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Milestone XProtect Expert License

Milestone XProtect Expert

Milestone xprotect expert License

Milestone XProtect Expert License


Milestone Denmark, one of the largest manufacturers of CCTV video surveillance systems management software, has developed a number of software applications for a variety of needs. These softwares are very simple and easy to use and every person with the least scientific knowledge is able to use them.

In this article, Milestone CCTV software training will be introduced in general. Milestone software currently supports more than 900 camera models from 80 reputable manufacturers worldwide. The company is in the top ranks of manufacturers of management and video surveillance software, and of course the reasonable price of the company’s products has been more due.

One of the significant advantages of this open architecture software is that it has made it flexible with standard peripheral software available in the market to make optimal use of the intelligent capabilities of networked systems. Another advantage of this software is its special design and engineering, which in addition to occupying the least possible load on server systems, and sharpen the exorbitant costs of this equipment. Has balanced.

This software has the ability to control the system through the Internet networks with the maximum available quality, and even with devices such as mobile phones and from all over the world, it can be managed and controlled. Milestone, for the comprehensive control and management of its software, has also provided effective solutions that are very useful for managers of large and scattered collections in different places in order to support their products as much as possible.

In addition to the above benefits, the intelligent capabilities of Milestone software are also noteworthy, including the ability to intelligently search the details of stored images. The standard software that has been introduced to the market so far, such as license plate recognition software, face recognition and counting, and are also compatible with Milestone License


Milestone XProtect Expert Software 

The expert version of Milestone XProtect software is a dead-end tool for calculating the face of large organizations such as stadiums and warehouses. Expert version is an open platform-based image management software whose license can be found legally and cracked. Milestone software is ideal for medium and large organizations and its central management system helps to facilitate daily installation and operation.

This version of XProtect has the ability to save the image with the sponsor. In the event that there is a problem with the data storage device, such as the server or the hard drive, the gas recording board and events are transferred to the sponsored server so that no image is lost.

Also, with the help of the memories on the camera, it is possible to leave the recording of images to the camera in the form of disconnecting from the camera, and after establishing the connection, the images recorded on the cameras can be transferred to the central server.

Smart Client software is part of XProtect, with the help of which you can watch live and recorded images. This application, in addition to the basic equipment for watching pictures, It also offers features such as adding a layered map of the area, viewing events and alarms, and most other equipment. 

Milestone xprotect expert License


Milestone XProtect Expert Feature

  • A native 64-bit Windows implementation recording engine with RAM-based pre-buffering for minimum 3.1 Gbit/s recording rate. 
  • Supports NVIDIA© and Intel© GPU for unparalleled performance, lower CPU load and significant savings. 
  • Edge Storage and failover servers support for continuous operation with uninterrupted access to video. 
  • Push notifications notifying you whenever something in the system requires your attention. 
  • Proactive online system health monitoring for uninterrupted business operations

Milestone xprotect expert Order Pricing

Customers can order various Milestone software and licenses by contacting our sales specialists at

Milestone xprotect expert License

Customers are able to get more information about different Milestone licenses from our sales specialists.

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