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The F5 BIG IP LTM module creates innovation and profitability for companies and organizations, enabling them to use processes such as cloud computing and software-defined networks (SDN). The IT department of organizations and companies needs this module to meet current and future challenges.

Using the F5 BIG IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) module and the Big IP LTM license, help organizations deliver their applications to their network users in a secure and efficient way. By performing the necessary planning to manage physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure, the network acquires the flexibility of application services. With BIG IP LTM, the ability to simplify applications in organizations will move faster.

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Programmable infrastructure

BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) License or BIG IP LTM, provides the applications needed by companies and organizations in a secure environment for employees and network users. It also provides flexibility for application services, as well as the programmability required to manage physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure. By using BIG IP LTM and the required licenses, the process of customization and facilitation of applications can be done faster and with a better understanding of the conditions and needs of organizations.

Key Benefits of F5 BIG-IP LTM

Easily deploy and manage applications: The process of implementing and managing a comprehensive view of applications can be easily accomplished with User-Defined F5 iApps Templates and its licenses.

Protect your important programs from attackers: Protects important business applications and data with the SSL application protocol.

Transfer to Cloud and SDN networks: Using this technology, operational stability and adaptability to business and work needs are provided along with flexibility and scalability in the implementation process in all physical, virtual and cloud environments.

Customization with programmable infrastructure: By installing this module, it is possible to control applications from the connection and traffic stage to configuration and management with F5 iRules LX. It is also possible to use the network programming capability and support for the language for the BIG-IP platform using this module and its licenses.

Fast and reliable delivery of applications: Ability to optimize existing web-based applications on the network with the HTTP/2 protocol, which ensures that customers and users have access to these applications when needed.

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Transfer to Cloud and SDN networks

BIG IP LTM Licenses Capabilities

This module has various capabilities and benefits for companies and organizations, which we will mention in the following.

Ability to manage application traffic

BIG-IP LTM includes the Load Balancing process in both Static and Dynamic forms, so this module can eliminate Single Points of Failure or SPOF. The application proxies used increase the knowledge and awareness of the protocol to control traffic in very important applications. In addition, BIG-IP LTM can monitor the performance of Dynamic Servers in a set. In this way, this module ensures not only the continuous operation of applications, but also its ease of development and management.

Provide a secure application

BIG-IP LTM provides network administrators with the ability to track Inbound and Outbound traffic as well as the performance of SSL. This module can also encrypt everything from the client to the server, providing a reliable and cost-effective protection process for the user. The technology also protects against potential DDoS attacks and provides ICAP services for integration with Data Loss Protection or DLP processes.

Optimize the application presentation process

BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) License with the help of compression, HTTP / 2, Caching, F5 TCP Express and F5 OneConnect can significantly reduce page load time and improve the user experience significantly. It also manages real-time protocol and traffic management decisions based on server and application conditions, enabling offloading of content and TCP.

F5 Application monitoring

How applications work for real users is closely monitored by network administrators based on response time, network conditions, and user structure. F5 Analytics provides statistical information about an application that has been reported at various service levels, including URL, throughput, and server latency. In addition, integration with existing tools can be facilitated using industry standards such as sFlow, SNMP and syslog.

F5 Application monitoring

BIG IP LTM Features

Other features of BIG IP LTM and its licenses include the following:

  • SSL connection
  • Intelligent monitoring
  • Performance dashboard
  • Traffic management program
  • Programmable infrastructure
  • SDN Services (VXLAN, NVGRE)
  • Symmetric adaptive compression
  • Application Delivery Optimization
  • Possibility of application clustering
  • Ability to view and monitor the program
  • Possibility of multi-tenant and virtualization
  • Advanced Routing (BGP, RIP, OSPF, ISIS, BFD)
  • Algorithm agility (GCM, ECC, Camellia, DSA, RSA)
  • Download SSL / TLS encryption (hardware accelerated)
  • Delivery of the program in a completely secure manner
  • Ability to use iRules and iRules LX for data page scheduling
  • Ability to use iCall for event-based aircraft control programming
  • Combined encryption service (SSL hardware download for BIG-IP VE)
  • Intelligent load balancing using protocols (HTTP / 2, SSL / TLS, SIP, etc.)
  • Ability to use iApps to manage and deploy application-level configuration

BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) Order Pricing

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BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) License

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