Riverbed SteelHead

The licensed Riverbed is a WAN optimization solution. This product helps customers improve their existing bandwidth and obtain more performance and control. You can benefit from up to 20x more effective capacity and accelerate business applications up to 50 times. Customers have turned their WANs from bottlenecks into enablers of their goals.

Riverbed SteelHead License
 Riverbed SteelHead License

A customer’s wide area network (WAN) is the foundation of their globally connected business, enabling collaboration, communications, business productivity and risk mitigation. Your WAN performance is critical to everything your customers do. With Riverbed’s WAN optimization solutions, your business will run faster and more efficiently, provide consistent service levels, and lower your IT infrastructure costs.

Improving Application Performance

The Riverbed SteelHead CX Series offers dedicated WAN optimization appliances ideal for businesses looking to improve application performance and data transfers over a WAN. The series is designed for seamless network integration across remote locations and data centers, with scalable performance designed to support a growing number of users, devices and data.

As a result, SteelHead CX breaks the application performance barrier and helps you meet your application service level agreements (SLAs) while optimizing your network budgets. Whether you’re an international marine needing to streamline communications with a distributed fleet or a company building your private cloud, the SteelHead CX Series provides the performance and ROI needed to ensure the success of your project.

SteelHead CX appliances are designed to provide the most powerful and scalable WAN optimization solution for environments of any size, accelerating business applications, accelerating data transfers and optimizing WAN bandwidth costs to improve workforce productivity and IT management across geographic boundaries to simplify.

Riverbed SteelHead key features

The Riverbed SteelHead network license can be used in many cases. Among these things, the following can be mentioned.

  • Optimizing the IaaS platform
  • Optimization of the SaaS platform
  • Replication optimization between data centers
  • Optimizing communication between headquarters and branches
  • Optimizing the communication of remote users and economic justification of Riverbed products

Boost performance by up to 100x

  • Determine the optimal path for each application to accelerate delivery across the WAN and other networks
  • Reduce response times for faster and easier deployment of virtual servers, desktops and applications than ever before

Reduce costs and increase productivity

  • Supports up to a million connections
  • Boost performance and the number of Connections in a single box by up to 50 percents
  • Reduce bandwidth utilization by up to 60-95%, delaying costly network bandwidth upgrades

Gain visibility and control

  • Automatically discover and report on applications used across your organization
  • Deploy in minutes with no changes to applications, users, routers, or other IT infrastructure
  • Perform ongoing management over the powerful Command line and web-based through interfaces including detailed reporting and NetFlow export
  • Improve data protection efforts with a faster WAN. Eliminate your remote backup infrastructure and improve replication by 10x and more while reducing the cost and complexity of your WAN infrastructure


This network license has the possibility of easy installation and commissioning without any change in the network topology and provides the ability to provide complete and comprehensive reports to the user. Riverbed network license SteelHead series benefits from increasing the efficiency of WAN lines by an average of 25 times, reducing bandwidth consumption up to 99% and reducing passing packets up to 98%.

Other important features of this SteelHead network license include: minimizing the delay in sending and receiving packets, minimizing software restrictions, and encrypting all communications. The time validity of this network license is one year/three years/five years to lifetime, which you can buy in the network equipment market at a reasonable price, and its installation and commissioning is done without any change in the network topology.

SteelHead CX Appliance Features

 Multi-Tier Optimization

  • Accelerates all TCP applications for up to 100 times performance increase
  • Combines data reduction and application layer TCP, UDP and protocol optimization across the WAN for an unprecedented multi-layered optimization strategy

Support for large-scale deployments

  • Improves ROI with up to 50 percents more connections and throughput from a single device Less expensive disaster recovery
  • This licensed solution supports up to one million connections with a performance-intelligent architecture that scales with your growth

Faster disaster recovery

  • Eliminates the need for additional bandwidth or longer backup windows
  • Accelerates replication and backup of branch offices or between data centers by 10 times or more

Industry-leading performance

  • Features the highest capacity SSD-based WAN optimization controller
  • Includes a full range of SSD-based appliances, ideal for large branch offices and data centers

Integrated visibility and packet capture

Powers onboard Cascade Shark to collect flow and packet data from the branch without requiring additional instrumentation. This helpful solution provides remote site troubleshooting and application-level visibility without compromising core WAN optimization at no additional cost.

Riverbed License

Other key features of this licensed solution:

  • Encrypt all communications
  • Optimizing the IaaS platform
  • Optimization of the SaaS platform
  • Reduction of passing packets up to 98%
  • Economic justification of Riverbed products
  • Reducing bandwidth consumption up to 99%
  • Minimizing software limitations and slowness
  • Provide complete and comprehensive reports
  • Replication optimization between data centers
  • Optimizing the communication of remote users
  • Minimizing the delay in sending and receiving packets
  • Easy installation without any change in network topology
  • Increase the efficiency of WAN lines by an average of 25 times
  • Optimizing communication between headquarters and branches