Riverbed SteelCentral License

Riverbed StealCentral

The licensed SteelCentral provides a single point of control for infrastructure that optimizes and improves application performance. Application performance infrastructure is a core component of global networks, and SteelCentral offers a scalable management approach. From configuration settings and QoS policies to provisioning and metering, SteelCentral enables IT professionals to quickly scale and optimize ADC services and WAN optimization.

Riverbed SteelCentral License

Delivering Applications as a Service with Riverbed SteelCentral

Applications are at the heart of businesses today. We rely on them to reach customers, build products, automate back-end business processes, and perform almost every other mission-critical task. An important component for fast and reliable applications is the Application Delivery Controller (ADC). It accelerates transactions, maximizes availability, manages security policies, and provides a control point to monitor and manage application traffic. However, most ADCs on the market today are not designed for cloud deployments, as their static architecture makes them cumbersome and time-consuming to deploy and manage in cloud and virtualized environments.

The new workflows and operating models prevalent in public and private clouds require a dynamic new architecture that eliminates bottlenecks and offers greater agility, high levels of automation, and faster time-to-service. At Riverbed Technology, we call this new architecture ADC as a Service (ADCaaS), which enables you to:

  • Right-size your ADCs and save up to 50% in costs
  • Reduce deployment time from weeks to instant
  • Better security and performance through isolation and scaling
  • Deliver a better user experience with per-app and multi-tenant tuning

This licensed solution offers a set of new tools to rapidly deploy application delivery services where they are needed. ADC instances can be provisioned in minutes instead of weeks.

Key features

Achieve better ROI with a consumption-based business model

Why pay for ADC capacity you don’t need or use?  Take the guesswork out of manually sizing an ADC by application or tenant. Avoid upfront costs of pre-purchasing ADC features. and align costs with resources used and improve ROI Go to market faster

Deploy new applications

  • Instantly create new ADC instances per application or per tenant
  • scale existing services and respond to rapidly changing customer demands
  • Automatically provision, provision, license, meter and manage inventory of thousands of ADCs in an as-a-service model
  • Launch multiple ADCs -Instances in parallel, allowing multiple tenants or applications and clients to be deployed at the same time
  • Start and stop instances for service migration and dynamically provision ADC instances for even faster instant provisioning Services

Riverbed SteelCentral Services Controller

SteelCentral Services Controller for SteelApp software enables customers to automatically provision, provision, license, meter, and inventory manage thousands of ADCs in an as-a-service model. The solution also enables a new usage model for customers deploying ADC services, a so-called “micro” instance of SteelApp Traffic Manager. This allows ADC services to be elastically scaled on demand and properly sized for each application in the data center, providing high density, full isolation, and multi-tenant scaling.

Riverbed StealCentral

SteelCentral Services Controller for SteelApp automates the rapid provisioning of application delivery services for existing and emerging network and data center architectures, including software-defined networking (SDN) and software-defined data centers (SDDC). It also integrates seamlessly with third-party cloud and service orchestration tools and delivery systems in your data center, simplifying the deployment of ADC in an as-a-service model.Now both enterprises and cloud providers can automatically provision, provision, license, meter and manage thousands of ADCs.

With an automated quick start installation and fast on-demand services, you can deploy high-density application delivery services in a shared services or distributed delivery model. With SteelApp Services Controller, Riverbed enables a “per-application-ADC” delivery model, giving each customer or application access to a dedicated ADC platform that can be scaled to meet the needs of key business applications.

What can you obtain from Riverbed SteelCentral:

ADC Agile Deployment: ​​Deploy application deployment services very quickly and exactly where they are needed to reduce time to market for new applications and services.

Automated Service Chaining for Layer 7 Services over SDN Architectures: SteelApp Traffic Manager is built for software-defined environments, and our ADC-as-a-Service technology provides an application service delivery layer over SDN architectures that makes this possible to offer a more integrated functional system. SDN can now be used to automate service chaining for higher layer services, reducing implementation errors and risks.

Multi-tenant and high-density isolation: You can now size and scale in multi-tenant environments while maintaining per-app or per-tenant isolation. This mitigates performance issues by eliminating noisy neighbor issues while maximizing ADC investment and utilization.Flexible on-demand licensing and metering: SteelCentral Services Controller for SteelApp maintains an inventory of all ADC instances, maintains a database of licenses used by each client application, meters aggregate usage across application delivery services, and provides built-in billing records that This enables you to charge for individual customer applications.

SteelCentral Service Controller Deployment

SteelCentral Service Controller for SteelApp is licensed on a subscription basis based on the maximum required number of ADC instances and maximum aggregate bandwidth. In addition to usage-based billing, SteelCentral Services Controller for SteelApp can also support bulk licensing for enterprise deployments, allowing total ADC capacity to elastically scale to meet the needs of any application.

SteelCentral Service Controller

SteelCentral Services Controller for SteelApp can be deployed in three ways:

  • As standalone software on an entry-level operating system and server or blade computing platform this licensed solution is capable of delivering large-scale consumer and enterprise applications The ADC -Capacity is predefined and planned.
  • As a full virtual appliance with integrated operating system and network: Useful in virtual and cloud environments where additional ADC instances can be deployed on demand. This includes private and public cloud deployments where individual licenses are required.
  • As a thin “micro” instance: Ideal when deploying a large number of ADCs, under direct control of the SteelCentral Service Controller for SteelApp. This is better suited to consumption-based business models where a large number of dedicated ADC instances are required, but the performance of a single instance can still be scaled from small to very large to meet customer needs.This is the preferred method for use with the SteelCentral Services Controller for SteelApp software.
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