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Applications are increasingly distributed across on-premise, cloud and edge locations to drive innovation and profitability, reduce latency and improve user experience. Organizations are at various stages of digital transformation to reap the benefits while grappling with operational complexity and security risks. Your organization relies on application delivery services and network infrastructure to deliver the highest performance, along with application-centric security, to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.


The licensed BIG-IP Next LTM (Local Traffic Manager) is a next-generation service that delivers applications in a highly automated and scalable environment. Designed for the distributed application portfolio, BIG-IP Next LTM software that is one of the BIG-IP next application delivery services, provides the application delivery and security needed to ensure the availability and performance of applications running in any environment. Deployed in a distributed environment, BIG-IP Next LTM delivers next-generation application scalability, automation and customization to meet the needs of future application environments with intelligence and insight.

BIG-IP is the next generation of software.

F5 is redesigned for the future with BIG-IP Next software, designed to bring greater automation, scalability and ease of use to organizations managing applications on premises, in the cloud or at the edge. Powerful declarative APIs are at the heart of BIG IP Next’s API-first design, enabling DevOps, NetOps, SecOps, and other BIG-IP-dependent teams to more quickly and easily manage and automate application delivery and secure deployment.

A completely redesigned software layer using modern frameworks is the foundation for improved control plane scale and performance, declarative automation of application services, and rapid instance upgrades for the latest benefits.

Building on the extensive BIG-IP feature set developed over the past 20 years, BIG-IP Next delivers unmatched performance over time, from application security and access control to local and global traffic management with large-scale DNS services. Available in a wide range of distribution and consumption models. BIG-IP Next and legacy BIG-IP run as tenants on the next-generation F5 platform.

Application visibility and monitoring

Monitor how applications perform for specific users based on application response times, network conditions, and user context. The licensed BIG-IP Next WAF supports two types of monitors: active and passive. The active monitor constantly checks the health of the endpoint. A passive monitor determines the health of an endpoint based on a specified number of connection attempts or data request attempts that occur over a period of time.

Traffic control application

BIG-IP Next Local Traffic Manager includes load balancing to eliminate single points of failure. Application Proxy provides protocol awareness to manage traffic to your most important applications. BIG-IP Next LTM also monitors the capacity levels of application servers in the cluster to ensure that applications are always up and running at peak performance even under heavy load conditions.

Optimizing Application Delivery

BIG-IP Next WAF improves application page load time and user experience with connection optimization and management, HTTP compression, RAM cache performance, and F5 OneConnect™. It also makes real-time protocol and traffic management decisions based on application and server conditions, enabling rule modification and scheduling, as well as TCP and content offloading.

Secure application delivery

BIG-IP Next LTM provides industry-leading SSL performance and visibility into inbound and outbound traffic, allowing you to effectively secure the entire user experience by encrypting everything from client to server. It also provides Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP) services to protect against potential DDoS attacks and integrate with data loss protection (DLP) and virus protection.



F5 Application Service Patterns (FAST) is a powerful set of tools that help you deploy, manage, and analyze business application services instead of managing configurations and objects separately. FAST provides more visibility and control over application delivery and enables deployment in hours instead of weeks. This application-centric approach aligns the network with applications and aligns application delivery with business requirements.


The F5 Traffic Scripting interface, an F5 iRules scripting language, enables programmatic analysis, manipulation and detection of all aspects of network traffic. Customers regularly implement security mitigations, support new protocols, and fix application bugs in real-time. The powerful and flexible iRule makes it quick and easy to develop solutions that can be reliably used in many applications.

Local Traffic Policies

BIG-IP Next LTM local traffic policies are structured, data-driven rule sets created by populating tables in the web interface. The policy table is written in plain English. No programming knowledge required. These policies allow you to inspect, analyze, modify, direct, redirect, remove or manage traffic and address common use cases previously covered in separate iRules.

For example, you can create a policy that detects whether a customer is using a mobile device and then redirects requests from the mobile device to the appropriate mobile site URL.

Excellent infrastructure

BIG-IP Next Local Traffic Manager eliminates the frequency of application migration between legacy architectures and next-generation platforms such as F5 VELOS®, making it easier to achieve operational compatibility and meet business requirements across all environments.

BIG-IP Next operates at a new platform level, and hardware services provide scalability in the management plane and improve overall application performance. The next-generation VELOS chassis continues to support and enhance the Virtual Clustered Multiprocessing™ (vCMP) technology of the previous generation chassis with new multi-tenancy features that benefit you when deploying and scaling application services.

VELOS supports flexible multi-tenancy options for system resources, spans multiple paths, and provides multi-tenancy densities not previously possible. With BIG-IP Next WAF on the next-generation platform, system resources are allocated more efficiently, allowing customers to achieve a higher ROI on their new F5 hardware investment.

VELOS supports

Key benefits of using BIG-IP next gen software

  • Accelerate upgrades by seamlessly migrating and patching BIG-IP instances using upgrade-in-place principles. Reduce migration and upgrade risk after deployment flexibility by using multi-tenancy.
  • Gain insight into network and application traffic and system health through in-depth statistics to speed up support and resolution times through rapid root cause analysis.
  • It runs on a redesigned control plane with composable resource allocation using declarative APIs to increase control plane extensibility.
  • Leverage F5 Automation services to automate application deployment and management through a declarative approach to efficiently deploy, configure, and manage configurations across applications and platforms.
  • Custom templates simplify application deployment. Use iRules to programmatically customize application services to manage applications from connectivity and traffic to adapting to application delivery challenges.
  • It scales applications quickly and reliably and optimizes them for today’s applications, giving customers and users access to the applications they need.

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