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F5 BIG-IP i15000 Series License

F5 BIG-IP i15000 Series License

The i15000 series provides organizations with a very high performance to provide security services in the form of a 2RU size. The i15x00 with 300M simultaneous connections in Layer 4 allows multiple services to be integrated into one device. These include TCP / IP optimization, traffic control, firewall role, DDoS, CGNAT and DNS.

F5 BIG-IP i 15000 Series License

F5 BIG-IP i 15000 Series License


F5 BIG-IP i15000 series key features

Features of the i15000 series include:

  • 512GB DDR4 RAM
  • Quadruple TurboFlex FPGAs
  • 4x 100G and 8x 40G fiber ports
  • 2x 14-Core Intel Xeon processors
  • 6TB of available use storage space
  • Supporting 320 / 160G of L4 / L7 throughput and up to 10M L7 RP

Hardware Benefits of the F5 BIG-IP i15000 Series

The BIG-IP i1500 platform incorporates a combination of hardware and software innovations that address organizations’ need for power, scalability, and network speed as much as possible. The operating system provided by F5 for this solution provides network administrators with visibility, flexibility and complete control over all application distribution services. With this operating system, organizations can intelligently adapt to the diverse and growing prerequisites of applications and networks. Among the unique hardware and software innovations of the BIG-IP i15000 platform that help provide unique features to users and network administrators, the following can be mentioned.

  • F5 TurboFlex optimization technology in which FPGA modules are fully integrated with processors, memory, TMOS and software. In this way, this licensed solution can optimize closed flow, L4 offload, support for private cloud tunneling protocols, and DoS protection. These hardware optimizations improve not only performance, but also the CPU’s free capacity to distribute other applications and security tasks. Only BIG-IP iSeries applets have TurboFlex performance profiles (user-selectable optimizations that give you different performance features depending on your business needs):
    • Offload L4 creates unparalleled throughput and greatly reduces software processing load.
    • Network virtualization and protocol processing coverage (such as VXLAN and NVGRE tunneling) increase traffic processing capacity.
    • UDP traffic processing increases throughput and reduces latency and instability, thereby improving the performance of VIP or media streaming.
    • This solution can detect and repel more than 100 types of DoS attacks. Compared to software tools, the rate of supported attack increases significantly.
    • Provides SYN flood protection for any virtual IP or application. This way, if one application is attacked, other applications will not be affected. Only F5 ADCs can run hardware SYN cookies in full proxy L4 and L7 mode.
BIG-IP i1500
  • Excellent SSL performance greatly speeds up SSL / TLS adoption by relieving the burden of costly SSL processing and increasing key exchange and mass encryption in this licensed solution. BIG-IP i15000 products have ECC hardware encryption that guarantees sending confidentiality. In addition, the ability to achieve A+ rating from SSL Labs, along with a few simple steps, helps reduce the complexity and errors of SSL configuration.
  • BIG-IP platforms have the maximum amount of hardware compression and significantly reduce the load of traffic compression processing. This minimizes page load time and bandwidth usage and gives the user a pleasant network experience.
  • Enterprise SSD technology on BIG-IP platforms improves performance and reliability, saves power consumption, and minimizes heat and noise generation.
  • Impressive performance features include 80 Plus Platinum authentic power supplies and on-board touch LCD management, remote boot and multi-boot support, as well as USB support.

F5 ScaleN technology

F5 ScaleN technology helps organizations change the performance scale of various BIG-IP devices. They can also be virtualized or categorized. This provides a flexible infrastructure for the application distribution network that adapts to the needs.

  • Instant scalability with instant scalability, you can increase capacity and performance by adding more power to the current infrastructure (instead of adding other tools). F5 BIG-IP i15000 Series License can be upgraded to a higher performance model through an instant software license, allowing organizations to expand their infrastructure without the need for new hardware.
  • Operational scaling is another feature of this licensed solution. VCMP F5 technology helps hardware platforms run several different BIG-IP guest instances. Each guest instance acts just like a physical device with a CPU, memory, and other dedicated resources. vCMP can set a separate limit for each guest, so each guest can have their own performance.
  • In addition, each vCMP guest is also segmented using features such as partitions and path domains. This configures the network for each virtual domain. In this way, organizations in each virtual domain can, with role-based accessibility, further segregate the system to control configuration and policies. When path domains are combined with vCMP guests, this licensed solution achieves maximum virtualization capacity and can be scaled to thousands of virtual ADC (vADC) instances. BIG-IP ADC service virtualization capability means that service providers and users of the organization can perform the isolation operation based on the BIG-IP version. As a result of ensuring performance, the integrated management of the application distribution platform and increasing productivity will be ensured.
BIG-IP devices

F5 BIG-IP i15000 Series License

  • Ability to change the scale of the application is another feature of this product. By adding BIG-IP resources through a fully dynamic approach, network capacity can be increased. In this way, scaling can be taken to something beyond the traditional pairing of devices to eliminate idle and standby resources. Application scaling achieves this feature with two types of public categories. The first type of categorization, called application service categorization, focuses on the scalability and high accessibility of the application. The second type of category is called the device service category, which is designed to scale BIG-IP application distribution services and synchronize application policies. Application service categorization allows application retrieval and connection mirroring capability for a category with up to 8 different devices. In addition, it is possible to distribute the workload among a group of equipment or virtual samples (without disrupting other services) and its scale can be changed as needed. Device service categorization is able to synchronize the complete configuration of the device in the fully active implementation model and allows the implementation and continuous implementation of the policy among a maximum of 32 active nodes. This feature helps maintain device configuration consistency with enhanced firewall synchronization and access policies. As a result, operations are simplified and the level of attacks is reduced.

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