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Quadro Virtual Datacenter Workstation

Quadro Virtual Datacenter Workstation License

By using the licensed virtual data center, you can create the infrastructure you need with network topologies and capabilities such as VLANs, multi-layer architectures of security and high reliability, automation and cloud computing.

Quadro Virtual Datacenter Workstation License

A virtual data center allows you to create IT environments that share computing resources (virtual machines), storage devices, networking (Internet, Internet connectivity with large MPLS virtual private networks) and value-added services (backup, Combine monitoring and disaster recovery. You can also plan a strategy to move to the Cloud without risk while keeping the same quality and requirements of a large IT environment and protect current capital, and also a hybrid environment (virtual private cloud data center) can be created.

Creative and technical professional managers and technicians rely on an immersive visual computing platform to imagine, design and build everything from office buildings to airplanes to feature films. They rely on an interactive design process, render complex photorealistic images, and run real-time simulations to gain valuable insights into complex problems.

Traditionally, these advanced workflows were limited to powerful workstations attached to fixed installations and shared by professional users such as designers, architects, engineers, clinicians and researchers. However, today’s enterprises operate across multiple regions, with distributed teams collaborating and sharing highly sensitive data in real time.

This has led to several major challenges:

  • Limited productivity due to restricted access to data and designs from offsite or offshore locations
  • Disrupted workflows associated with network latency and long cycle times for remote file access and editing
  • The risk that business-critical data or intellectual property is not secured on a workstation’s local storage media
  • Limited ability to support an agile, project-based workforce of creative and technical professionals with the necessary apps, data, and IT resources

Virtualization for professionals in the arts and sciences.

Quadro is the top visual computing platform in the world, with capabilities ranging from stunning industrial design to cutting-edge special effects to intricate scientific visualization. Additionally, with the help of NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Data Center Workstation (Quadro vDWS) software, you can now provide the most potent virtual workstation from the data center or cloud to any device, anywhere. The potential is endless. Millions of creative and technical professionals can now work remotely, access the most demanding applications from any device, handle larger datasets, and still maintain increased security.

On any device, secure, graphics accelerated workflows

With the help of Quadro vDWS, serialized workflows that limit agility are eliminated, allowing real-time collaboration. Your company’s overall security is greatly enhanced by the fact that all documents and designs remain in the data center. With a fantastic user experience, IT can virtualize any data center application, including ESRI ArcGIS Pro, Siemens NX, Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS, Autodesk, and more, enabling you to deliver workstation-class performance on any device.

Quadro Virtual Datacenter Key Features

  • Large geographical coverage: with nodes in Europe and America.
  • Very fast delivery time: you get your infrastructure ready to work in minutes.
  • Financial flexibility: No additional investment required, you only pay for the resources you use.
  • Cost-effective: Take advantage of process automation, cost-effectiveness, and design expertise.
  • Safe and reliable: the highest levels of security plus the reliability of the infrastructure platform.
  • Flexibility: adapt to peak requests and avoid excessive consumption of resources to respond to requests.
  • Self-service portals: building and managing infrastructure with full control and visibility through web portals.
  • Hybrid environments: Working with private environments and virtual data centers protects current capital.
  • Traditional performance: maintaining all the performance you have in the physical data center, but in the virtual environment.
  • Automatic Disaster Recovery: Automatic Disaster Recovery capabilities for various scenarios between virtual data centers and business geographies.
  • Expanding Large Private Networks: Extending virtual data center infrastructure with security, reliability, and performance similar to large virtual networks.
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Quadro Virtual Datacenter Workstation License


This licensed solution offers different types of storage inside virtual machines, each tailored to your performance, cost or access needs. It also offers different levels of quality to achieve the best cost and performance ratio. Different types of storage include the following:

  • NAS: accessible to several virtual machines.
  • SAN: used as internal storage of virtual machines.


This virtual data center offers two methods of external communication:

  • Internet access, defined by maximum bandwidth or download/upload traffic.
  • With MPLS access for internal private networks, customers can define VLANs to create complex network environments similar to traditional IT environments.

Firewalls and Load Balancers

  • This licensed solution is also able to build required protection policies in virtual firewalls.
  • It can define balancing policies for distribution among multiple loads.

Catalog of appliances and operating systems

You can deploy appliances or virtual machines with pre-installed operating systems and software from templates in the list of templates and plans. This solution provides a comprehensive and continuously increasing public list with the most common operating system images (Windows, Linux, etc.). You will also be able to create your own private directory with images compatible with your company’s needs.


A portal is provided to display two different types of system monitoring:

  • Simple monitoring of virtual machines and infrastructure performance (CPU, Memory, Disk, Network)
  • Advanced monitoring of application performance to ensure the health of application software (Database, CRM, etc.)


We offer automatic protection of virtual machines with one click. Different backup policies (Retention Times, Full/Incremental Backup Time) are suggested to adapt to the organization’s needs. Meanwhile, agents do not need to be installed in virtual machines.

Disaster Recovery Service

Disaster Recovery allows you to create a disaster recovery environment at the virtual machine level between YekCloud VDC and your business environment (please note that this requires pre-installation of the software). Different scenarios can be created depending on bandwidth and latency with flexible recovery goals.


Redesign of the workstation

Virtual desktops address these challenges and free users from the constraints of physical location by provisioning resources from the data center and providing secure access on any device, anywhere. NVIDIA Quadro vDWS extends the proven benefits of Quadro to deliver a true GPU-accelerated data center.

This allows IT to virtualize any application in the data center with a desktop-class user experience. Now your organization can eliminate constrained workflows that impede agility, and users can collaborate securely in real time, without boundaries or boundaries. You can efficiently centralize all your applications and data and significantly reduce IT operational costs. And IT can focus on managing strategic projects rather than managing PCs and workstations, while enabling more secure remote working modes with less risk of data loss or leakage.

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