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Best Security Incident Response Tools

Best Security Incident Response Tools

Network security incident response tools are tools that provide services and support to organizations to assess, manage, and prevent cybersecurity emergencies and coordinate incident response efforts.

The primary goal of security incident response tools is to quickly and efficiently respond to network security incidents, regain control, and minimize damage. This includes Stage 4 incident response by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Best Security Incident Response Tools

The basic assumption of this definition is that the Network security incident response tool is an organized software with a defined mission, structure, roles and responsibilities. This assumption excludes ad hoc or informal incident response efforts without defined advocates or documented roles and responsibilities. This assumption is based on the belief that an effective incident response cannot occur without a formal incident response.

The Security and Incident Response Teams Forum, an international association of incident response teams, has published the FIRST Network security incident response tool framework. This detailed document is based on the Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center (CERT/CC) guidelines that have been in use since the late 1980s.

The framework also describes the areas of service that the Network security incident response tool can provide, including management information security incidents, information security incident management, vulnerability management, situational awareness and training.

Treating the problem

Organizations are constantly exposed to unexpected and unknown security threats. Regardless of the level, type, or size of a threat, the presence of a threat impacts a company’s overall operations. Incident management is the process of identifying disruptions and taking action as quickly as possible to minimize their impact on day-to-day operations.

What is a security incident?

A security incident is an event that threatens an organization’s network with significant and potential threats to the organization. If left undetected, security incidents can threaten systems or data externally and internally. These are called external and internal threats.

Best Security Incident Response Tools

What are the best Network Security Incident Response tools?

There are some tools for making a Network security incident response easier and faster. In the following we will introduce some of the best tools in this field.

Splunk Incident response tool

With the licensed Splunk Incident response, On-Call days are less stressful. Send the right alerts to the right people at the right time for better collaboration and troubleshooting. On-call teams are under tremendous pressure to recognize and address incidents before they affect users. And as services become more complex than ever, the lack of context makes it harder to prioritize, target and remediate alerts. All of these factors can cause additional stress and fatigue for caregivers.

Resolve incidents faster with Splunk
Automating incident response

Reduce verification and resolution time by getting the right notifications to the right people.

Improve your IT and DevOps capabilities

Integrate with your IT stack and event reporting to enable a complete ChatOps experience.

Powerful and scalable features for IT and DevOps

Reduce the delay between alerts and notifications. Create an environment of continuous improvement. And improve on-call well-being by providing more flexibility.

Collaborate on mobile

Step away from the desktop with native iOS and Android apps and receive metadata-rich notifications directly on any device. Exchange, resolve, redirect and even defer alerts directly from the app.

Automatically escalate incidents

Mobilize teams to quickly resolve issues with automated escalation policies, suggested responders, team views, and War Room configuration.

Make phone calls with ease.

A better mobile engagement experience to reduce fatigue.

Easy on-call scheduling

Streamline call scheduling and better manage escalation policies. From scrolling to delivery, you can automate everything that matters.

ManageEngine security incident response tool

ManageEngine License security incident response software, DataSecurity Plus, detects ransomware intrusions, endpoint data breaches and user behavior anomalies.

DLP Incident Response

Thwart attempts to exfiltrate sensitive data via USB drives and emails with effective predefined responses from the Security Incident Response Tool.

Respond to security incidents

Detect ransomware attacks and prevent their spread by running scripts to shut down infected servers and quarantine damaged computers.

Recognizes the signs of compromise

Detects anomalies in user activity, such as after-hours file changes or a sudden increase in file deletions.

Environment Specific Warnings

Customize alerts based on user, file, event source, etc. to identify abnormal or suspicious activity specific to your environment.

ManageEngine License

Solarwinds security incident response tool

Simplify the incident-response process with the licensed solarwind license security incident management software.

Help improve response capabilities as threats escalate

You may not be able to respond to large-scale threats if you subscribe to the prehistoric method of manual research, validation, and remediation. New threats are being developed and deployed every day, and existing threats we thought we had under control evolve to do more harm. You could invest an entire day in the manual response method and still be late due to the sheer volume of potential threats in the queue that have yet to be investigated. Respond to threats with Active Response using the licensed SolarWinds Security Event Manager (SEM) software to manage large-scale security incidents.

Respond to threats as soon as alerts are triggered

Active Response provides pre-configured and customizable actions to respond to incidents based on met trigger conditions, so you can proactively find and stop threats. Security Event Manager Incident response solutions are designed to ingest threat information and respond to unique user-defined actions. Send an automated email to your team, actively block a threat detected on your firewall, disable an Active Directory account whose actions could compromise your business, and much more.

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