Milestone XProtect Corporate License

Milestone XProtect Corporate License

Milestone XProtect Corporate

Milestone XProtect Corporate License


Milestone image management software is a powerful software offered for free or with a cracked license or legal and cheap in the market. The best-selling Milestone software model is the milestone corporate version. Which is bought and sold in the market at different prices.

It covers multiple versions of the software from small businesses to large organizations, and the extensive equipment of this software has made the management of CCTV images more reliable and easier than before. Open-platform face-to-face software is ideal for businesses of all sizes, whether your motivation is to protect a shop or a large branch office, Milestone XProtect software meets your needs in the most appropriate way Resolves. 

The Enterprise version, or Corporate Milestone software, is the most developed version of XProtect software and is legally and cracked, which is specific to major centers such as airports and city stages. Corporate version of XProtect Milestone License software is a powerful tool for managing the entire security system of a large office.

This version is implemented for large and main websites and has the ability to run simultaneously on a series of servers. The easy-to-use interface reduces project startup time and also allows operators to work with the system easily. The ability to define a tree structure into different departments of an office and aggregate images on a central server, or federation, is unmatched, making macro and micro security management of a large office side by side possible. 

24/7 peace of mind 

Designed by video surveillance experts and built on the latest innovative technology. This is why many airports; train terminals and federal institutions around the world choose XProtect Corporate. 


Here is why XProtect Corporate is the reliable choice 

  • A native 64-bit Windows implementation recording engine with RAM-based pre-buffering for a minimum recording rate of 3.1 Gbit/s. 
  • Supports NVIDIA© and Intel© GPU for unparalleled performance, lower CPU load and significant savings. 
  • Edge Storage and failover servers support for continuous operation with uninterrupted access to video. 
  • Push notifications notifying you whenever something in the system requires your attention. 
  • Proactive online system health monitoring for uninterrupted business operations. 


Features of Milestone XProtect Corporate 


  • High performance and reliable monitoring software 

There are several different features in Milestone XProtect Corporate image management software that make us one of the most powerful and efficient software on the market. One of these features is the existence of a high-performance recording server.

This means that using a 64-bit Windows, our recording server can record at a minimum speed of 3.1 Gbit / s. We can also use as many servers, users, cameras and دوربین as we want. Add and expand the system. Milestone is designed so that if something happens to the servers or any other part of the system, the recording process will not stop at all and will continue. 


  • Suitable for large-scale surveillance operations and scattered locations 

Support for an unlimited number of cameras and users and sites is a prominent feature of Corporate. Milestone provides a central management system for all cameras and gadgets connected to them, regardless of system size and scatter.

XProtect Corporate can connect to all Milestone products and provide a centralized management for them, regardless of location. This software is designed to meet the needs of users with extensive security needs and can use the best technologies that are embedded in it, to keep all its customers satisfied.

These unique and complete features that are in Milestone, have made this software one of the best products in the field of video surveillance software and CCTV. This means that Milestone XProtect Corporate can meet the needs of users with high security needs and will not have any problems. Then you can refer to the software download box and download this valuable software

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Milestone xprotect corporate License

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