Cisco NCS 1000 License

Cisco Network Convergence System (NCS 1000) Series
Cisco NCS 1000 License


Interconnect data centers and better enable network infrastructure to take advantage of compute capabilities. Our Cisco NCS 1000 Licens is designed to tackle these tasks and more.he Cisco NCS 1000 was designed in direct response to the rapid move towards digitization across networks, and the expanding role and impact of data centers and the clouds they support across global markets. The first platform in this series is the NCS 1002, a two RU solution that provides 2 Tb/s of capacity using just eight wavelengths, capable of connecting data centers thousands of kilometers apart. To support the immense operational demands of digitization and cloud scale networking, the NCS 5000, NCS 5500 and NCS 1000 are all designed to support Cisco IOS XR innovations that deliver software modularity and extensibility, automation, visibility and control.


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Features NCS 1000

Innovations in optical networking

Bring programmability and control to your optical networks, enabling new capabilities, capacity, and services.

Mass Scale with the NCS 1000 series

Increase the capacity, control, and visibility you have throughout your network with the NCS 1000 series.

Cisco NCS 1000 series

Simplify, automate your operations while scaling your dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) services with extreme flexibility.

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