Milestone License


Milestone License
Milestone License

Milestone is one of the largest manufacturers of image and video management software in Denmark, which has produced various software that have different applications according to needs. One of the products produced by this company is Milestone software, which is very simple and easy for the user, and anyone can use it with their minimum scientific knowledge. So far, Milestone software supports more than nine hundred camera models from 80 reputable manufacturers in the world. 

Milestone software is a powerful software that is offered in free, cracked or legal and cheap forms in the market. The most expensive model of Milestone software is coraporate, which is sold at different prices in the market. Different versions of Milestone software are used in organizations from small to large, and this software has made the management of CCTV images more reliable and easier than in the past. 


Milestone software for face calculation based on an open platform can be useful for businesses of all sizes, whether for the care of a shop or for a large branch office. Milestone version of XProtect software can best meet the needs of people. In the next section, we are going to get acquainted in detail with the different versions of Milestone software. 


Advantages of using Milestone software 


  • Having a reasonable price for Milestone software The open architecture of Milestone software, which makes it more flexible than other standard peripherals on the market, which provides the capability of intelligent systems in the network. 


  • Special design and engineering of Milestone software is one of the advantages of using this software, which in addition to occupying the least possible load on the servers and has balanced the high costs of this equipment. 


  • Milestone software controls the system through the Internet with the highest possible quality, and even with devices such as mobile phones, etc. from all over the world can be managed and controlled. 


  • One of the advantages of using Milestone software is that it is possible to intelligently security license search the saved image details. 


  • There is a possibility of compatibility between Milestone software and software offered in the market such as face recognition and so on. 
Milestone License


Features of Milestone software 


  • Easy to learn and install Milestone software 
  • Scalability of Milestone software according to customer needs 
  • Ability to manage multiple cameras due to unique architecture 
  • Using the least hardware resources with high resistance 
  • Describe integrated events in a pre-figured way 
  • Send instant alerts to different people and places according to distance through different ways like internet address and SMS 
  • Check the simultaneous viewing of an unlimited number of images 
  • Easy evaluation and selection of access steps for system users 
  • Ability to generate a multi-layer map and place cameras on it 


Supported operating systems for installing Milestone software 

  • Windows 10 
  • Windows server 2012 (64-bit) 
  • Windows server 2012 R2 (64-bit) 
  • Windows server 2016 


The software provided by this company is as follows 


  • XProtect Corporate 
  • XProtect Expert 
  • XProtect Enterprise 
  • xProtect Professional 
  • XProtect Express 
  • XProtect NVR 
  • XProtect Essential 
  • XProtect Go 

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