FortiGate License


While traditional security solutions are designed and intended for the world of offices and corporations, the FortiGate(FortiGate License) Rugged Series offers industrially-hardened, all-in-one security appliance that delivers specialized threat protection for securing critical industrial and control networks against malicious attacks.

Available in:

Appliance Mission Critical Security Solutions for Harsh Environments


  • FGR-30D

Ruggedized compact security appliance with DIN mounting kit

  • FGR-35D

Security appliance with IP67 rating for outdoor environment

  • FGR-60D

SPU SoC-powered, high performance security and VPN gateway

  • FGR-60F

New SPU SoC4-powered for rugged and harsh environments

  • FGR-60F-3G4G

Integrated 3G4G modem for ruggedized and mission-critical applications

  • FGR-90D

Robust ruggedized security appliance with a wide operating temperature

  • Ruggedized Design

Fanless and use of robust components ensure reliable operation in harsh industrial environments

  • Consolidated Security Architecture

FortiGate running FortiOS consolidated security offers better protection and lower cost of ownership than multiple point products. Coupled with FortiGuard Industrial Security Service, it ensures that critical networks receive real-time protection

  • SD-WAN Capable

Supports reliable connectivity with lower costs via SD-WAN technologies Ease of Management Robust management systems that allow rapid provision and deployment, monitoring of device and threat status while providing actionable reports.

FortiGate License

FortiGate License
FortiGate License


Security Fabric The industry’s highest-performing cybersecurity platform, powered by FortiOS, with a rich ecosystem designed to span the extended digital attack surface, delivering fully automated, self-healing network security.

  • Broad: Coordinated detection and enforcement across the entire digital attack surface and lifecycle with converged networking and security across edges, clouds, endpoints and users
  • Integrated: Integrated and unified security, operation, and performance across different technologies, location, deployment options, and the richest Ecosystem
  • Automated: Context aware, self-healing network & security posture leveraging cloud-scale and advanced AI to automatically deliver near-real-time, user-to-application coordinated protection across the Fabric The Fabric empowers organizations of any size to secure and simplify their hybrid infrastructure on the journey to digital innovation.

FortiOS, Fortinet License leading operating system enable the convergence of high performing networking and security across the Fortinet Security Fabric delivering consistent and context-aware security posture across network endpoint, and clouds. The organically built best of breed capabilities and unified approach allows organizations to run their businesses without compromising performance or protection, supports seamless scalability, and simplifies innovation consumption. The release of FortiOS 7 dramatically expands the Fortinet Security Fabric’s ability to deliver consistent security across hybrid deployment models consisting on appliances, software and As-a-Service with SASE, ZTNA and other emerging cybersecurity solutions

FortiGuard Security Services

FortiGuard Labs offers real-time intelligence on the threat landscape, delivering comprehensive security updates across the full range of Fortinet’s solutions. Comprised of security threat researchers, engineers, and forensic specialists, the team collaborates with the world’s leading threat monitoring organizations and other network and security vendors, as well as law enforcement agencies.

FortiCare Services

Fortinet is dedicated to helping our customers succeed, and every year FortiCare services help thousands of organizations get the most from their Fortinet Security Fabric solution. We have more than 1,000 experts to help accelerate technology implementation, provide reliable assistance through advanced support, and offer proactive care to maximize security and performance of Fortinet deployments.

FortiGate License


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