HP software licenses

HP software licenses

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, or HPE, is an American multinational corporation that manufactures network hardware for commercial networks. According to its name, this business is a subsidiary of the HP Company and has its headquarters in California, United States. This brand’s primary market focus is on the market for various commercial businesses. The primary business activities of this company involve the production of items related to network equipment, such as servers, storage, related software, consulting services, support services, and financial services.

HP software licenses
HP software licenses

This company releases and supports a variety of products, including network management and monitoring software. For licenses for these software that are network-related, there are numerous applicants. Following, we’ll introduce three pieces of software, each of which makes network management easier in a different way.

The HP Power Advisor

The processor, storage, memory modules, cards installed in the expansion slots (Controllers, Adapters), and other components installed on HP License servers, as well as the server model used, all play a significant role in how much power is used by these devices. Therefore, when creating a list of components, you must first determine the total power consumption of everything and take into account a reliable estimate for anything that might be added to the server in the future. Then, you must select a power supply that is appropriate for the system’s and the components’ combined total power consumption. Of course, bear in mind that each server has a unique power source. Three power supply models with 800W, 500W, and 1600W capacities, for instance, are offered for the DL380 G10 series of servers.

Remember that you will spend significantly more money if you choose a power supply that is greater than the amount of power that your system consumes. On the other hand, selecting a power supply with a capacity below what the system demands will likely result in system damage and malfunctions.

HP Power Advisor, a piece of software that provides precise and accurate estimates of the power needed by HP ProLiant and Integrity servers, was developed by HP to make the process of estimating system power more straightforward. This software determines the critical elements affecting the system’s power requirements and computes the power consumption.

HP OneView

You may have previously used HP System Insight Manager Software, but you should be aware that HP has since introduced HP OneView as a newer alternative. With the help of this software, you can centrally monitor and manage all servers, storage devices, and other network elements.

With the help of its clients and after carefully analyzing their needs, HP Company worked for 4 years to develop and market this product. Since its 2014 debut, this product has sold more than 1 million licenses.

Software features for HP OneView

The following features of this product can be named if we want to do so:

  • The capacity to create and communicate software using APIs.
  • instantaneous monitoring of the health status of the equipment.
  • “Simplicity, efficiency, and the removal of complicated infrastructure.”
  • Fast and accurate servers are easy to find, and the search tools are robust.
  • Possibility of managing and updating firmware in accordance with the license given.
HP software licenses
HP software licenses
  • Possibility of obtaining a connection map between servers and a schema preparation.
  • The ability to manage logical communication between servers as well as Blade Enclosures.
  • The program’s open source capabilities not only enable rapid advancement and development, but also make software integration simple.
  • The capacity to completely manage servers is another feature of HP OneView. Any number of servers can be grouped and tailored for each profile.
  • The ability to integrate network management across the entire organization and automate IT operations in businesses and organizations, which lowers overall costs and IT errors.

HP 3PAR Operating System Software

The HP 3PAR StoreServ 8000, 9000, and 20000 series of basic storage software is another significant piece of software associated with HP products. These applications combine cutting-edge virtualization capabilities with straightforward storage management and reliable performance, giving the user a very satisfactory result. These capabilities include various forms of thin provisioning. System performance is maintained at the highest level with the aid of features like System Tuner, Dynamic Optimization, and Automatic Rebalance.

Using programmable and buyable licenses facilitates the transfer of existing data from Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) and 3PAR systems to the HP 3PAR StoreServ storage. By being thin-aware and reducing the amount of physical capacity, the software significantly lowers costs and includes Virtual Copy for quick application recovery.

This feature lowers costs without sacrificing system performance, availability, or adaptability, and it can be obtained by acquiring existing licenses. On HP 3PAR storage models, all of these applications are available with the device’s own controllers; you just need to purchase licenses that correspond to the system performance.

Software for the HP 3PAR operating system

The HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 and 10,000 series storage software is built on the HP 3PAR operating system software. This program offers great performance, straightforward storage management, and sophisticated virtualization features. With the thin provisioning feature, users can benefit from functions like start thin, get thin, and stay thin. Over time, high performance is sustained with the aid of the tuner and the autonomic rebalancing system.

Control panel for HP 3PAR StoreServ

The console (SSMC) has a contemporary appearance and speaks the same language as network management tools like HP OneView. is built with the most recent UI (User Interface) and API (Application Program Interface) technology, and it offers centralized and integrated management for files and blocks.

HP 3PAR StoreServ
HP software licenses

Dynamic Optimization for HP 3PAR

It is a tool for storage using the Tiering method. With the help of this licensed tool, network administrators can respond quickly to sudden application changes. Even in the largest and most demanding environments, this specialized software for 3PAR improves the problems of cost-quality optimization and service time (QoS) optimization.

HP 3PAR Virtual Lock.

This licensed solution enables the user to lock copies or volumes for a predetermined amount of time. Access to volumes or copies that have been read is permitted during this time, but deletion is not permitted. This allows for the possibility of data manipulation to be proven.

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