LiveSP is a multi-tenant network performance monitoring platform. LiveSP is network performance monitoring and reporting for global service providers (GSPs) and managed service providers (MSPs). LiveSP is the leader in network visibility, monitoring and reporting for Service Providers (SPs). Designed specifically for Global Service Providers (GSPs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs), LiveSP(LiveAction LiveSP License) is a multi-tenant network monitoring software platform that provides unmatched service and reliability to SP customers. It provides the capabilities you need to fully automate the workflow of customizing and delivering managed service offerings.

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 LiveAction LiveSP License

LiveSP enables service providers to focus on action plans for enterprise customer complaints. LiveSP bridges legacy and SD-WAN management on a single platform that abstracts the complexity of WAN technology. Managed services teams can create templates and automate reports so they can focus on customer needs.

How does LiveSP help your network?

This monitoring network also gives enterprises full visibility into their unique network infrastructure. Here are some key points about LiveSP:

  • This monitoring network is designed to be highly flexible, scalable and resilient to have a complete platform for services.
  • This monitoring network integrates with any orchestration platform to automate the configuration and delivery of new services.
  • LiveSP is an efficient tool that provides efficient use of MPLS and saves you money and connectivity using standard Internet connections.
  • As a multi-tenant platform, LiveSP provides the capabilities to fully automate the customization and delivery workflows of service provider managed service offerings.
  • With its enterprise customers and a diverse audience, LiveSP provides reports to help builder service providers, from overviews to detailed views for professionals.
  • To identify problems between local networks, external networks, and applications, this network monitor visualizes application-specific network traffic and accelerates workflows for business-critical network performance.
  • LiveSP can be easily integrated into your SP provisioning workflow. All you need to do is get up and running large-scale deployments for WAN and SD-WAN management services. Once your template is ready, you can quickly automate your provisioning and monitoring workflows.


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LiveSP Key features

  • Create custom dashboards and reports for the needs of unique customers
  • Develop capacity planning insights: Establish a viewing scope, select a time frame, and delve into a site to understand capacity planning.
  • Easily identify deviant behavior: Understand which applications and users generate unusual network traffic that impacts mission-critical applications.
  • With LiveSP, the vendor can create custom reports and dashboards or choose from predefined templates, from high-level overviews to detailed reports.
  • Better online visibility of applications to quickly identify and resolve potential issues before they affect customer experience and service provider reputation.
  • Evaluate the impact of the network load on the user experience: Easily see the correlation between network load and delay in a branch and understand the impact.
  • Validate the Class of Service (CoS) policy: Verify a consistent CoS implementation across the network and identify which sites need to be updated with the new CoS mappings.
  • Optimizing Application Behavior with Visual Analytics: Browse and zoom the network to get a visual representation of real-time data, from network statistics to application discovery.
  • Advanced Rights Management: LiveSP simplifies client deployment for service providers, enforces security policies, and reduces the workload required to manage thousands of business users.
  • Customizable reports, alerts, and dashboards: Quickly provide high-level overviews and in-depth insights into network performance, metrics, and other critical factors based on your specific needs.
  • Easily switch between high-level views and package-level troubleshooting: Take advantage of our solution, LiveWire, and get deeper into stream visualization and packet analysis from any high-level view.
  • Easy integration with standard customer-facing equipment (CPE) from multiple vendors: Enables service providers to quickly deploy LiveSP as a branded or white-label product in their existing network infrastructure.
  • Multi-Vendor SD-WAN Support: With more than 40 SD-WAN solutions on the market today, LiveSP is designed to support industry-leading products, facilitating Cisco SD-WAN monitoring, including IWAN, Viptela and Nokia Nuage.
  • View the corporate network from a different perspective: Analyze end-user experiences across multiple viewing perspectives, including network-wide metrics for an application or specific traffic class.