Nvidia License

Nvidia License

Nvidia License

Nvidia License is was founded on April 5, by Jensen Huang (CEO as of 2020), a Taiwanese American, previously director of CoreWare at LSI Logic and a microprocessor designer at Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Chris Malachowsky, an electrical engineer who worked at Sun Microsystems, and Curtis Priem, previously a senior staff engineer and graphics chip designer at Sun Microsystems. NVidia Corporation is an American company and a pioneer in the technologies of video cards, graphics, workstations, personal computers, handhelds, etc. worldwide. Nvidia is a leading vendor of integrated circuits (ICs) for personal computer motherboards, graphics processors (GPUs), graphics and media cards, and PC and gaming consoles such as the original Xbox, PlayStation 3, and more. .. is. 


The most prominent product produced by Nvidia is the following graphics card: 


  • (GeForce) Series, suitable for gaming 
  • )Quadro( series suitable for professional work 
  • )Tesla( series suitable for servers 


NVIDIA Geforce graphics 


 card These graphics cards are based on the Kepler architecture and support GPGPU, which makes them highly efficient. The first batch of GeForce products was launched in 1999, and the latest Geforce graphics cards in the form of 20 series and 16 series entered the market network license in 2018 and 2019, respectively. So far, 16 different series of G-Force have been offered to customers. 

NVIDIA Quadro graphics 


card Quadro professional graphic products provide a wide range of professional performance and capabilities in engineering, medicine, architecture, and media. These products are based on fast processing power and Kepler architecture. Quadro series graphics cards are divided into two completely separate sets. The first set includes Quadro FX series cards, which include high-performance GPUs for running industrial design software, and the second set includes Quadro NVS series cards, designed for CAD / CAM and systems that require multiple interconnected display outputs. The naming of different Quadro series models differs from that of graphics cards for home systems. These products are mostly used in workstations. 

NVIDIA Tesla graphics  


card Tesla Graphics Cards are at the forefront of data center because they maximize throughput, performance, and uptime. NVIDIA has introduced it to advanced applications and enterprises, including applications in heavy graphics computing, animation and rendering, scientific analysis research, VDI implementation, HPC servers and systems, and big data. NVIDIA Tesla K40 and NVIDIA Tesla K80 are among the models in this category of Nvidia graphics cards


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