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F5 BIG-IP Hardware License

F5 BIG-IP Hardware License

F5’s cloud-ready Application Delivery Controller (ADC) platform delivers DevOps-like agility with the scalability, depth of security, and investment protection required for established and emerging applications. The new licensed F5® BIG-IP® appliances offer fast and easy programmability, ecosystem friendly orchestration, and unparalleled software-defined hardware performance. As a result, customers can accelerate private clouds and protect critical data at scale while reducing total cost of ownership and future-proofing their application infrastructure.

F5 BIG-IP Hardware License

Key Benefits

Obtain the lowest total cost of ownership

F5 BIG-IP Hardware License, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and infrastructure footprint by consolidating application and security services onto a high-performance, unified platform.

Protection of Critical Data

Deliver the SSL capability needed to protect critical data, including offloading Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) processing to hardware, which can drive secrecy. Simplify operations and build customer confidence with the fastest way to earn an A+ rating from SSL Labs. Powerful DDoS mitigation, contextual access management, and more.

Secure Applications

Deliver the most effective protection with a comprehensive, integrated, single-step stack (L3 through L7 security), including an ICSA-certified firewall, powerful DDoS mitigation, contextual access management, and more.

Maximize investment protection

Licensed F5 BIG-IP Hardware software-defined hardware includes exclusive F5 TurboFlex™ FPGA technology, enabling optimized performance on demand for specific use cases such as DDoS protection or UDP traffic processing. Eliminate forced upgrades and extend the lifecycle of application delivery hardware with software-upgradable performance.

Make deployment easier

For cloud or container environments, save time with the only simple, out-of-the-box native integration with leading private cloud, cloud interconnect colocation, and container environments that enables optimized performance on demand for specific use cases, such as DDoS protection or UDP traffic processing eliminate forced upgrades and extend hardware lifecycle Application delivery with software-upgradable performance.

Maximize uptime

with F5 BIG-IP Hardware License, ensure your critical infrastructure runs on reliable carrier-grade hardware with hot- Swappable components, redundant net components and fans and integrated always-on management with a fully IPMI-compliant Baseboard Management Controller (BMC).

F5 BIG-IP Hardware

Standard application delivery services

BIG-IP ADC appliances can simplify your network and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by offloading servers, providing a consistent set of end-to-end application services, and consolidating equipment, reducing management, energy, and costs. Space and cooling costs in the data center.

The massive performance and scalability of the BIG-IP platform reduces the number of ADCs required to deliver even the most demanding applications. By outsourcing computationally intensive processes, you can significantly reduce the number of application servers required.

Smart performance

Traditional performance metrics related to performance do not accurately reflect the complex requirements of modern web application delivery. Link capacity and L7 transactions per second are critical. For example, ADCs must be able to process a variety of Layer 4 and Layer 7 connections and make application-level decisions, e.g. removing sensitive information or transforming application-specific payloads. BIG-IP appliances have the intelligence and power to make application-level decisions while protecting your data and infrastructure.

F5 BIG-IP hardware features

The BIG-IP iSeries platform seamlessly combines software and hardware innovations that balance the demands for performance, scalability and agility. The F5 TMOS® operating system offers complete transparency, flexibility and control over all application delivery services. With TMOS, organizations can intelligently adapt to diverse and changing application and network requirements. Other unique or proprietary hardware and software innovations enable the BIG-IP iSeries platform to deliver unmatched capabilities:

  • F5 TurboFlex™ Optimization Technology – Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) tightly coupled with the CPU, memory, TMOS and software are integrated provide specific packet flow optimizations, L4 offloading, support for private cloud tunneling protocols and Denial of Service (DoS) protection. These hardware optimizations not only improve performance, but also free up CPU capacity for other application delivery and security tasks. Only BIG-IP iSeries appliances have TurboFlex performance profiles. User-selectable pre-built optimizations that provide different performance characteristics based on business needs:
    • L4 offloading enables unbeatable performance and low software load.
    • Unique SYN flood protection per virtual IP/application ensures that if one application is attacked, the others remain unaffected. Only F5 ADCs implement hardware-based SYN cookies in L4 mode and L7 full proxy.
    • Over 100 types of DoS attacks can be detected and mitigated in hardware, greatly increasing the size of attack that can be absorbed compared to pure software implementations.
    • Network virtualization and overlay protocol processing (such as VXLAN and NVGRE tunnels) increase traffic processing capacity.
    • UDP traffic processing increases throughput and reduces both latency and jitter, improving VoIP or streaming media performance.
  • Best SSL performance on the market accelerates SSL/TLS adoption by offloading expensive SSL processing and accelerating bulk encryption and key exchange. BIG-IP iSeries solutions include hardware acceleration of ECC ciphers that enable forward secrecy. Additionally, the ability to achieve an A+ rating from SSL Labs in a few simple steps reduces complexity and SSL configuration errors.
  • The BIG-IP platforms offer maximum hardware compression and enable cost-effective offloading of traffic compression processing to improve page load times and reduce bandwidth usage.
  • Solid State Drive (SSD) technology on a select BIG-IP platform improves performance and reliability, saves power, and reduces heat and noise.
  • Efficiency features include 80 Plus Platinum certified power supplies, as well as front panel touchscreen LCD management, remote boot and multi-boot support, and USB support.

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