Applying PLR License on NXOS

Applying PLR License on NXOS

Applying PLR License on NXOS

Like the most of Cisco network devices, Cisco NXOS switches such as Cisco Nexus series and Cisco MDS series switches support PLR licensing. Cisco permanent license reservation is an offline solution for extremely secure network architecture where no inbound or outbound connection is allowed. Therefore, the devices are not able to communicate with Cisco smart software manager in order to register their instances. So, Cisco PLR license has been introduced as a solution for mentioned changed letting customers to activate all premium features on their devices permanently and forever.

Right now, Cisco permanent license reservation is supported on the following devices:

  • Cisco NX-OS based devices
    • Cisco MDS 9000
    • Cisco Nexus 3000
    • Cisco Nexus 5000
    • Cisco Nexus 6000
    • Cisco Nexus 7000
    • Cisco Nexus 9000

In order to activate the device with Cisco PLR license, please follow the below steps:

First, To use PLR features, you should enable the license reservation feature in the CLI using the following command:

Device(config)#license smart enable

Device(config)#license smart reservation

You can use the following command to generate a unique request code for your NXOS product:

Device #license smart reservation request local

In next step, you need to share the generated code to our sales experts. Then, you will be provided a unique authorization code from Cisco for your device.

You can use the following command to install the code on your device:

Device # license smart reservation install [Code]

Finally, you can verify the license reservation status using the below command:  

Router # show license reservation

Note: Customers should notice that permanent license reservation is node-locked feature meaning that unlike the other smart licenses you CAN NOT move or transport the reserved license between different devices. Also, these licenses are just for the particular device that you use cannot be abused.

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