backup and veeam replication. This software performs its own tasks as the main parts of each. 


  1. veeam backup 

Using veeam backup software, you can make all kinds of backups from servers on the network license

  1. veeam replication 

With veeam replication, you can restore lost data using backups without any shortcomings. 



Backup process veeam 


The backup process is done with veeam backup using Hypervisor capabilities. In fact, this software uses special permissions in virtualization layers to access virtual machines and servers and can back up the information inside them. 


Feature Veeam Backup  


  • Quick recovery of lost files 

           In this mode you can easily recover anything you want. You can even specify  how to retrieve information 


  • Prevent information loss 


This software uses its special methods to back up all the information in virtual machines. This is done in the simplest possible way and almost all data is backed up continuously. 


  • Reliable retrieval and verification capability 


The backup process with veeam backup and data recovery is completely secure and approved. This process will be able to restore any file and data without any exceptions or shortcomings. 


  • Wide field of view 


Using its own methods, this software monitors and backs up all the information published in virtual machines. This software also has a monitoring feature and will constantly monitor your information and will notify you in case of any problems. 


  • Provide a reliable backup copy 


This software can easily and confidently back up your data with any volume. The backup speed is also very high and this software shows high flexibility 


  • Fast data recovery 


Not only is backup with veeam backup very fast but also the data recovery process by this software is very fast. In virtual machines as well as in NAS, the speed of data recovery by this software is very high. 


  • Safe repeatability 


This software backs up data frequently to increase speed and security in systems. The process of backing up data is done with high speed and repeatedly and in a row so that in case of an accident, the process of data recovery is very fast. 


  • Ability to use cloud space 


Backup with veeam backup in the cloud is also possible. This software also protects the information located in your cloud space by having special features and characteristics. This software is well compatible with services such as AWS and Microsoft Azure. 


  • Smart and fast backup process with veeam backup 


Backing up data is very fast. This is software speed and is easily compatible with all hardware in the world, and you do not need separate and special hardware to run this software quickly. 


  • Backup of NAS systems 

The backup process is updated with veeam backup of NAS data and supports all NAS capabilities. In this case, you can easily back up your data without any worries. 


  • Ability to work on multiple networks and Multi-VM virtual machines 


The process of backing up with veeam backup and data recovery in Multi-VM mode is enabled in the new version. In this case, there is no need to worry about large networks with a large number of VMs. 


  • Information security 


In recent years, the use of ransomware has grown very much, and in the new version of this software, your backed up data will be safe against ransomware. Using veeam software to back up your data on large networks is absolutely vital and important. You can easily back up all the information you need using this software. The new features of this software allow you to perform the backup process with veeam backup at a very high speed. Also, this software is easily installed on all virtual machines in the network and can back up the information contained in them. This way you can back up your critical data on an ongoing basis. 


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