Nessus License

Nessus License

Nessus License
Nessus License

Nessus was launched in 1998. It was initially developed as a free remote security scanner software, but was later developed by Renaud Deraison, developer of Nessus and owner of a company called Tenable Network Security. For personal use, the scanner software is free, but for commercial use, you only have to pay $ 1,200 per year for a single scanner. Nessus was originally designed to be able to scan user security. Like Nmap, which could do network discovery. Unlike Nmap, this tool is designed to identify vulnerabilities by scanning the network. In this tool, when checking some vulnerabilities, if Safe Mode is disabled, it may damage the system, so network administrators expose a system to scan before it enters the production cycle.If you are a security activist, you must have heard of Nessus Scanner, software that detects and reports vulnerabilities on various platforms such as network and operating system. Nessus is an open source software that provides security enhancements by identifying vulnerabilities. Nessus has a special language for assessing vulnerabilities called NASL, which stands for Nessus Attack Scripting Language, which security company executives can use NASL to customize scripts and assess security vulnerabilities. 

Nessus Scanner History 


Interestingly, this popular software has a specialized language for assessing vulnerabilities called NASL, which has designed the acronym Nessus Attack Scripting Language. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, Nessus has a modular architecture consisting of centralized servers that perform the scanning process and remote clients that report and Perform management processes, security managers can use NASL to customize scripts and vulnerabilities, the most important features of Nessus are as follows: 

 The Nessus 2 software engine and a number of add-ons are still GPLs, leading to Nessus-based forked open source projects such as OpenVAS and Porz-Wahn. Today, this product is available in two types. A free limited edition and a full subscription option Nessus is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. 

Application features of Nessus application 


  • Detect bots and Trojans 
  • Simulated attack to pinpoint vulnerabilities 
  • Execution of security tests in a contained environment 
  • Multiple platform support 
  • Discover vulnerabilities in Passive mode 
  • Ability to run multiple scans simultaneously 
  • Has a tool to compare scan results 
  • High scanning and scanning speed 
  • Vulnerability assessment 

For more information, Tenable License
  • Works with a variety of computer equipment 
  • Detect security vulnerabilities in Local and Remote networks 
  • Detect not installing new updates on the system 
  • Simulate different attacks with different conditions 
  • And dozens of new features in the pro version 


Some Nessus applications 


  • Reduce  
  • the level of attacks 
  • Comprehensiveness Scalability  
  • Continuous updates  
  • easy access to be economical  
  • High power scanning ability  
  • Reporting and monitoring  
  • Expansion and management  
  • Full coverage of vulnerabilities in web, virtualization and cloud  
  • applications Ability to detect malware 


And the contacts of this web application are generally 


  • Private and government organizations 
  • Banks and financial and credit institutions 
  • Software security assessment laboratories and intrusion testing 



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