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F5 BIG-IP i10000 Series License

F5 BIG-IP i10000 Series License

BIG-IP i10000 series are high-performance ADC equipment designed for medium and large companies and organizations. This series is offered in two models, i10600 and i10800, and with two TurboFlex FPGA technologies, two power supplies with high reliability and efficiency, it provides exceptional performance and availability.

Dedicated cryptographic hardware provides SSL offloading and hardware-based support for Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC). The suite also supports 100M Layer 4 concurrent connectivity, up to 16 vADC guests, and 160 Gb/ 80 Gb L4/L7 capacity for application integration and security services. BIG-IP i10000 series operating systems are available as a 1RU device.

F5 BIG-IP i 10000 Series License

F5 BIG-IP i10000 Series key features

Achieving high speed and control in private clouds

Organizations are migrating to private clouds to achieve high speed and powerful market penetration for applications. Regardless of the cloud they choose, they are usually only provided with networking and application services, such as load balancing. Application distribution services and advanced security are needed to optimize and protect applications. BIG-IP licensed platforms and products such as F5 BIG-IP i10000 Series with high scalability and programmable interfaces and service delivery formats allow integration and automation with coordination systems and provide services that are in line with the needs of the application.

F5 products integrate with a modern suite of private cloud technologies including OpenStack, VMware and Microsoft. F5 for OpenStack provides the possibility of internal coordination with Heat templates to automate the global implementation of advanced application services and security, and as a result, the implementation time is reduced from a few days to a few minutes. Integration with VMware vRealize Orchestrator through the Blue Medora vRO plugin helps reduce configuration time, F5 application services are automatically provisioned to application owners, and complex, multi-step workflows are automated. F5 iWorkflow provides the possibility of integrating F5 devices with SDN (software networking) synchronization systems and acts as a connection point between synchronization and F5 devices.


To achieve the benefits of cloud and software architectures, as well as to change the scale of application services instantly, automation and synchronization play a key role. Licensed F5 BIG-IP i10000 Series uses different methods to plan the structure and network of application services. In this way, organizations can automate their equipment, react to events instantly, and easily integrate with coordination systems. F5 iRules scripting provides the ability to control and have a detailed view of traffic and offers features such as customization, quick response to code errors and security vulnerabilities, and support for new protocols.

The new F5 iRules LX expands iRules to allow JavaScript developers to integrate and access more than 25,000 Node.js packages on the F5 BIG-IP i10000 Series. It can also reduce costs and increase the speed of implementation. Additionally, with F5 iApps templates, organizations can automate the implementation and configuration of application services in minutes. F5 iControl’s REST APIs and SDKs enable integration with professional commercial and open source orchestration systems, VMware, OpenStack clouds, and configuration management systems.

F5 BIG-IP i 10000 Series License

FIPS compliance

FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) sets the requirements for cryptographic units (modules). FIPS compliance is required for many government organizations and industries such as financial and healthcare services that require the highest standards available in information, application and data security. F5 is offering several FIPS-certified hardware appliances that support FIPS 140-2 Level 2 for RSA key generation, usage, and protection (when running valid versions of TMOS).

F5 BIG-IP i10000 Series supports FIPS 140-2 Level 3 for Internal HSM (PCI card) for added protection. BIG-IP Hardware FIPS appliances have built-in HSMs that have changed indicator caps and an epoxy-reinforced coating that renders the card unusable if tampered with. Keys generated on or imported to BIG-IP system Hardware Security Modules (HSM) cannot be extracted in plain text format. This level of security indicates the resistance of HSM 10350v-F/i7820-DF/i5820-DF cards to change. Enables detection in Level 2 anti-tampering methods and response to attempts to physically access and use or modify the cryptographic module.

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