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Milestone License


Headquartered in Denmark, Milestone is one of the largest manufacturers of image and video management software. In this regard, the company has produced various software based on the different needs of users in this field. One of the products produced by this company is Milestone software, which has a very simple and understandable user interface, and anyone with a minimum of scientific knowledge can use it. So far, Milestone software supports more than 900 camera models from 80 reputable manufacturers in the world.

Milestone License

Milestone software is a powerful software that is offered in free and non-free forms in the market. To receive and use non-free models of this software, you must order the required licenses of the software and use them. The most expensive milestone software model is the corporate version. This licensed version of Milestone software is used in small to large organizations, and this software has made the management of CCTV images more reliable and easier than in the past.

Milestone software can be ideal for businesses of all sizes, for the care of a shop, or for a large corporate office with multiple branches, Milestone’s XProtect software can best meet people’s needs. In the following, we will introduce each of the types of Milestone software versions.

Milestone software versions

The types of milestone software versions are as follows:

Milestone XProtect

This version of Milestone software(Milestone License) is an image management software that is very easy to work with. This software with different plugins offered by different companies can have different features. This version of Milestone software can handle all the needs of a small shop to a very large office, such as face checks as well as personnel entering time and leaving time. With the help of this software, surveillance cameras, gates and entrance and exit doors can be managed and access to face analysis intelligence data can be accessed.

Milestone XProtect Essential

In this version, it is possible to manage images in small businesses and offices in a cost-effective way. This version of Milestone software is supported for free and prepares all the needs of a business and checks images intelligently.

It should be noted that this version of Milestone software is for use in stores and small businesses. The XProtect Essential version of Milestone software provides high speed access and extraction of captured images using image search, object motion detection, and image capture scheduling. In this version, 5 users can simultaneously connect to the software and use it.

24 hours peace of mind

Businesses operating 24 hours and 7 days a week depend on consistent and reliable monitoring throughout the day. It’s a big responsibility.

That’s why the licensed Milestone XProtect is the reliable choice:

  • Three flexible viewing clients that put you in control anytime, anywhere.
  • A versatile rules engine that increases operational efficiency by enabling automation of standard security tasks.
  • A high-performance 64-bit native Microsoft Windows service recording server with a documented recording capacity of at least 3.1 Gbps.

Software built for today and tomorrow

Video surveillance comes in all shapes and sizes, from a few local cameras to thousands around the world. When you need to adapt or expand your initial configuration, XProtect is scalable.

Here’s why XProtect license is the scalable choice:

For more information, Security License
  • Centrally operate video surveillance distributed across multiple sites with Milestone Interconnect.
  • One device, one license, one price. Our simple device licensing model lets you choose how many device licenses you need and gives you the freedom to add cameras and other devices in the future.
  • Most XProtect products support an unlimited number of recording servers, allowing you to scale your system without int Connect multiple larger sites with Milestone Federated Architecture, which connects individual XProtect Corporate and Expert systems in a parent/child hierarchy of federated sites.
Milestone XProtect Essential

Milestone XProtect Express

Since its release, this version of Milestone software has been considered for small businesses. This version of Milestone license program, in addition to examining ordinary faces, supports face smartening and integration with the card reader. This version of Milestone software also supports 48 network cameras.

It should be noted that the ability to integrate the card reader in large stores, which has received a lot of attention from users, is that when the card is pulled by staff or customers, the camera automatically takes a photo of them and saves the photo. This version of Milestone software also has complete control over users’ access permissions and manages the face system powerfully.

Milestone XProtect Professional

This version of Milestone software is used for hospitals, museums and schools. Milestone software is a licensed version of XProtect Professional, with a user-friendly user interface that anyone can easily interact with.

It should be noted that there is a part of the XProtect Professional version called Smart Client that can be used to view recorded images. This section can provide various features to the user when reviewing images.

Features of Milestone software

Among the features of Milestone software(Milestone License), the following can be mentioned:

  • Easy installation of Milestone software
  • Ability to generate a map to install the camera
  • Very simple and understandable user interface
  • Using the least hardware resources with high resistance
  • Milestone software can be changed according to user’s needs
  • Ability to create scenarios for the process of formation of events
  • Ability to review and view an unlimited number of images simultaneously
  • Ability to manage multiple cameras, due to the unique manufacturing process
  • Send instant occasional alerts to people through various channels such as email and SMS
Milestone software

Advantages of using Milestone

Among the benefits of using Milestone software are the following:

  • Ability to order and obtain licenses for this software at a reasonable price
  • It is possible to search intelligently in the details of the saved image.
  • Open source software architecture that makes it more flexible than other competing software in the market
  • There is a possibility of compatibility between Milestone software and software offered in the market such as face recognition,
  • The unique design of this software is one of the advantages of using this software. Because in addition to occupying the least possible load on the servers, it returns costs and savings.
  • Ability to control the software through the Internet with maximum quality, even when the quality of the Internet is not acceptable. This is possible with devices such as mobile phones and personal computers, etc. from all over the world.

Milestone Order Pricing

Customers can order various Milestone software and licenses by contacting our sales specialists at

Milestone License

Customers are able to get more information about different Milestone licenses from our sales specialists.
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