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Cisco CMS License

Cisco Meeting Server (CMS) is a powerful collaboration solution that enables organizations to conduct virtual meetings, video conferences, and webinars with ease. With its rich feature set and robust performance, Cisco CMS has become a popular choice for businesses of all sizes. One crucial aspect of Cisco CMS is its licensing model, which determines the features, capabilities, and scalability of the solution. In this article, we will explore the intricacies of Cisco CMS licensing, providing a comprehensive guide to help you make informed decisions when it comes to licensing your Cisco CMS deployment.

Cisco CMS License
Cisco CMS License

Understanding Cisco CMS Licensing

Licensing is a critical aspect of any collaboration solution, and Cisco CMS is no exception. Cisco offers different licensing models for CMS, including user-based licensing and capacity-based licensing. User-based licensing involves licensing individual users who will be hosting or participating in meetings, while capacity-based licensing is based on the number of concurrent connections or sessions that the CMS can support. It’s essential to understand the key concepts and terminology associated with Cisco CMS licensing, such as endpoints, ports, and user types, to effectively manage and optimize your licensing requirements.

Cisco CMS Licensing Models

Cisco CMS offers several licensing models to cater to different organizational needs. These include:

Basic User License

This license allows individual users to participate in meetings hosted on Cisco CMS. It includes basic features such as video conferencing, screen sharing, and audio controls.

Advanced User License

This license provides additional features such as virtual breakout rooms, polling, and Q&A, along with higher participant limits, making it suitable for organizations with more advanced collaboration requirements.

Concurrent Port License

This licensing model is based on the number of concurrent sessions or connections that Cisco CMS can support. It allows multiple users to participate in meetings simultaneously, making it ideal for organizations with a high volume of meetings or participants.

TelePresence Port License

This license is designed for organizations that use Cisco TelePresence endpoints to connect to Cisco CMS. It provides specific features and capabilities for TelePresence endpoints, including optimized video quality and integration with other Cisco collaboration solutions.


Features and Benefits of Cisco CMS Licensing

Cisco CMS licensing offers a range of features and benefits that can enhance your collaboration experience. These include:


Cisco CMS licensing allows organizations to scale their collaboration capabilities based on their needs. With user-based or capacity-based licensing options, organizations can easily accommodate the growing demands of virtual meetings and conferences.


Cisco CMS licensing offers flexibility in terms of the features and capabilities you can enable based on the licensing model chosen. From basic user licenses for individual participants to advanced user licenses for more advanced collaboration features, organizations can choose the licensing model that best fits their requirements.


Cisco CMS integrates seamlessly with other Cisco collaboration solutions, such as Cisco Webex, Cisco TelePresence, and Cisco Unified Communications Manager, allowing organizations to leverage their existing Cisco investments and create a unified collaboration experience.

Enhanced Collaboration

Cisco CMS licensing enables advanced collaboration features such as virtual breakout rooms, polling, Q&A, and interactive whiteboards, facilitating more engaging and interactive virtual meetings and conferences.

Management and Control

Cisco CMS licensing provides robust management and control capabilities, allowing administrators to monitor and manage licensing usage, track usage patterns, and optimize licensing resources to ensure efficient utilization.


Licensing Requirements and Considerations for Cisco CMS

To effectively manage Cisco CMS licensing, it’s crucial to understand the licensing requirements and considerations. These may include:

Endpoint Compatibility

Cisco CMS licensing may have specific compatibility requirements with Cisco endpoints, such as Cisco TelePresence endpoints. It’s important to ensure that your endpoints are compatible with the licensing model you choose to avoid any compatibility issues or limitations.

User Types and Usage Patterns

Understanding the different user types and their collaboration requirements within your organization is essential for choosing the right licensing model. Consider factors such as the number of users, their usage patterns, and collaboration needs to determine the most cost-effective and efficient licensing option.

Scalability and Growth

Consider the scalability and growth potential of your organization when choosing a licensing model. If you anticipate rapid growth in the number of users or meetings, capacity-based licensing may be more suitable to accommodate the increased demand without incurring additional licensing costs.

