Cisco NCS 5700 License

Cisco NCS 5700 Series 

Cisco NCS 5700 License

 Technologies such as 5G, IoT and virtual reality are driving the Internet of the future fueling the exponential growth in video traffic, Internet users and device connections. The new generation of Cisco NCS 5700 series 400GE line cards increases forwarding capacity of NCS 5500 by 2.7 times to a maximum of 153.6Tbps per system. The Cisco Network Convergence System 5700 Series (NCS 5700 routers) can match all your infrastructure needs. The NCS 5700 can handle the bandwidth explosion with confidence by providing 100GbE, 400GbE or both interfaces. It can reduce operational costs with 0.14W/Gb power consumption efficiency. It can turn your aggregation network to the 5G ready power apps. The NCS 5700 also provides fixed and modular platforms with dense 1G, 10G, 25G, 40G, 100G and 400G connectivity plus Scale with demand with flexible port configurations from 10G to 400G and available 3.6, 4.8, 7.2 or 9.6Tbps per slot line cards. You can deploy advanced timing which can deliver the most time-constrained 5G services over a converged infrastructure. The NCS 5700 can adapt peering to meet fast changing traffic demands and quickly scale out the peering capacity with fabric-based architecture. Streamline feature grow to superior IPv4/IPv6 scale.  

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Empowering from IOS XR7, it can proactively enhance network operations enabling secure zero-touch provisioning capabilities to on-board new devices, simplifies software installation procedures. The NCS 5700 can use Open APIs software modules to customize XR7 IOS to your specific network environments. 


Models and Specifications 

The Cisco NC57-18DD-SE supports 7.2 Tb total capacity and provides 30 x 200/100 GE ports or 18 x 400 GE ports (QSFP-DD).  

The Cisco NC57-24DD supports 9.6 Tb total capacity and provides 24 x 400 GE ports (QSFP-DD).  

The Cisco NC57-B1-6D24/5D-SE supports 4.8 Tb total capacity and provides 24 x 100GbE ports and 6 x 400GbE ports (QSFP-DD), ZR/ZR+ optics support and MACSec support.  

The Cisco NC57-36H-SE supports for 100GbE ZR optics (12 ports) and provides 36 x 100GbE ports.  

The Cisco NCS 5700 License 

About NCS 5700 license, these series will be installed on NCS 5500 chassis and no further licenses are needed.  



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