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  • Last updated on: 16 Oct 2019

Delivering Unexpected Simplicity

Since our founding in 1999, SolarWinds’ mission has been to provide purpose-built products that are designed to make jobs easier for IT professionals, MSPs, and DevOps pros. We offer value-driven products and tools that solve a broad range of IT management challenges – whether those challenges are related to networks, servers, applications, storage, virtualization, cloud, or development operations.

If there is a piece of IT infrastructure anywhere in the world where performance matters, SolarWinds provides the technology to manage it.

Whether you’re an army of one managing a small environment, an MSP responsible for multiple customers, part of an IT team managing an enterprise, or you’ve migrated to the cloud – if you care about IT performance- SolarWinds has powerful, easy-to-use, and affordable products to help you manage it.

We distinguish ourselves by refusing to accept the status quo established by most technology vendors. Face it: The vast majority of IT management tools today are difficult to use, expensive, and really don’t address the realities of today’s real-world IT challenges. Too many IT pros have resigned themselves to accept the frustration.

But we don’t think enterprise-grade software or services have to be so complex. We think that great technology not only makes it much easier to manage infrastructure, but empowers IT to actually delight end users.

At SolarWinds, we’re fanatical about putting users first in everything we do. We strive every day to deliver powerful functionality that’s easy to use with one of the fastest and longest-lasting ROIs in the market. As a result, SolarWinds is one of the world’s most award-winning, peer-recommended and continuously-licensed product families year after year.

Our approach is to deliver unexpected simplicity and redefine the management and monitoring expectations for all aspects of IT, MPSs, and DevOps pros.

Simply put, we work to:

Eliminate the complexity found in traditional enterprise software and services – we make it easy to find, buy, deploy and maintain solutions, regardless of an organization’s size.
Connect with our community – we interact daily with our large, global user community to guide our product development and strategy, and foster an environment where users with even the most complex IT challenges quickly connect with experts who love to help.
Constantly evolve our products – we ensure our software is on point to meet the most important problems that IT pros, MSPs, and DevOps engineers have today, and continues to deliver increasing value over the lifetime of ownership.
Our company was built by IT administrators and senior systems engineers who know what it takes to manage today’s dynamic IT environments. They combine this expertise with a deep connection to the IT community to create IT management products that are effective, accessible and easy to use.

The result?

IT management software that works for you – and that delivers on our promise of unexpected simplicity.