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VMware NSX License

VMware NSX License

VMware NSX is a Virtual solution for physical network virtualization. In fact, this software is the first VMware software in the field of SDN. A solution that other companies have taken in a more limited way on the structure of VMware vSphere. Like the Cisco v1000, which virtualizes switches in the VMware vSphere environment. The following is a brief introduction to VMware NSX and its licenses.

 VMware NSX License

The VMware NSX License is SDN software that VMware acquired at great expense. According to the company, NSX is a “network hypervisor”. This definition is intended for a better understanding of IT professionals. In fact, VMware ESXi virtualized network computing resources. (Resources such as CPU, memory, disks and network cards). Compared to VMware NSX, which virtualizes the entire network infrastructure (devices such as virtual switches, virtual firewalls, virtual routers, etc.)

According to VMware, users also want to experience virtualization and cloud computing software on a network infrastructure. A structure similar to server virtualization, but for networking. VMware NSX License provides this feature for network administrators and users.

VMware NSX License features

The features that VMware NSX License brings to the network are as follows:

  • Ability to provide scheduled monitoring.
  • Balancing the load between applications.
  • No network dependence on existing hardware.
  • Ability to make the network transparent for software.
  • VPN server to provide Site-to-Site VPN and Remote Access.
  • Ability to support a variety of solutions, by integrating them into NSX.
  • Ability to virtualize the network in layer 3 using a router with support for geo-routing.
  • Ability to network virtualization in Layer 2 and support for packet tagging (QoS, ACLs) etc.
  • Existence of NSX API that has the ability to integrate with various types of cloud infrastructure.

VMware NSX License

  • Existence of a distributed firewall closest to the virtual machines running in the VMware kernel.
  • Network flexibility (with this feature you can instantly create, delete or edit the network you need).
  • Ability to provide scalable network infrastructure and use of third-party software as required solutions.
  • Ability to simulate and reconstruct the physical network virtually and provide matched services regardless of the hardware layer used.
  • Integration with cloud infrastructure management and automation of resource management and provision so that the benefits of server virtualization also exist at the network layer.

NSX adapts well to your current hardware network and works seamlessly. So with this licensed software, you do not need to buy new hardware, just like virtual machines running VMware vSphere. All of your virtual network infrastructure (listed above) is running on the NSX Hypervisor.

Why VMware NSX?

You might think that the network is completely virtualized using VMware vSphere. This thinking is somewhat correct. VMware vSphere has made this somewhat possible. With VMware NSX you use virtual network cards connected to a virtual switch. This way all virtual machines on one host can communicate with each other. But this is all your possibilities for virtualization at the network layer.

When a virtual machine intends to talk to another virtual machine, a physical machine, or the Internet, virtual machine traffic must do so through the host UP-Link (ESXi). From here, the traffic goes to the physical switch and then to the other ESXi. Here, virtual machine traffic has to go through several hops to reach another virtual machine (such as a web server); or rather a data center on the other side of the world.

Where traffic passes through physical switches, physical routers, and physical firewalls of “all hardware devices,” VMware uses NSX to move from “hardware devices” to “networks” and “Software”.

NSX compatible software:

  • KVM
  • Xen Citrix
  • OpenStack
  • CloudStack
  • VMware vSphere
  • vCD | VMware vCloud Director
  • vCAC | VMware vCloud Automation Center

How does VMware NSX work?

The way VMware NSX works is awesome. VMware claims to have all the physical network infrastructure and can virtualize all the performance of physical servers.

VMware NSX License

Top-level architecture in (VMware NSX)

By encapsulating normal network traffic, NSX uses encapsulation protocols such as (STT, VXLAN, and GRE) to integrate virtual network infrastructure and physical network infrastructure. The physical hardware of the network does not have the vision of virtualization inside the capsules, but they are compatible with the encapsulation protocols used.

The NSX Gateway is responsible for connecting physical and virtual networks. Each VMware NSX hypervisor runs its own virtual switch (which is a virtual software) and uses it to manage and control its traffic.

VMware NSX License

Customers are able to get more information about different VMware licenses from our sales specialists.

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