Solarwinds License

Solarwinds License

Network managers in organizations and companies have two solutions to perform their duties properly. The first is to monitor everything manually and without interruption to detect any damage in the shortest possible time. The second solution is to use intelligent technologies and tools that can automatically monitor everything and report any problems to the network administrators.

Monitoring and resolving network problems alone is not enough to know about network problems, and it is necessary to write reports about network performance, problems that have arisen, and changes made to solve problems. In this way, the process of tracking changes in the network in the future is easily possible.

Solarwinds License

SolarWinds is a company with a brilliant track record in the field of surveillance software. The company has succeeded in building important tools, including network performance monitoring software, application and server monitoring software, network traffic analysis software, configuration management software, and more.

Field of activity of Solarwinds Company

Since the founding of SolarWinds in 1999, the company has always strived to release licenses to improve software abilities and provide up-to-date products that are competitive with other companies. These products are launched to help IT experts and development teams. Now, more than 20 years after its establishment, the company, relying on its excellent quality and experience, is serving users in more than 170 countries.

SolarWinds Company with the slogan of customer orientation has been able to reduce the cost and complexity of software by providing software with a simple and user friendly interface.

Today, in large and small networks all over the world, monitoring activity can be called the eye of the network administrator. Due to the complexity of computer networks, managing and monitoring the resources available in the organization is one of the problems of network managers. Organizations are looking for scalable and flexible tools in network management and monitoring.

SolarWinds products address a wide range of technology management challenges. These challenges relate to storage, virtualization, cloud drives, networks, servers, applications and development operations.

Monitoring activities include monitoring traffic and systems in the network License to detect any damage caused by defects in servers, services or disconnections, as well as evaluating the network to optimize its performance in the future. You should know that the stronger your monitoring system and the more aware you are of the state of your network, the lower the probability of the network being down.

SolarWinds can be very helpful in a network where great performance is important. SolarWinds products are one of the most famous network management and monitoring products. These products include server and application management, network management, security and logs, storage systems management and virtual structure, as well as bandwidth management and remote workstation control.

Solarwinds Company

SolarWinds license features

You can use the features of this software by preparing and using the SolarWinds license. Some features of the SolarWinds license:

  • Variety of reports
  • Simple installation
  • Uses optimal bandwidth
  • The interface is very simple
  • Has a web management console
  • Supports a variety of network nodes
  • Scheduled network monitoring schemes
  • Control access levels and user management
  • In large networks, it bears the processing load
  • Ability to control the bandwidth used by users
  • Support for all network equipment manufacturers
  • Control the amount of bandwidth consumed by each port on a switch
  • Ability to automatically identify and report network equipment in the network
  • Ability to estimate the amount of bandwidth required in the future based on current usage
  • Announce a warning when observing any disruption in all types of equipment, even environmental conditions

Capabilities of Solarwinds network monitoring software

  • The very simple and understandable interface of this software provides easy use.
  • Solarwinds alerts you to any disturbances in your network, even environmental disturbances.
  • Using Solarwinds software and the license of this software, the required bandwidth of the network can be estimated based on the current behavior of the network and if necessary, increase or decrease the bandwidth.
  • With the Solarwinds web management console, you can take control of the network from anywhere.
  • One of the convenient features of this software is managing users, their accesses and permissions.
  • This software has the ability to automatically detect equipment connected to your network. It also supports all devices and brands of network equipment manufacturers.
  • Solar Windows software has good management on bandwidth and the amount of bandwidth consumed by the user.

Solarwinds network monitoring software

SolarWinds application features

  • solarwinds network performance monitor (npm) can automatically detect connections between equipment located on networks.
  • solarwinds network performance monitor is a network monitoring software. This software consists of customizable web-based dashboards and diagrams integrated in one place. The above software allows all network performance data to be provided to network administrators in a simple and understandable format. You should know that NPM solarwinds are designed to allow network supervisors and administrators to change software configurations to suit their business needs and network topology.
  • With the growing number of cloud-based services, most organizations have turned to hybrid networking and cloud services such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google Cloud Services. That is why the status of leased services and their interaction with the current network infrastructure must be carefully examined. From now on, with this software and its licenses, you can closely monitor the status of the cloud connection and the hybrid environment while monitoring the wired and wireless network.

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