Cisco FirePower Smart Licensing

Smart Licensing for Firepower Features

Cisco FirePower Smart Licensing

Licensing for Deployments with Firepower Threat Defense Devices (Smart Licensing)

Firepower Threat Defense devices require Smart Licensing.

Cisco Smart Licensing lets you purchase and manage a pool of licenses centrally. Unlike product authorization key (PAK) licenses, Smart Licenses are not tied to a specific serial number or license key. Smart Licensing lets you assess your license usage and needs at a glance.

What is a Smart License?

Cisco Smart Licensing is the newer form of license at Cisco. It allows you to manage a pool of licenses centrally. Unlike Classic licenses, Smart Licenses are not tied to a specific serial number or PAK. You activate a Smart License from the Firepower Management Center or the Firepower Device Manager.

What devices use Smart Licenses for Firepower features?

Products that support Firepower Threat Defense software use Smart Licensing. For a full list of these devices, see the Cisco Firepower Compatibility Guide.

What is a Smart Account and how do I get one?

Your Smart Account holds the licenses that your company has purchased (both Smart and Classic.) Smart Licenses must be in your Smart Account before you can see them in the Smart Software Manager (CSSM) and consume them.

Your Cisco account representative or authorized reseller deposits your purchased licenses to your Smart Account, and may create your Smart Account for you.

What if Smart Licenses that I have purchased do not appear in my Smart Account?

Check the following, in order:

  • Make sure the licenses are not in a different virtual account within your organization’s Smart Account. Because the licenses may be in a virtual account that you cannot access, you will need to contact the Smart Account administrator at your organization.
  • Contact the person or organization who sold you the licenses.
  • Contact [email protected].

Following are the ASA FirePOWER models which can support Cisco Smart licensing

  • ASA5506W
  • ASA5506
  • ASA5506H
  • ASA5508
  • ASA5516
  • ASA5512
  • ASA5515
  • ASA5525
  • ASA5545
  • ASA5555
  • FPR9300
  • FPR4110
  • FPR4120
  • FPR4140
  • FPR4150

What is process to upgrade to Smart license on FirePOWER?

In order to upgrade to Smart, FireSIGHT/Defense Center needs to be upgraded to new FMC 6.0.1 SW version. There is no FIRESIGHT license in FMC 6.0.1. Add new ASA FirePOWER sensor or upgrade existing ASA FirePOWER sensor with Firepower Threat Defense image. Convert any unfulfilled PAKs to Smart entitlements using “Convert SMART” functionality on LRP. Use CSSM to convert partial device conversion to Smart.

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