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BIG-IP APM License


If you want to keep your organizational information secure and impenetrable in every way, in addition to preparing the required licenses for the network, you need to make rules to control access to applications. One way hackers and cyber attackers access personal or organizational information is through your applications. Restricting people on the network from accessing applications is a complex task. Most organizations and companies have key applications that users, both inside and outside the organization, must have access to perform organizational activities.

Being able to assign users to use a particular program on the network at specific times and for a limited period of time has always been an important challenge for managers of organizations and companies. On the other hand, most applications do not support new technologies or are not yet fully mature and have poor implementation of security protocols. Therefore, preventing unauthorized access to these programs is an important security requirement. This is because attackers can inflict irreparable damage on businesses by obtaining only one username and password.


One of the weaknesses of these systems is identified when a user needs occasional access to another part of the application and the network administrator gives him this access. But when the person’s need is met, unfortunately, the re-closure of these accesses is forgotten by the network administrators and these accesses remain open for a long time. This will also lead to information leaks in the future. Therefore, due to the numerous weaknesses that exist in managing the identity of users and granting them access.

In these cases, the presence of an access management system is essential in terms of information and resource security. F5 has introduced a comprehensive product called F5 BIG-IP Access Policy Manager (APM) License to solve problems with access to applications. In the following, we will review the features and capabilities of this product.

BIG IP APM Key Features

This device has unique features that by providing related licenses, all its features can be used and in addition to making it easier for users to use the network, it also strengthens the network against the cyber attackers. Here are the features of this device:

    • Identity Aware Proxy (IAP): Implementation of special models such as zero trust based on Granular context, which significantly increases the security of network applications.
    • Identity Federation and SSO: This feature has a multiple authentication system and also supports Single Sign-On (SSO).
    • Secure Remote and Mobile Access: This type of access enables remote access integration via SSL VPN. This special feature can create a separate VPN for each application to provide security.
    • Secure and Manage Web Access: Ability to centralize user authentication as well as allow end-user access and review through the Web App Proxy
    • API Protection: Secure authentication for REST and SOAP in APIs and aggregate Open API files.
    • Offload and Simplify Authentication
    • Desktop Virtualization Delivery: Ability to securely access VDI through a specific Gateway
    • Central Management and Deployment: Network integration with F5 BIG-IQ management and centralization system for easy implementation
    • Performance and Scalability: This feature allows support for more than 1 million connections on a BIG-IP device
    • This device includes an image management system called VPE, in which users can easily create and manage their own rules in a graphical environment.
    • Provide unified access to all applications
    • Strengthen application infrastructure and simplify access management
    • Ensure secure access
    • Very high flexibility and performance along with scalability
    • Ability to filter URLs and protect against malware
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BIG IP APM Key Features

Why do you need F5 BIG IP APM?

Access management

With this F5 BIG IP APM device, the complexities and costs of implementing access management solutions can be easily reduced. This product acts as a proxy and is located in the main part of the organization’s applications and protects them against unauthorized access. Your applications can be located on the organization’s servers or in the cloud, in any case, access to them can be managed seamlessly through a single management console.

Integrated and secure access

With this device, you can fully access all internal and external applications of your network. The security of these accesses will be established end-to-end anywhere in your organization’s infrastructure. Excellent BIG IP APM performance makes it easy for users to access applications. Creating, modifying, and enforcing network security policies in APM is very easy with VPE. This device allows IT managers to apply a separate policy to each user.

Sync with new innovations

With the increasing advancement and use of cloud technology and mobile technology by organizations and companies, the F5 BIGIP APM product helps businesses to adapt to new conditions. Most mobile applications use the API standard for a variety of applications, and this is widely used by attackers. F5 BIG IP APM enables secure authentication for REST and SOAP APIs.

BIG-IP Access Policy Manager (APM) License


Features and capabilities of F5 BIG IP APM

  • IPv6 support
  • Secure web gateway service
  • Support for SAML 2.0 technology
  • Categorize and filter existing URLs
  • SSO support for caching Credentials
  • Support for Encrypted VPN (SSL VPN)
  • Ability to fully support RDP in Windows
  • Ability to integrate with Oracle Access Manager
  • Ability to access applications through the portal
  • Implement precise and detailed security policies
  • Detect web-based malware and malicious scripts
  • Ability to manage access for Citrix virtual desktops
  • Support for Microsoft ActiveSync and Outlook Anywhere
  • PCoIP support and integration with VMware Horizon View
  • Awareness of the user’s location and auto-connect feature
  • Establish secure access through portals, tunnels and networks
  • Support for AAA server authentication as well as the HA protocol
  • Ability to patch Java applications (for more secure network access)
  • Advanced Policy Editor (VPE) with Agent Identifying the user’s location based on IP

Securely connect to the Extended Enterprise.

Unified global access to your network, cloud, and applications is provided by the licensed F5 BIG-IP IPM (Access Policy Manager), a safe, adaptable solution with high performance. It converges and consolidates remote, mobile, network, virtual desktops, and web access through a single management interface. Intelligent access policies that are straightforward, manageable, and easy to implement are made possible by the licensed BIG-IP APM.

Key advantages of F5 BIG-IP APM

Centralize access and identity management.

Access management can be made easier with the help of identity, context, and application-aware policies.

Integrate access controls.

With adaptive identity federation, single sign-on (SSO), and multi-factor authentication (MFA), combine remote, mobile, network, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), and web access in a single interface.

Reduce spending.

For Citrix XenApp, VMware Horizon/Workspace ONE, Microsoft Exchange, and other systems, substitute an integrated solution for proxy tiers.

Stand up for the weak links.

Use thorough endpoint posture and security checks to guard against data loss, malware, and rogue device access.

Secure online access.

Utilize intelligent Forcepoint technology to block access to dubious web content and to defend against extremely sophisticated web threats.

BIG-IP Access Policy Manager (APM) Order Pricing

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BIG-IP Access Policy Manager (APM) License

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