Arcon UBA License

Arcon User Behaviour Analytics

arcon uba license
Arcon UBA License


End users, not the machines, pose the biggest security challenge in the fast-changing IT infrastructure landscape. While compromise of privileged credentials remains one of the most feared IT threats of an enterprise IT security team, more and more IT incidents are stemming from anomalous end user behavioral profiles. Threat Detection and real-time analytics is a need of the hour.

User Behaviour Analytics is a self-learning user behaviour analytics tool, capable to crunch a huge amount of data, spot suspicious end-user behavioral profiles and trigger alerts in a real time. In the age of increasing digitization, monitoring end-user behavior is absolutely vital.

uba license
Arcon License


  • Behavior Analytics
  • Dynamic Report
  • Productivity enhancements:
  • Meeting Compliance:
  • Session Monitoring
  • Privilege Elevation
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Live Dashboard

Behavior Analytics

Crunch large lakes of end-user data to identify and detect anomalies

Dynamic Report

Execute better IT decisions with deeper analysis of end-use

Productivity enhancements:

Unified governing framework and configured base-line activities promotes productivity

Meeting Compliance:

Fulfill IT security standards by reinforcing endpoint security

Session Monitoring

Monitor and Detect end-user threats on real-time basis

Privilege Elevation

Implement controlled and secure access to business critical applications

Data Loss Prevention

Enable content and specific hardware based filtering and blocking

Live Dashboard

Complete IT oversight of end-user activities(Arcon UBA License)


Comply with CERT-IN guidelines

  • Offers unified governance framework for better visibility and robust endpoint protection
  • Enables to do data profiling and anomaly detection
  • Mitigates insider and zero-day threats
  • Aligns IT security policies with day-to-day IT operations
  • Provides endpoint ‘privileges’ on demand to critical applications

Detect anomalous behaviour

  • Provides insights over anomalous IT profiles
  • Collects data from endpoints which authorizes user access to critical applications/ systems
  • Mitigates threats arising from malicious insiders
  • Offers advanced risk detection and analytics capabilities
  • Reduces data misuse/abuse risk surface

Identify risky behaviour profiles

  • Enables enterprises to do data profiling and anomaly detection
  • Implements video recording of user activities on critical applications
  • Enables enterprises to record all activities performed by the user on critical applications
  • Helps to generate dynamic reports to make better IT decisions
  • The insights provided by data analytics helps the security and risk management team to implement application access control

Detect users deviating from baseline activities

  • The tool enables IT administrators to configure baseline activities on machines as per the centralized policy
  • Unified data analytics helps enterprises to examine anomalous activities deviating from configured baseline policy
  • Permits access to critical systems/ applications based only on daily use cases
  • Provides data analytics that implements application access control and enhances security
  • Dynamic reports enable enterprises to make better IT security decision


Control access to applications

  • Controls end user’s access to business-critical applications
  • Ensures authorized access to applications and mitigates insider threats
  • Access to application other than permitted is granted by UBA Admin through an elevation request
  • Application access through an elevation request is granted for a specified period of time
  • Detects threats on a real-time and triggers alerts

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