Tenable.sc License

Tenable.SC License

Tenable-SC have control over everything and anticipate all possible events and risks. Know your risks and prioritize your vulnerabilities with the licensed Tenable.sc and take action to fix them.

The Tenable.sc product collection is locally managed and supported by Nessus technology. Tenable.sc products evaluate all damages continuously and present them to your network in real time. With this possibility, the points of vulnerability to the network are minimized.

Tenable.SC License

Considering our need for data security and solving security problems in computer networks, the use of network vulnerability analysis tools is very important, especially for large organizations and companies.

Tenable-SC software is one of the most powerful tools that helps web professionals and people who are responsible for security in computer networks to identify security problems and vulnerable points in these networks.

Tenable-SC is one of the computer network vulnerability analysis products. This software will help you as a network security manager to have an overview of all network events and predict all possible incidents and risks. Using the licensed Tenable.SC software allows you to find the potential risks in a computer network, then prioritize the vulnerabilities in the network and take action to fix them.

This software continuously evaluates all the vulnerable points and presents it to the network security managers in real time. By doing these steps, the possibility of attacking the network from these vulnerable points will be minimized. These network security scanning softwares are also available in Nessus, Tenable.io, Tenable Lumin, Tenable.ad, Tenable.ep and Tenable.ot versions, each of which has its own functionality and applications.

Tenable.SC key features

  • Free API access for customer customization, data collection and ranking
  • This software has full and unlimited access in the network by using Nessus scanners
  • Tenable-SC software allows you to manage and predict all possible risks and manage locally
  • The high speed of Tenable-SC software in solving problems and events with warnings and ticketing
  • By using Tenable-SC software, you will have full and unlimited access in the network with Nessus scanners
  • Rapid identification of threats using artificial intelligence and analysis ranking is provided in Tenable-SC software
  • Tenable-SC software quickly identifies threats and ranks and analyzes threats using artificial intelligence technology.
  • The Tenable-SC software has a high speed in solving problems and incidents and sends warnings to the user when necessary.
  • Buying a licensed Tenable.SC license allows the user to manage and predict all possible risks that threaten a computer network locally.
  • Tenable-SC software collects information and provides important information about bugs and problems in the network by ranking the data.

It is better to explain a little about the capabilities that we mentioned above, for example, by using this software, many benefits can be provided to both network users and network security officials. Including:

Monitor everything

Powered by Tenable.sc, a set of diverse sensors automatically collects and analyzes your security data to give you a complete view of all events and possible threats in the network.

For more information, Tenable License

All data is analyzed continuously

This licensed solution continually assesses your network from any perspective, including unknown threats. You should never lose track of changes to your network, users, applications, cloud infrastructure.


Anticipate all possible risks

Tenable.sc allows you to identify and rank all the damage and receive important notifications to make sure that there is no disruption in your network.

Receive an alert

Use numerous dashboards and customized reports to get a complete and actionable view of the data needed to identify risks and vulnerabilities.

Customize easily

Prepare different reports for different users to make sure that all threats are eliminated at the first moment of detection. Create and schedule on-demand reports and automatically share them with the right recipients.

Fix the problem quickly

Your security team is alerted to the existence of disruptions and problems through personalized alerts and notifications and can quickly fix the problem.

Identification and ranking of problems

Using Tenable.sc, a set of diverse sensors fully automatically collects and analyzes security data in the network so that the network security officer has a complete view of all events and possible threats in the network. With this method, all data is continuously and automatically analyzed. Using this software, you evaluate the network in terms of unknown threats to users, applications and cloud network infrastructure.

Tenable.sc allows you to identify and prioritize all vulnerabilities. This software informs the user of the importance of these problems by sending important notifications to the user.

Tenable.SC License

Risk analysis and rapid solution thinking

As a network administrator, you can use a large number of customized reports to get a complete view of the data you need to identify network risks and vulnerabilities. You can also create different reports for different users to make sure that all threats are detected and removed in the shortest possible time.

You can also prepare reports to present to managers and automatically share them with others using the features of Tenable-SC software. In addition, by using this software and its automatic parts, the security team is quickly informed of the existence of disturbances and problems through warnings and notifications, and they can quickly fix the problem.

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