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F5 Silverline Threat Intelligence (TI) License

F5 Silverline Threat Intelligence License

Businesses today are subject to a variety of malicious attacks from rapidly changing IP addresses. Inbound traffic from botnets, such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) and malware activities, can penetrate layers of security and consume valuable processing power, slowing down networks and applications. According to a 2015 threat overview, 85,000 new malicious IP addresses are launched every day.

F5 Silverline Threat Intelligence (TI) License

The licensed F5® Silverline® Threat Intelligence is a cloud-based service that integrates external IP reputation and reduces threat-based communications. By identifying the IP addresses and security categories associated with malicious activity, this managed service integrates dynamic lists of threatening IP addresses into Silverline’s cloud-based platform, adding context-based security to policy decisions. Silverline Threat Intelligence is only available as an additional managed service for Silverline® DDoS Protection or Silverline® Web Application Firewall. All services are managed with 24/7/365 support by F5 Security Operations Center (SOC) experts, reducing risk and increasing reliability.

Maintained by the F5 SOC, Silverline Threat Intelligence uses information about the most threatening IP addresses on the Internet to block connections from these requests. This evolving address database is regularly updated from the cloud to keep threat intelligence current, minimize the threat window, and protect your business and reputation.

By detecting and blocking malicious traffic, Silverline Threat Intelligence reduces a significant percentage of network resources. New threats are continuously captured and published, while IP addresses that no longer pose a threat are removed from threat intelligence. Silverline Threat Intelligence also enhances Silverline DDoS Protection or Silverline Web Application Firewall (WAF) services without compromising access to legitimate IP addresses.

Real-time updates for continuous protection

Authenticated access to global threat intelligence in the cloud enables frequent updates of Silverline Threat Intelligence. This service is configured to receive real-time updates, providing additional security and protection while providing additional context during IP requests.

Integrate threat intelligence into hybrid security solutions

F5 Silverline Threat Intelligence and its licenses, provides comprehensive hybrid security for on-premises, virtual and hybrid cloud environments. Silverline DDoS Protection and Silverline Web Application Firewall are cloud-based managed services that can be easily consolidated with security solutions available on the F5 BIG-IP® platform for hybrid DDoS and WAF deployments.

Silverline Threat Intelligence is only available as an add-on to Silverline DDoS Protection or Silverline Web Application Firewall to enhance protection against IP threats. Silverline Threat Intelligence is based on PCI-DSS compliant Silverline DDoS Protection and Silverline Web Application Firewall Managed Services with additional threat protection.

Automated Blocking and Granular Threat Reporting

Armed with the latest intelligence and predictive risk analytics, the licensed F5 Silverline Threat Intelligence SOC experts integrate Silverline Threat Intelligence to uncover inbound communications with malicious IP addresses, enabling granular threat reporting and automated blocking. This increased visibility uncovers IP-based threats such as phishing attacks, attackers using anonymous proxies, and the TOR network for online attackers’ anonymity. Once identified, these threats are mitigated by automatically blocking traffic through SOC-selected IP categories.

F5 Silverline Threat Intelligence

Advanced threat detection and analysis

Silverline Threat Intelligence examines network traffic and behavioral data from all IP addresses. This information is collected, analyzed, and assigned to threat categories to provide insight into evolving IP address-based threats.

Key Benefits

Ensure IP Threat Protection

 Provide contextual awareness with SOC-engineered threat mitigation from a pool of high-risk IP addresses.

Optimize security from real-time threats

Automatic threat database updates are updated in real-time to mitigate malicious communications, Contextual Awareness and Threat Protection.

Automated blocking and granular reporting

SOC experts design policies that automatically block new IP threats. Silverline Threat Intelligence uncovers communications from malicious IP addresses.

Improve Threat Visibility

Find out about malicious activity and threat sources based on selected categories using a global threat sensor network and threat database.

Using a frequently updated list of threat sources and high-risk IP addresses, Silverline Threat Intelligence provides contextual awareness and IP requirements analysis to identify threats from multiple sources across the Internet. licensed F5’s SOC experts leverage the capabilities of a global network of threat sensors to detect malicious activity and IP addresses. Even when Silverline Threat Intelligence is behind a Content Delivery Network (CDN) or other proxies, it provides protection by analyzing actual Client IP addresses recorded in the X Forwarded-For (XFF) header. This allows the SOC to easily set alerts or block traffic from a CDN with malicious IP addresses.

The Silverline Cloud-Based Platform

F5 Silverline is a cloud-primarily based totally software offerings platform. Its offerings may be deployed on-call to acquire seamless scalability, protection, and overall performance for programs in conventional and cloud environments. By combining on-premises software offerings with F5 Silverline offerings, businesses can acquire quicker reaction times, remarkable visibility and reporting, and price efficiencies.

F5 Silverline

Flexible Licensing

Silverline Threat Intelligence is to be had in 1-yr and 3-yr subscriptions primarily based totally on smooth bandwidth required.

F5 Security Operations Center

The F5 Security Operations Center gives world-magnificence aid and steerage that will help you get the maximum out of your F5 Silverline investment. Whether it’s offering rapid solutions to questions, steerage for your protection questions, or helping with adjustments in your implementation, the F5 SOC can assist make sure your programs are continually secure, rapid, and reliable. For extra records approximately the SOC.

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