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ArcSight License


ArcSight is a cybersecurity company. The company was founded in 2000 in the US state of California. This company has always been one of the pioneers in the field of producing big data center security analysis software for information security and event management. For 11 consecutive years, this company has been at the top of the list provided by network security software ranking sites, which shows the quality and excellent performance of this company in this field.


ArcSight was acquired by HP in 2010. The company’s initial business plan was to build cache solutions and increase processing speed in data centers. But after a year in the field, ArcSight entered the field of security license incident analysis and log correlation, which has been a great success for them.

SOC centers use a variety of technologies to provide the services and capabilities that are expected and assigned to such centers. In order to provide these services and capabilities, a correct and accurate connection must be established between the technologies used in the SOC center. This connection can be defined only for sending the message until the message is fully understood and used.

For this reason, in data centers and enterprise networks, a technology should act as a connection point and communication between other technologies and the center point of the SOC. This technology is interpreted as the heart of the SOC center, which is the SIEM or event management and security information system. ArcSight has launched its SIEM product under the name ESM, which has its own licenses.

Security with Arcsight License

With the ArcSight license, you can provide more agility and speed for SOC centers in organizations and companies. This tool will help organizations to expand cyber security as well as to detect security threats at a very high speed. Using this software, network administrators and data centers will be able to collect a thousand logs per second.

In fact, this product, by providing general and integrated visibility of all activities performed in the IT infrastructure of organizations, can detect external security problems (hackers and malware) and internal security problems (information leakage and fraud) and prevent possible damage.

ArcSight License is a comprehensive software solution. It combines traditional security event monitoring with network intelligence, anomaly detection, historical analysis tools, and automated correction. Is a multilevel solution that provides tools for network security analysts, system administrators, and business users.

This tool acts as the heart of the SOC center and uses the technologies used to detect and monitor the organization’s network, such as network intrusion detection systems, firewalls, data leakage prevention systems, anti-malware, fraud detection tools, event generation tools for Windows and Linux operating systems, vulnerability scanners and text data. The tool then performs processes such as checking and verifying events, monitoring, analyzing, and sending the results of its analysis to other technologies.

Arcsight License

Arcsight License key features

Using this tool can provide great features for network administrators. Some of these features:

Multi-Tenancy and Unified Permissions Matrix

Arcsight License has the ability to easily enhance centralized management capabilities in organizations. Factors that enhance network management capabilities using this tool include role-based domains and integrated access rules, matrix permissions and distribution responsibilities, and the dissemination of all customer-level data and alerts.

Real-Time Data Correlation

Collect data, information and correlate events in real time to increase the prevention of cyber threats that violate domestic law and undermine the network platform. SIEM can easily be scaled by adding correlated nodes to the network with its unique flexible motor and can be used in a variety of networks and data centers.

ArcSight Data Platform

ArcSight ESM, designed for very large scales and networks that require very high speeds, can accurately and fully integrate with ADP Event Broker (a smart data delivery and retrieval solution for modern SOC centers over 400 Supports the product) integrates.


Ability to use security rules, dashboards and reports provided by SOC experts from Micro Focus and ArcSight Community. ArcSight Activate includes hundreds of solutions used and ESM packages to address the security needs of enterprise event management.

Workflow Automation

Organizations can use this feature in licensed software to empower the SOC Monitoring Center by detecting security alerts sent by ArcSight. Ability to integrate by executing commands on external devices with ArcSight Action Connectors is also provided for network administrators. This helps a lot in drawing the attacks that take place on the network platform.

SOC Monitoring

If we want to enumerate other benefits and features of this software in general, we can mention the following:

  • Has Logger, Express and ESM models
  • Manage network configuration and fix its drawbacks
  • Monitor users to identify and prevent unusual and risky activities
  • Implement IT policies to allocate network resources and bandwidth
  • Create accurate, flexible reports in a variety of formats for the organization
  • Quickly identify and fix important and high-risk security vulnerabilities in the organization’s services and web applications
  • Ability to collect and integrate logs from all different parts of the organization’s information technology (network, security and servers)
  • Ability to manage millions of events and security information in order to obtain general and in-depth information on potential threats and hazardous activities of Amir
  • Updated and supported by the most experienced professionals in the DVLabs, ArcSight, Fortify and HP Labs teams

ArcSight Order Pricing

Customers can order various ArcSight software and licenses by contacting our sales specialists at

ArcSight License

Customers are able to get more information about different ArcSight licenses from our sales specialists.
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ArcSight ESM

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ArcSight Logger

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