Imagicle Digital Fax (StoneFax) License

Imagicle Digital Fax (StoneFax)

Stone FaxIP Fax Server

Fax virtualization has never been easier.

Efficiency and savings at your fingertips.

StoneFax is a completely software-based IP Fax Server that virtualizes fax management, making it fast, easy and safe to send and receive faxes at work. It delivers faxes directly to each user’s desk viae-mail, web, multifunction printers, in Cisco Jabber and in mobility, on smartphones and tablets.Cisco has chosen StoneFax as its official fax server solution worldwide, and since February 2012,it is available for purchase directly from Cisco GPL in its Solutions+ program.

Easy to use, flexiblereliable and scalable

Send and receive anywhere.

Lots of sending and receiving options to meet every need, supporting any e-mail client and server.

For everyone.

Licensed for modern fax channels, and available for the entire company, even personal (DDI) or group faxes.

Secure and personal.

Access personal, reserved and secure faxes via e-mail and web,or mobile device using secure protocols.

Supports all formats.

Supports numerous formats for sending faxes directly from PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, TIFF, JPG, PNG, even with lots of different attachments.

Tidy and centralized faxes.

Manage reference numbers, automatic central archiving, for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Mobile and in Jabber.

App for iOS and Android devices, integrated in Jabber Desktop, with a wizard for sending and archiving income and outgoing faxes.

Imagicle StoneFax License


Save 90% of time and money.

Today, faxes are still an indispensable tool for any organization, but the days of walking to the fax machine, entering the number, fighting with low toner and paper jams, waiting times and paper archiving, are long gone. Imagicle’s Fax Server lets you eliminate all the waste by sending and receiving faxes virtually.

Easy, convenient and confidential.

Send and receive faxes directly from your computer, via e-mail or web interface,by printing a document or using the new gadget for Jabber. You can also manage faxes anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. And if some of your colleagues are stuck in the past, they can continue sending and receiving faxes via the network multifunction printer.

No paper, no toner.

There’s no paper to print and archive, no consumables and no time wasted managing fax machine maintenance.Faster, smarter, easier and greener.

Zero learning time.

Stonefax drastically changes how you send and receive faxes, but you don’t have to learn a thing. So, you can start to work immediatly, using the same tools you always have. It’s as easy as printing a document or sending and receiving an e-mail.


A fax machine in your pocket.

Imagicle Fax is the free StoneFax mobile client solution designed for iPhone-iPad and Android devices, that lets you send and receive faxes from your device anywhere, any time faster, smarter and easier.

Your Apps in Cisco Jabber,free.


Total fax management.Fax wizard and all the faxes received/sent are available at a click thanks to the free Imagicle IP Fax Server Jabber Gadget.

StoneFax.IP Fax Server

StoneFax.IP Fax Server


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