Budget and Cost Optimization

Licensing costs can be a significant consideration for organizations. Evaluate your budget and cost optimization strategies to choose a licensing model that aligns with your budget and provides the best value for your collaboration requirements.

License Management and Tracking

Implement effective license management and tracking processes to ensure compliance with licensing agreements and optimize license usage. Regularly monitor and analyze license usage patterns to identify any inefficiencies or areas for improvement in license utilization.

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Cisco CMS License

Conclusion: Optimizing Your Collaboration Experience with Cisco CMS Licensing

Cisco CMS is a powerful collaboration solution that offers a range of features and capabilities to enhance virtual meetings and conferences. Understanding the licensing options available, including user-based and capacity-based licensing, is essential for effectively managing and optimizing your Cisco CMS deployment. Consider factors such as endpoint compatibility, user types and usage patterns, scalability and growth, budget and cost optimization, and license management to choose the right licensing model that aligns with your organization’s collaboration requirements and budget. By optimizing your Cisco CMS licensing, you can ensure a seamless and efficient collaboration experience for your organization, enabling effective communication and collaboration across teams and locations.

With this comprehensive guide to Cisco CMS licensing, you now have the knowledge and understanding to make informed decisions when it comes to licensing your Cisco CMS deployment. By carefully considering your organization’s collaboration requirements, usage patterns, and budget, you can choose the right licensing model that aligns with your needs and optimize your collaboration experience with Cisco CMS.


Product nameProduct descriptionProduct priceDiscountProduct display
LIC-TP-ROOM-12.XChoose if VCS or for CUCM version 12.x TP-Room License$0.00NoProduct display
LIC-TP-12X-ROOMTelepresence Room Based Endpoint, Single or Multi-Screen$650.00NoProduct display
LIC-TP-PMP-EA-USERConductor PMP User License$0.00NoProduct display
LIC-TP-EA-SMPConductor SMP License$0.00NoProduct display
LIC-TP-SMP-INCShared Multiparty License for 1 Concurrent Meeting for XC/TS$0.00NoProduct display
LIC-TP-PMP-USER1 XC PMP User License$0.00NoProduct display
LIC-TP-SL-2-SMPEnter Qty of Screen Licenses Covered by Support Contract(s)$0.00NoProduct display
LIC-TP-SMP-SL2SMPOne SMP License on Conductor per Concurrent Meeting$0.00NoProduct display
LIC-TP-SMPShared Multiparty License for 1 Concurrent Meeting$9,000.00NoProduct display
LIC-TP-ROOM-9.XChoose if CUCM version 9.x for included TP-Room License$0.00NoProduct display
LIC-TP-ROOM-10.XChoose if CUCM version 10.x for included TP-Room License$0.00NoProduct display
LIC-TP-ROOM-11.XChoose if VCS or for CUCM version 11.x TP-Room License$0.00NoProduct display
LIC-TP-SMP-EPShared Multiparty Lic for 1 Concurrent Meeting inc 2 RMS Lic$4,990.00NoProduct display
LIC-TP-11X-ROOMTelepresence Room Based Endpoint, Single or Multi-Screen$650.00NoProduct display
LIC-TP-10X-ROOMTelepresence Room Based Endpoint, Single or Multi-Screen$650.00NoProduct display
LIC-TPSRV-1SLCisco TelePresence Server 7010 Screen License$13,200.00NoProduct display
LIC-TP-ROOM-UPGTelepresence Room Upgrade, , Single or Multi-Screen$325.00NoProduct display
LIC-TP-9X-ROOMTelepresence Room Based Endpoint, Single or Multi-Screen$650.00NoProduct display
LIC-TP-MLT-SRN-UPG1 User Video Licensing: TP MULT Room$550.00NoProduct display
LIC-TP-SGL-SRN-UPG1 User Video Licensing: TP SNGL Room$325.00NoProduct display