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F5 Silverline Web Application Firewall (WAF) License

F5 Silverline Web Application Firewall License

As enterprises move application workloads to the cloud, traditional centralized application security architectures fail to provide consistent policies, user experiences, and compliance across environments. The result is significant security vulnerabilities, increased costs, and more time to weed out bad actors and maintain compliance.

F5 Silverline Web Application Firewall (WAF) License

F5®Silverline®Web Application Firewall is a BIG-IP® Application Security ManagerTM (ASM) based service supported by highly skilled security experts who create and maintain web application firewall policies to protect organizations against attacks from the Internet, protect and achieve regulatory compliance in traditional environments and cloud environments.

Challenges in Securing Web Applications

Organizations are finding it operationally difficult to keep up with increasingly sophisticated security attacks and risks to corporate data from the proliferation of cloud-hosted web applications. Keeping up with the sheer volume of security attacks and protections while meeting the stringent compliance requirements for online commerce and data sharing across traditional and cloud environments presents a major challenge for IT teams. Security and system owner.

Organizations must choose to keep highly specialized IT security teams in-house, resulting in increased costs and time to implement vulnerability policies, or outsource complex policy management and enforcement from WAF to a service to increase operational and cost efficiencies. 

The licensed Silverline® Web Application Firewall service provides comprehensive and operationally efficient Layer 7 intrusion protection and compliance for enterprise data and web applications in traditional and cloud environments. The support of highly specialized security experts helps reduce the complexity of WAF policy management, speeding up the deployment of new policies and freeing up internal IT resources and budget for other projects.

Licenses F5 Silverline Web Application Firewall is a cloud-based service with 24x7x365 support from highly specialized security experts. Helps organizations protect web applications and data while enabling compliance with industry security standards such as PCI DSS. Silverline Web Application Firewall is available as a fully managed service for comprehensive and personalized application protection, or as a fast self-service for rapid implementation of expertly maintained policies.

Silverline Web Application Firewall

Silverline Web Application Firewall Key features

  • Reduce operational costs.
  • Increase cost and operational efficiencies.
  • Get insights and information about attacks.
  • Accelerate implementation of new policies.
  • Ensure application security and compliance.
  • Flexible deployment in hybrid environments.
  • Eliminate the complexity of WAF management.
  • Defend Yourself with Proven Security Effectiveness.
  • Get expert service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Ensure consistent security, availability, and user experiences across web applications in traditional data centers and in the cloud.
  • Access reports via the cloud-based customer portal and integrate external information to protect applications against identified threats.
  • Get 24×7 access to Web Application Firewall (WAF) experts who create WAF policies, proactively monitor and adapt them against known and emerging threats.
  • Leverage security effectiveness with technology powered by NSS Labs-recommended F5 BIG-IP® Application Security Manager™ (ASM), based on testing showing 99.89% overall security effectiveness.
  • Get comprehensive protection against advanced Layer 7 attacks, OWASP Top 10 application security risks and zero-day attacks, and enable compliance with important regulatory requirements.

What tools will you get by using this licensed solution?

  • Flexible Licensing
  • F5 Security Operations Center
  • Comprehensive Attack Protection
  • Add-On Threat Intelligence Services
  • The Silverline Cloud-Based Platform
  • Gain Attack Insights and Intelligence
  • Streamlined Self-Service App Protection
  • Defend with Proven Security Effectiveness
  • Hybrid Policy Management and Deployment
  • Receive Expert Policy Building and Monitoring
  • Built-In Compliance and Reporting Capabilities
  • Comprehensive Managed Service App Protection
  • Drive Efficiencies with a Comprehensive Web Application Firewall Service

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