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Arcon UBA License

Arcon UBA

Before any internal or external threats are encountered by malicious software or individuals, using Arcon User Behavior Analytics, or UBA for short, you can prepare your network infrastructure to deal with threats and be aware of the smallest events that have occurred in the network.

Of course, network IT infrastructures can be extremely vulnerable because they are used daily and frequently by users and are being expanded at every moment by various programs, peripherals and information. With Arcon User Behavior Analytics, you can easily manage risk in the IT department of your system. IT risk management is a daunting task that can be easily done with this tool and its related licenses.

It is not easy to review the summary of information and activities that have taken place in the IT network. Is the end user allowed to access a specific application? Are high-risk behavior profiles under review? If you do not answer such important questions quickly, misuse of data, among other harmful activities, can lead to IT disaster.

We have to say that the dynamics of risk management in the field of information technology has changed a lot today. Among the technologies that are constantly evolving, advancing and expanding, the threats in the field of information technology have become more and more widespread.

Every IT ecosystem quickly needs strong threat detection and mitigation capabilities. The sooner the threat is identified; the less damage it will do. For the IT infrastructure of today’s companies, predicting and identifying risks is essential to maintaining strong IT security.


Arcon UBA License

The old way of dealing with threats

One of the strongest tools to deal with threats in different parts of the network is to restrict users. This method has always been used by network administrators and has been a reliable approach. The main idea of ​​this method is “closing the doors as much as possible to reduce the risks”. This approach has three drawbacks, which are as follows:

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  • Never provides analysis and insight into high-risk behavior profiles
  • All investments in technology, automation and the Internet are in vain due to restrictions
  • It is not possible to collect data from network endpoints. This leads to ambiguity in access to the program

Arcon UBA Features

Using Arcon User Behavior Analytics, can provide you with a very powerful tool for predicting and analyzing risk and potential cyber-attacks. Using this method, we can say goodbye to the traditional approach of “restricting users” forever.

Using this software and its licenses, you can do whatever you want and this software will fully inform your network managers about possible dangers. It can even predict threats on a real-time basis.

In principle, it can be said that ARCON UBA software is a tool for analyzing user behavior and observes abnormal activities and announces alerts in real time, by obtaining its licenses, you can use all its capabilities.

Arcon UBA Features

User access to applications

In networks created in organizations and companies large and small, hundreds of users access several applications daily. This requires an advanced system to monitor and control user activity. In practice, end users only need specific applications. In other words, not every end user needs to access all enterprise applications. Access to all applications not only expands the level of attack but also destroys productivity. This motivates end users to deviate from basic activities.

Arcon UBA License

The ARCON UBA license offers excellent features to users and network administrators.

  • Access to ARCON UBA is customizable and categorized for different people.
  • This tool provides all organizational data to the user in a centralized and integrated interface
  • The solutions provided by the data analysis section of this program help the security and risk management team to implement program access control

Arcon UBA Order Pricing

Customers can order various Arcon software and licenses by contacting our sales specialists at

Arcon UBA License

Customers are able to get more information about different Arcon licenses from our sales specialists.

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