Cisco NCS 2000 License

Cisco NCS 2000 Series 


The Cisco Network Convergence System (NCS) 2000 simplifies network operations, reduce network costs, and make your network more dynamic and profitable. The NCS 2000 routers delivers agility, programmability, and massive scale across ultra-long-haul, metro, and enterprise optical networks. 

These series of routers support intelligent dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) network that scales with operational ease. The Cisco Network Convergence System 2000 Series delivers agility with a touchless, flex-spectrum nLight reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexer (ROADM) allowing service providers, governments, and enterprises to deploy a simple and intelligent DWDM network that could scale with operational purposes, and massive scale with 100- and 200-Gbps transponding and muxponding.  

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The Cisco NCS 2000 routers Wavelength Switched Optical Network (WSON) control-plane architecture enhances GMPLS capabilities with awareness of wavelength properties and optical impairments, offering dynamic service provisioning and restoration over a touchless DWDM network. Using a Cisco nLight Control Plane, the Cisco NCS 2000 Series intelligently interacts with packet layer devices, automating service provisioning, eliminating human error, and allowing advanced failure recovery.  

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Models and Capabilities 

The Cisco NCS 2002 is 2RU and has 3 slots for service cards and is suitable for anywhere that requires transponding and/or muxponding services. It supports 400Gbps max capacity, 1 AC or DC power module and 1 fan tray.  

Cisco NCS 2000 License

The Cisco NCS 2006 is 6RU and has 8 slots for service cards plus, it is suitable for Metro and edge locations. It also supports 1.2Gbps, 2 (1 + 1 redundancy) AC or DC power modules and 1 fan tray. Moreover, this model supports up to 50 shelves for multi-shelf management. 

Cisco NCS 2000 License


The Cisco NCS 2015 has 17 slots for service cards and is 14 rack units (14RU) high, allowing three chassis to fit into one standard rack. Plus, it provides high degree-count ROADM nodes or network hubs with large quantities of transponder or muxponder line cards, supports Up to 2.8Tbps, 4 (3 + 1 redundancy) AC or DC power modules, 1 fan tray and front-to-back. Moreover, this model supports up to 50 shelves for multi-shelf management.  

Cisco NCS 2000 License

Cisco NCS 2000 License  

The Cisco NCS 2000 license for mentioned models is only available in classic types. Customers can use the Product Activation Keys (PAKs) provided by Cisco to register all product instances.  

Cisco NCS 2000 Order Pricing

Cisco NCS 2000 Series try to enhance the of infrastructure and applications management in companies and corporate networks. It gives the access layer infrastructure to its trustworthy users. Indeed there are different ways to contact us and order. The customers should proceed from Cisco License price quote to order and link to our experts to give them the best information and guidance. Our experts give the accurate information to the customers to buy related products and licenses.

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