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The development of the digital world has also changed the shape of business. Today, applications play a vital role in business success. But having apps alone is no guarantee of success. How to present to users is one of the most important things about the impact of applications on business success. By providing effective traffic management products and solutions, F5 has significantly increased the availability, scalability, security and efficiency of IP-based applications with BIG-IP Add-Ons.

BIG-IP Add-Ons
F5 Big-IP License

With the structure that F5 creates, it becomes possible to provide a high-speed, secure and accessible application. The result of this work is creating a pleasant experience for users, the possibility of expanding business without paying additional fees and preventing business losses. One of F5’s Company slogans is that whether your application connects your customers to your business or your organization’s employees to their jobs, we make it fast and secure. The main purpose of F5 can be well understood from this slogan.

F5 BIG-IP Products

As you know, the famous F5 Company has offered various products in the field of ADC. One of the most famous hardware products of F5 Company is called BIG-IP, this hardware equipment has different modules in terms of architecture and with different efficiency and performance which are called BIG-IP Add-Ons.

For example, this hardware platform can be used to distribute requests to servers for traffic load balancing, which is done by the Big-IP LTM software module. It can also be mentioned as one of the most important and basic Load Balancing startup modules. The hardware platforms of this company are presented in 3 different categories named VIPRON Series, iSeries and BIG-IP Series which is included by BIG-IP Add-Ons.

Now, the point that we need to address is that, apart from hardware platforms, it offers its products as Virtual Editions (Software as a Service) in the cloud.

What is F5 BIG-IP LTM and what is its application?

Today, applications are an inseparable part of organizational networks and cause innovation and profitability of organizations and businesses. Correctly providing software services to users and ensuring their security is one of the most critical challenges in this field. With the increase in the number of software programs and services, the number of their users also increases, and the continuation of this trend makes their management a challenge.

The licensed BIG-IP LTM product of F5 solves all the challenges of application management for you. This licensed solution brings high flexibility to your organization and prevents unwanted losses. F5 License Networks, with a 20-year history in the field of providing user application protection solutions, currently has 76 agencies in 43 countries. All these things show the credibility and quality of F5 products.

Why do you need F5 BIG-IP LTM?

F5 Company has offered various products, the most famous of which is BIG-IP. In terms of architecture, this licensed solution has different modules with different efficiency and performance. The BIG-IP licensed LTM or Local Traffic Manager module is one of the most popular modules offered on the BIG-IP platform.

BIG-IP Add-Ons review

BIG-IP LTM acts as a proxy in the network. This licensed solution increases the speed and quality of communication between servers and users. It can be said that all requests in the network are first transferred to an interface (BIG-IP LTM) and then the interface takes over the task of directing the traffic to the destination. Usually, when the issue of load balancing (Load Balancing) is raised, the three factors “availability”, “performance” and “stability” play a key role in this field. The BIG-IP LTM product sits in the path of traffic between servers and users and establishes all three mentioned factors.

Due to the high flexibility that BIG-IP LTM gives you, you can deliver your software services and applications to users in a safe, secure and optimal way, and on the other hand, if you intend to develop these services, you can do it with ease. With the help of BIG-IP LTM, application customization and automation processes can be done faster and with a better understanding of existing conditions.

BIG-IP products key features

  • Ability to encrypt cookies
  • Ability to prevent DDoS attacks
  • Possibility of selective encryption
  • LTM allows you a granular control
  • Protection of sensitive content and data
  • Creating a central authentication system
  • Increasing server capacity and site responsiveness
  • Traffic inspection and prevention of malicious traffic
  • Prevention of known and unknown attacks in layer 7
  • Intelligent traffic compression that frees up bandwidth
  • Isolation of applications from malicious network traffic
  • Monitoring applications and ensuring they are working properly
  • Reducing downtime and increasing the efficiency of applications
  • Ability to hide all server and application error codes and URL references
  • Simplifying the process of adding applications and servers to the network
  • Authentication based on SSL and data encryption from source to destination
  • It has the right architecture and tools to send traffic based on a specific feature
  • The ability to manage server, application and system errors without the user noticing

Optimizing TCP connections

This licensed solution optimizes all TCP communications based on the latest TCP/IP protocol standards, TCP Express. Also, this product reduces the amount of congestion and packet loss in the network to almost zero by using the necessary plugins. BIG-IP LTM doubles TCP communication throughput on the user side and quadruples network bandwidth efficiency.

Speed ​​and scalability

The BIG-IP LTM product is a sophisticated, enterprise-class load balancer. This product provides facilities such as strict monitoring of the Application layer, SSL Offloading and ScaleN technology for scaling based on demand.

BIG-IP Add-Ons features


The BIG-IP LTM product is programmable. Using the iRules scripting language that F5 has built into this product, you can take control of all its parts. Dealing with zero-day attacks, blocking applications’ sent requests, or dealing with application protocols are only part of iRules’ capabilities.


BIG-IP LTM is a complete proxy. So you can easily inspect, manage and report your application traffic. From basic load balancing to complex traffic management decisions based on customer needs and server or application status, you can manage with this product.

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BIG-IP Add-Ons