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Veritas NetBackUp License

Veritas Net Backup License

One of the best software packages that consumers and companies can use for data backup and recovery is the Veritas Net Backup software and its licenses, also known as Net Backup Symantec. When security giant Symantec bought Veritas for $13.5 billion in 2005, the Net Backup brand changed to Symantec Net Backup. In 2016, when Symantec decided to expand its Veritas division, Net Backup was renamed to Veritas Net Backup License.

Veritas Net Backup software can quickly and accurately back up raw files, directories and partitions on the server and then recover data. A server protected by Net Backup is called a Client. Net Backup software is installed on a server known as a media server. During the backup, the data is sent by the Client across the network to a Net Backup server of the Media type. This allows the server to select the appropriate storage space for backup.

Veritas NetBackUp License

What is the use of Net Backup?

As an enterprise backup product, Veritas Net Backup supports major databases, including Oracle and Microsoft SQL, as well as Microsoft Windows, UNIX, and Linux operating systems. It can store data backups in internal, external and public cloud storage, and also supports VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V. Key features provided by Net Backup include Deduplication, Replication, and Snapshot services.

It was after the separation from Symantec that changes were made in Veritas License. The program has since become known as a data management platform. Net Backup became the core of the Veritas 360 data management suite and one of the key components of the Veritas 360 Information Map. It collects data from data managed by Net Backup, other Veritas applications, and cloud storage to provide an overview of metrics in the admin dashboard.

OpsCenter Analytics

The OpsCenter app was introduced at the same time as Net Backup 7.0. This tool is another key part of Veritas Net Backup. OpsCenter is a web-based monitoring and analysis tool that has full control over customer backup operations. This tool provides the user with important services such as reports to investigate the effects of backup, service usage and costs. Standard OpsCenter reports include Backup, Client, Cloud, Media, Performance, Data Recovery, and Workflow Analysis. OpsCenter Analytics requires a separate license. By ordering and obtaining a special license for this tool, you can create custom reports for network administrators and users.

Veritas Net Backup License Key features

The latest version of Veritas Net Backup License( version 8.0), was released in December 2016. Key features of this program and it`s licenses, included support for Microsoft Windows Server 2016 and VMware vSphere 6.5. Other features include:

  • Net Backup Accelerator for Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Net Backup virtual tool for remote offices
  • Net Backup Amazon AMI
  • Integrated cloud storage connections for Microsoft Azure, IBM SoftLayer, OpenStack Swift and SwiftStack
  • Advanced NDMP backup of Dell EMC Isilon files

Versions 8.1 and 8.1.1 added faster backup of large MySQL database data and instant recovery of Oracle databases. Veritas Net Backup also added the ability to support PostgreSQL, SQLite and MariaDB databases in version 8.1.1 released in February 2018.

Net Backup Appliance

Net Backup(Veritas NetBackUp License) is an integrated backup tool. This tool performs Deduplication at source and destination and eliminates the need for a separate server. This tool launched in September 2010 with the Net Backup 5000, the Net Backup Appliance family includes three models, with three different sizes, with a maximum capacity of 1.92 petabytes, and were launched in 2018. The Net Backup Appliance family includes:

  • Net Backup 5240 Appliance: This tool has a maximum capacity of 4 terabytes to 300 terabytes and can act as a main server or media. The Net Backup CloudCatalyst Appliance can send duplicate data to a public cloud without the need for rehydration. Clients can retrieve data directly from the CloudCatalyst Appliance.
  • Net Backup 5330 Appliance is an integrated server used as a media server. The resolution of this server can be adjusted from 229 terabytes to 1.37 petabytes. Of course, it should be noted that a special version of the Net Backup 5340 Appliance, designed for large companies, has a usable capacity of 120 terabytes to 1.92 petabytes.
  • Net Backup Virtual Appliance is a software version. This version with a maximum of 2 terabytes of usable capacity can be installed on a media server or main server in remote offices.

The main competitors of Veritas Net Backup

As a software product and application tool, Net Backup competes with a wide range of enterprise backup services. Veritas, along with Commvault, Dell EMC, IBM and Veeam Software, is a leader in Data Center backup and recovery. In the latest comparisons, Net Backup scores the highest for database protection, and product quality and technical support rank high.

Veritas Net Backup

Veritas NetBackUp License


Net Backup History

Originally commissioned by Chrysler Corp., in 1987 Control Data released a data backup program called Net Backup. Control Data then made the software available to other customers. Control Data Named the software Automated Workstation Backup System (AWBUS) and in 1990 established a business unit called AWBUS. The original AWBUS supported two tape drives and a robotic wheel. Control Data renamed its software to BackupPlus in 1993.

BackupPlus then bought and renamed OpenVision Technologies in early 1993, when OpenVision Technologies and the Control Data storage management team that developed the product. It was at this time that Net Backup was born. In mid-1997, Veritas acquired OpenVision and retained the Net Backup name for a product that backed the flagship software market leader. Symantec bought Veritas for $ 13 billion in 2005 and then sold Veritas to Carlyle Group in 2015 for $ 7.4 billion.

Veritas NetBackUp Order Pricing

Customers can order various Veritas software and licenses by contacting our sales specialists at

Veritas NetBackUp License

Customers are able to get more information about different Veritas licenses from our sales specialists.

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