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vmware Horizon License

VMware Horizon License

Desktop virtualization was one of the major developments of 2016. This year, VMware entered a new phase in desktop virtualization with the introduction of the seventh version of VMware Horizon. In the following, we will explain VMware horizon or desktop virtualization with this licensed software.

vmware Horizon License

A glance at VMware horizon software

New and licensed VMware horizon software has fundamentally changed the world of virtualization. VMware has been able to provide more speed and security for users. On the other hand, as the speed of network performance increases, the speed of companies, organizations and users also increases by 30%. Using VMware horizon reduces the costs of organizations by up to 50%.

In the following, we will explain more about the unique features of this software.

Fast and accurate calculations

Today, with the help of VMware Horizon and its licenses, users can benefit from faster speeds in performing calculations. Desktop virtualization has increased the accuracy of computing by allowing the user to access more powerful and faster resources. In the new world of Mobile Cloud, providing and managing services to end users with traditional PC-based tools has become more and more difficult. Problems such as Data Loss and Image Draft are the main challenges of organizations. Although the installation of VMware Horizon will initially be costly for network administrators in organizations, gradually the organization can reduce its costs with the help of this system.

Services in VMware Horizon License

VMware Horizon7 allows network administrators to centrally control the data exchanged for easy management and reduce costs. On the other hand, using VMware Horizon 7, virtual applications and desktops are available to users through a separate platform. In this way, all programs will be accessible in a cohesive and integrated workspace. In this way, the required resources are available to users as soon as possible.

Applications provided through a separate platform

Desktops and virtual applications are provided to the corporate network management department through a separate platform for easy management. These management panels are very easy and fast in all situations and for all equipment, are available to the user.

VMware Horizon 7 provides a separate platform for Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services (RDS), Virtual Desktops, and ThinApp applications for delivering Windows applications and shared desktop sessions from a Windows server. This will make working with the program much easier and more practical.

Fully digital workspace

The IT department of companies can manage and support real time validation with the help of desktop virtualization. The software facilitates the management of identification services such as Active Directory and LDAP, and provides users with custom and contextual access to resources through an integrated workspace. VMware Horizon 7 supports 2-step authentication. This authentication includes Biometric and Smart Card. In this way, the security of the digital space used by individuals and organizations is fully confirmed.

VMware Horizon

Just-in-Time and super-fast virtual desktop

The use of Instant Clone Technology with App Volumes in VMware Horizon software has reduced the network infrastructure needs. On the other hand, the use of this technology significantly improves system security. With the VMware Horizon License, users’ new desktops and applications can be accessed in a short time.

Excellent VMware Horizon software user interface

VMware Horizon has a great user-friendly interface. With the help of this user interface, users will not have any problems with the system. Using the Blast Performance feature has also made the software very accessible and functional. Blast Performance supports the following:

  • Blast Unity Touch: Facilitates the process of running Windows on mobile phones
  • Blast Local Access: Access to Local equipment, drives, USB and network equipment accessories
  • Horizon Clients with Blast: Integrate Clients to Create Valuable Experiences in Equipment and Situations
  • Blast Adaptive UX: Optimal access to WAN and LAN via HTML browser or use of PCoIP by Horizon user or Blast Extreme protocols. It should be noted that Blast Extreme with a purposeful structure is optimized for Mobile Cloud and is based on the H.264 protocol and based on industry standards.

Smart policies with easy access

The VMware Horizon License upgrades with smarter, context-based and role-based policies. Important features that VMware Horizon Software Policy supports include:

  • SSO should ideally provide password-free, one-click access to Windows Desktop services.
  • Supports contextual and role-based security for users and easily sets policies based on user, equipment or location.
  • Facilitates the management of the Identity Sources process and provides users with easy access to resources through an integrated workspace.

Various VMware Horizon products

VMware offers a variety of Horizon products, all of which fit into a single set called VMware Horizon Suite to provide services to users. Network administrators can use the Horizon suite to distribute desktops, applications, and data across a variety of endpoints. In this way, they can meet the demand of users for access to files and data on a variety of devices. This set includes Horizon View, Horizon Mirage and Horizon Workspace solutions and supports the following features:

  • Virtual applications and desktops
  • Variable workspace management
  • Application catalog and management
  • Policy-based centralized management
  • Layered management of windows image with centralized management, recovery and backup
  • File sharing

VMware Horizon Workspace

VMware Horizon Workspace is part of the VMware Horizon License suite, an enterprise management software that provides a single central interface for secure access. You can access the company’s applications, desktops, files and web services from any time and place through your laptop, home computer and Android or IOS mobile devices.

VMware Horizon Workspace

Network administrators in organizations can provide a customized set of application and data access for users through a web-based management platform. This access can include security policy settings and permission to use certain applications. Organizations can easily add new devices, new users, or new applications to a group of users without having to reconfigure devices or endpoints.

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