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LiveAction LiveNA (LiveUX) License

LiveUX is a software module available on the LiveNX performance and analytics platform. LiveUX actively monitors the end-user experience of cloud-based or on-premises web applications by running regular active tests to collect network and application performance data. Get insight into the availability and performance of any web application to troubleshoot problems before they affect users.

Integrating LiveNX with existing network performance monitoring to map end-user experience to network information speeds troubleshooting and greatly simplifies application performance monitoring challenges. Deployed on Cisco NFVIS, LiveUX(LiveAction LiveUX License) provides embedded capabilities in Cisco routers or switches running IOS XE to control the user experience of any cloud-based application, from SaaS to Unified Communications as a Service.

LiveAction LiveUX License
 LiveAction LiveNA (LiveUX) License

LiveUX Components

The key components are:

  • LiveUX in the cloud or on premise
  • Agent – Takes action while behaving like a virtual user
  • data collected by agents during measurements and tests
  • Cloud Controller – the point of control and collection for all

Agents are deployed on the corporate network or the public Internet.

There are two different types of agents:

  • Private agents live within your network allowing you to act quickly
  • Global Agents reside outside the corporate network in the public cloud to perform availability and performance testing. Global Agents are managed by LiveAction and are located at key points of presence around the world. These agents are shared between LiveAction clients.
  • Filtering problems related to your network or outside your network. The software-based private agent is distributed as a lightweight Open Virtual Appliance (OVA) package and includes everything needed to install the platform. It also hardens the agent by installing firewall policies to limit unauthorized remote access.

User experience overview

Time Series Report

A historical overview and near real-time detailed analysis of each test. You can select any time range or place to compare and go back as much as you like.

Distribution Ratio

Histograms show the distribution of data, giving you an idea of ​​whether performance is an issue. You can compare test results across multiple agents and services. You can select any time frame and go back as much as you like.

Waterfall chart

With a browser built into the agent, the user experience can provide performance data from any source on your website to get insights into your website’s user experience.

LiveAction LiveNA (LiveUX) License

Web Services Performance Summary Dashboard

Get an overview of your website’s performance and availability, and know if there are any issues with your apps.

Network data integration

User experience integrates with LiveNX. For the “managed” part of your network, you can access NetFlow, QoS, and interface related metrics.


LiveAction collects metrics over time and learns normal website performance behaviors, including network latency, DNS latency, and response times.


Alerts are based on rules such as availability, network latency, DNS latency, and test response time threshold alerts.

For more information, LiveAction License

Path analysis

Private and global agents perform traceroute tests to analyze the performance and latency of each hop. You can discover the domain names of the hops in the communication path as well as the detailed analysis of the response time of each hop.

Integration and component architecture


Because the modules are fluid, the user experience is directly integrated with LiveNX, LiveAction’s network performance and analytics platform. Enterprises leverage the LiveNX user experience to gain seamless visibility into real-time application and user-level activity. Integrated LiveNX and user experience dashboards give you quick insight into the health of your site, network devices, application usage, and application performance.

Quickly identify degraded sites and affected applications. Scroll down the site to see network status, including bandwidth usage errors, QoS statistics, and applications competing for bandwidth.


Monitor’s LiveNX monitor

LiveNX Monitor or Monitor provides a single pane of glass to aggregate server system health, sites, and configurations across multiple LiveNX domains that are geographically or organizationally segmented. Through the aggregation layer, each instance in the LiveNX server domain injects relevant data for viewing and managing the unified dashboard through the Northern REST API. LiveSensor integration (add-on available for purchase) NetFlow generation that provides application visibility and application awareness when there is no device to export the device.

  • Software analysis of packages
  • Close inspection of the packaging
  • Application layer visibility (eg Skype, BitTorrent, Citrix)
  • Support for multivendor environment
Implementation model
  • A server/node deployed as a single system
  • A multi – server with nodes deployed wherever IP connectivity is available.