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In the past, the use of the Internet was limited to searching for content, collecting content, and sending emails. But over time, the use of the World Wide Web has been used to meet many needs. People now use the Internet for shopping, entertainment, and business correspondence.

Cisco WSA
 Cisco WSA License

For example, in the past many organizational meetings and personal meetings took place in person; But today, with the spread of infectious diseases and the advancement of technology, many of these things are done remotely and online. Many corporate organizations use services such as Cisco Webex, Microsoft Skype for Business, and Adobe Connect to hold their meetings. Even people can use cloud-based services on their mobile phone or personal computer such as Skype, WhatsApp, etc. for their video meetings, whether near or far. Many people also make their daily purchases online.

Challenges of Internet users

If we are aware of the risks and challenges that users face, we can take more effective solutions. In the past, one of the most effective security solutions was one that could block access to malicious URLs. But due to the development of technology as well as the updating of hackers and malicious programs, today these solutions are not able to deal with malware and hackers. Here are some examples of the troublesome security challenges facing users when using the web.

  • Malware, ransomware, and C2 that may infect your system by clicking on an ad or receiving email attachments.
  • SSL protocols blind spot: The use of encrypted and secure SSL protocols makes network security devices such as firewalls lose access to the transmitted data. This creates a blind spot in network security.
  • Violation of service usage rules: When security-related rules in a company or organization are violated
  • Shadow IT: The use of SaaS equipment and personal equipment in a network that increases network security and information security threats.
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Cisco WSA is a solution to reduce network risks

Given the importance of Internet browsing and the daily use of users and businesses, it was necessary to create a dedicated platform called Secure Web Gateway or SWG for network security. Various security companies started working to create such a platform. Currently, companies such as Cisco, Symantec, Forcepoint, etc. have introduced such products to the market.

Cisco has launched its SWG product, the Cisco Web Security Appliance, also known as the Cisco WSA. Over time, Cisco has tried to upgrade Cisco WSA quality and service to meet the needs of businesses and organizations. Cisco has considered the Cisco WSA product upgrade path based on achieving the following key objectives.

Cisco WSA

Powerful protection

Increasing the power of attackers and using a variety of attacks has made it increasingly complex to protect users against threats on the web. The Cisco WSA License and its licenses has taken a big step toward increasing network security and information security by creating a powerful and efficient protection shield, using multi-layer filtering based on access and reputation of web pages and multiple antivirus.

Exceptional control

Access control rules have different elements for access control. Using the Cisco WSA platform, access to the Gmail inbox can be controlled based on the attachment download, download volume, download or upload time, and download or upload bandwidth. Apart from discussing network security and information security, control can also be effective in user productivity.

Detailed reports

Reporting is one of the standards of information security and network security. But the more efficient the report, the less time it takes to identify threats. Licensed Cisco WSA provides network security experts and managers with the ability to report and receive various network outputs by username, threats, software and data. This software also has pre-prepared reporting templates. These reports can be crucial for network security and human resources units.

Cisco WSA

Flexibility in implementation

Cisco is one of the companies that works with various large and small customers and any type of company and organization can use their products. For this reason, the Cisco WSA platform can be implemented in all physical, virtual, and cloud-based modes. Therefore, it is possible to use the Cisco WSA platform in all networks with different sizes.

Information integration

In discussing network security, increasing speed and reducing response time in identifying threats can be vital and very important. Integration between security equipment, platforms and services is one of the ways to reduce the time in identifying threats. Licensed Cisco WSA License plays a key role in the discussion of application visibility and can be integrated with software related to computer network management.

Cisco WSA Order Pricing

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