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Organizations moving application workloads to the cloud face challenges in protecting business data. As security attacks become more sophisticated across traditional and cloud environments, internal security teams often struggle to stay current with the latest attacks and protections, and to provide consistent policies and enforcement across environments. A lack of consistency can lead to security vulnerabilities, higher costs, and slower response to threats and compliance issues. That’s where Silverline license emerges.

silverline license

F5 Silverline license Web Application Firewall is a cloud-based service with 24hours 7days a week and 365 days in a year support from highly specialized security professionals. Helps organizations protect web applications and data while enabling compliance with industry security standards such as PCI DSS. Silverline Web Application Firewall is available as a fully managed service for comprehensive and personalized application protection, or as a fast self-service for rapid implementation of expertly maintained policies.

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F5 Silverline License Key Benefits

Managed application service security

Application security and compliance Receive comprehensive protection against advanced layer 7 attacks, OWASP top 10 application vulnerabilities and zero-day attacks, and enable regulatory keycode compliance.

Get full expert service

Get 24 hours a day access to Web Application Firewall (WAF) experts who create WAF policies, proactively monitor and adapt them against known and emerging threats.

Flexible deployment in hybrid environments

with F5 Silverline License Ensure security, availability and consistent user experiences across web applications in traditional data centers and in the cloud.

Defend your organization with proven security effectiveness

faboulos security effectiveness with technology built into F5 BIG-IP® Application Security Manager™ (ASM) recommended by NSS Labs based on testing showing an overall security effectiveness score of 99.89 % demonstrated.

Increase Cost and Operational Efficiency

F5 Silverline License Eliminates the complexity of WAF management, accelerates the implementation of new policies and reduces operational costs.

Receive information and information about attacks.

Access reports via the cloud-based customer portal and integrate external information to protect applications against identified threats.

F5 Silverline

Increase Efficiency with a Comprehensive Web Application Firewall Service

The growth of cloud-hosted web applications has been accompanied by increasingly sophisticated attacks and security risks that threaten corporate data. As a result, administrators and security teams face the challenge of staying current with the latest attacks and protections. At the same time, they must meet strict compliance requirements for online commerce and data sharing across traditional and cloud environments.

Organizations must decide whether to keep specialized IT security teams in-house, resulting in higher costs and more time to implement policies, or delegate complex WAF policy management and enforcement to a cloud service for efficiency increase.

F5 Silverline Licensed Web Application Firewall Managed Service provides comprehensive and efficient Layer 7 protection and compliance for corporate data and web applications in all environments. The service also includes expert support from highly specialized security professionals that remove the complexity of WAF policy management, expedite the deployment of new policies, and free up internal IT resources and budget for other projects.

Hybrid Policy Management and Deployment

Licensed Silverline Web Application Firewall’s managed service and rapid self-service options provide a simplified approach to policy deployment across traditional and cloud environments. With centralized delivery of WAF policies from Silverline’s cloud-based platform, organizations can reduce IT overhead, minimize configuration errors, and ensure the overall effectiveness of each policy in protecting web applications, no matter where they are located.

Defense with Proven Security Efficiency

The Silverline Web Application Firewall’s fast managed services are built on BIG IP ASM, recognized as the most scalable WAF on the market. NSS Labs recommends BIG-IP ASM based on testing showing 99.89% overall security effectiveness with minimal false positives (0.124 percent) compared to competitors.

Built-in reporting and compliance capabilities

Built-in advanced security protection and remote auditing help organizations comply with industry security standards, including  Payment  Industry Data Security Standard Payment (PCI DSS), HIPAA, Basel II, and SOX (cost-effectively and without multi-applications, Application Changes or Rewrites). Silverline Web Application Firewall’s managed and rapid service options report previously unknown threats such as SQL injection and XSS attacks, and mitigate web application threats to protect the organization from data breaches.

Gain Attack Insights and Intelligence

The Silverline Web Application Firewall service includes access to Silverline’s customer web portal, which allows administrators to securely communicate with Managed Services SOC experts and view centralized threat monitoring reports. The Customer Portal provides Managed Service and Express Service administrators with instant details of the attack and enhanced visibility into the mitigation techniques used to detect and prevent the application attack. Details include Source Geo-IP Mapping, Blocked Attacks vs. Alerts, Blocked Traffic, Blocked Attack Types, Warned Attack Types, Threats, Bandwidth Used, Hits/sec.

Gain Attack Insights and Intelligence

The Threat Intelligence Services

F5 add-on provides Silverline® Threat Intelligence for additional detection and blocking of IPs known to support malicious traffic. This service reduces unwanted attack communication on your network and helps you avoid further mitigation requests. New threats are continuously captured and published, while IP addresses that are no longer malicious are removed from the threat intelligence. Silverline Threat Intelligence enhances Silverline® DDoS protection (in proxy mode) or Silverline Web Application firewall services while allowing access to legitimate IP addresses.

F5 Security Operations Center

The F5 Security Operations Center offers premium support and guidance to help you get the most from your F5 Silverline investment. Whether its quick answers to questions, guidance on your security questions, or assistance with changes to your implementation, F5 SOC can help ensure your applications  are always secure, fast, and reliable.

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