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LiveCapture, a leading packet capture and analytics device, enables real-time and post-event analytics up to 100G. LiveCapture Engine enables IT engineers to troubleshoot network and application performance issues on 1/10/40/100 Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11ac WLAN, VoIP, and video-over-IP networks. LiveCapture offers both powerful network logging to capture terabytes of traffic without packet loss, and the award-winning Omnipeek to perform real-time network traffic analysis in real time and forensic network analysis of logged traffic. Integrated into LiveCapture(LiveAction Live Capture License) 1100 is the ability to capture tunneled wireless traffic from WLAN controllers, allowing you to monitor, analyze, archive and troubleshoot 802.11ac traffic at multi-Gigabit speeds.

LiveAction Live Capture License
 LiveAction Live Capture License


Additionally, the licensed LiveCapture includes Omnipeek, the leading packet analysis software. Omnipeek provides comprehensive analysis of LiveCapture logs and packets. With remote or local access, NetOps can quickly spot potential problems with situational information and visualizations of analyzed packets.

Analysis of high-speed network traffic

The licensed LiveAction’s LiveCapture suite of products provides rapid network traffic analysis and capture, adapts to any network speed, and enables IT companies to accurately analyze, monitor and capture data traffic. LiveCaptures provides 24/7 access to 1G, 10G and 40G networks for detailed analysis. It includes forensic analysis of past events, expert analysis, and important network metrics such as Top Protocols and Top Talkers, which provide a visual representation of how different elements communicate.

LiveCaptures offers the following features:

  • Visual representation of communication through Peer-Map.
  • Powerful capabilities to capture terabytes of traffic without packet loss.
  • Lossless collection and full data integrity for network traffic on 1G, 10G and 40G networks.
  • A powerful data preparation tool that allows IT technicians to examine specific time periods and types of traffic.
  • Accuracy means complete logging with no data loss and exact aspect ratio, as well as no packet loss for high-speed traffic.
  • LiveCaptures Enterprise Network Analyzer provides tools for real-time network traffic analysis, troubleshooting, and logging.
  • LiveCapture has everything you need for network forensics on fast and complex networks, including a network (Ethernet) tab.
  • Award-winning LiveCaptures Enterprise software for real-time network traffic analysis and network forensic analysis of recorded traffic.
  • Network settings are initially provided with an 8ns precision timestamp (known as a timestamp). GPS, PTP and other external time sources are supported.
  • Integrated analytics including expert analysis and critical network performance metrics such as Top Protocols and TopTalkers to quickly identify potential attacks.
  • Continuous scan that logs the network every 24 hours. Each LiveCapture supports forensic recordings with ex-post forensic analysis and monitors recordings to provide detailed expert statistics in real time.
  • Flexibility helps organizations combine applications with different interface cards for a powerful and cost-effective configuration to monitor their network. Each LiveCapture can combine different interface cards with different speeds.
  • Each installation is tailored to the size of the organization, which can then add and combine different applications based on the requirements of its forensic network. LiveCapture TL with OmniStorage disk array captures up to 128TB of network traffic without any data loss.
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LiveAction Live Capture

LiveCapture products are available in a variety of configurations:

A complete set of packet capture tools that provide wire data for monitoring (LiveFlow) and packet data for root cause analysis. Conduct your research with advanced packet capture and analysis software for businesses worldwide.

Award-winning LiveCapture packet capture and analysis delivers up to 20 Gbps network packet capture with 128 TB of storage in a single 2U appliance.

This licensed solution is the most powerful and comprehensive all-in-one box performance monitoring and research solution available. LiveCapture includes everything to reduce the mean time to resolution (MTTR) of network problems.

1K live capture

The licensed LiveCapture 1K, LiveAction’s most affordable packet capture and analysis device, is an ideal solution for monitoring less demanding 1G and 10G networks and remote sites such as branch offices.

Features of LiveCapture 1K
  • 16 TB of storage space
  • Supports high performance 1G or 10G adapter for LiveCapture
  • Pre-installed, tested and fully integrated capture engine software
Deployment Recommendations
  • branches
  • SME

3K live capture

LiveCapture 3K offers both powerful network capture to capture terabytes of traffic without packet loss and award-winning Capture Engine software to perform real-time analysis of live network traffic and forensic network analysis of recorded traffic. LiveCapture 3K is designed to capture and analyze traffic from more demanding 1G, 10G and 40G networks.

LiveCapture 3K Features
  • 64 TB or 128 TB of storage space
  • Capture network data at up to 20 Gbps
  • Support for up to 3 high performance adapters for LiveCapture
  • Pre-installed, tested and fully integrated capture engine software
Deployment Recommendation
  • NOK
  • data center
  • WAN connections

LiveCapture Portable is considered the best mobile analyzer by leading network analysis experts. The software from the leading German telecommunications company has the features, functions and expertise that LiveAction has accumulated over 24 years in the technology industry.

LiveCapture diagram

The diagram below shows exactly how to use LiveCaptures in a corporate network. Individual LiveCaptures give security analysts continuous access to network data by continuously collecting and analyzing network traffic from different network segments within the enterprise.

Live Capture Key Features

Automated Capture and Ingest of Enterprise Class

Multichannel IP and SDI capture solution that is scalable, automated, and can be used to directly ingest live or tape-based media into production, post-production, and broadcast workflows. In order to preserve the full source quality, Lightspeed Live Capture license processes video in 16-bit space. It also records in a wide range of mezzanine file formats to local or shared NAS/SAN storage, with delivery options to FTP, object storage (S3), Aspera, Signiant, and other services.

Assistive technology for Avid MediaCentral

You can check your captured assets directly into Avid or Adobe-based NLE systems with the licensed Live Capture, even while they are still being captured. No matter if your editors are working with Interplay, Media Composer alone, or Adobe CS, they can immediately start editing the large files that the licensed Live Capture has captured. Your turnaround time has just gotten quicker, so there’s no need to wait or alter your post-production workflow.

Wide Format Delivery Options and Support

Record using containers and codecs suitable for business workflows. Support for DNxHD/HR, AVC Intra, XDCAM, HEVC, MXF OP1a, Avid MXF OPAtom, and a host of other file types. Deliver files to open workflows using expanding capture, writing to onboard RAID, or using external network storage such as NAS, SAN, or object storage like S3.

Web Interface with Easy Usage

Designed with an easy-to-use, HTML5-compliant web user interface. Scales easily for the deployment of large systems and enables total control or remote management from any web portal. It is incredibly simple to set up ingestion and capture events thanks to built-in scheduling, gang control, recurring segments, DAI (SCTE), and Web Services API.

LiveAction License


Networks are becoming faster and more complex, and security attacks are more sophisticated and harder to detect. In the future, business operations will undoubtedly be network-based, so IT security teams need constant access to detailed analysis of network traffic to keep their networks running smoothly. Security analysts need network forensics to provide access and critical information.

This licensed LiveAction product helps security teams with data analysis as it captures data at critical network points and reduces traffic due to data collection. LiveAction LiveCapture enables security teams to detect and prevent attacks very quickly, even if they occur on modern, fast 40G to 100G networks. This is done by using simple and complex data filters to store data in a universal and searchable format.