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Imagicle Digital Fax (StoneFax) License

Imagicle Digital Fax (Formerly known as StoneFax)

Imagicle software is actually a collection of all kinds of software and application modules that provide the user with many options through these software and modules. Imagicle software is one of the most dynamic and functional products that is fully compatible with Cisco hardware and software.

This software has many features, the most important of which are the provision of a server fax system, billing or financial management, and call management and reporting, as well as the provision of a smart speaker phone. In the following, we will introduce StoneFax, which is one of the main and most widely used Imagicle software.

Imagicle Digital Fax

Imagicle Digital Fax (StoneFax) License

The licensed Imagicle Digital Fax software, which was previously known as Imagicle StoneFax, is part of this company’s software collection called Imagicle Application Suite. After development, Imagicle was bought by Cisco Company. Below we examine four reasons for purchasing Imagicle Application Suite from Cisco:

  • Service with a better and simpler user experience
  • Easier configuration of telephone network services
  • Lack of a platform to provide telephone network services in an integrated manner
  • The absence of some services in the Cisco telephone network or the lack of provision of some telephone network services with the quality of Imagical service collection

The absence of some services in the Cisco telephone network

The absence of some services or the lack of providing some services in the quality telephone network provided by the Imagicle software set led Cisco to buy and add this service set in its telephone network architecture.

Lack of a platform to provide telephone network services in an integrated manner

All Cisco telephone network specialists are aware of the modular structure of this telephone network. For example, Cisco Unity Connection platform is required to set up the voice message service, and Cisco Unified Contact Center Express is required for the call center service with the capabilities of a call center, or another platform is required for the reporting service.

But the lack of a comprehensive platform caused problems in the provision and expansion of telephone network services in small-medium businesses. Many companies in small or medium business size needed a comprehensive platform to use telephone network services at a lower cost. But it was not possible to provide many services in this size of business.

Easier configuration of telephone network services

Many Cisco telephone network platforms do not have a panel to show the capabilities to the respective managers, and this made demo services of the telephone network more difficult in many cases. The management and user panel of Imagicle Application Suite has made this work very easy. Managers and users of the telephone network can easily use the user panel of this collection with minimal training time.

Imagicle Application

Imagicle Digital Fax (StoneFax) License

Service with a better and simpler user experience

The configuration of many telephone network services on the platforms provided by Cisco is difficult due to the existence of many documents. But the Imagicle Application Suite makes it possible to configure these services in the simplest possible way due to the provision of various services.

This simplification can make the choice of this platform a priority for businesses that do not have the possibility to hire a telephone network specialist.

In Imagicle, the basic configuration of many services can be done with a few simple clicks.

Network fax service (Imagicle Digital Fax)

This service is a suitable alternative for corporate fax machines. The features of this service include the following:

  • Web panel for receiving and sending faxes
  • Ability to send a fax to the specified email address
  • Ability to integrate with Jabber software to view / send faxes
  • The possibility of assigning separate extensions to users with different fax numbers

Sending faxes is very easy with this licensed software. After installation, it is enough to be connected to the Internet. Just like emailing, you can use this software to send faxes. Just specify the origin and destination and type your text or attach your photo. Then, after sending the fax, you can receive the fax at the destination a few minutes later.

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