F5 BIG-IP i11000 Series License

The BIG-IP i11000 series is a high-performance ADC platform designed for large enterprises and organizations. The i11800 model has the highest request per second performance. The features of this licensed solution include high performance in layer seven, in a 1RU form factor, with two TurboFlex FPGAs and two high-efficiency 80Plus Platinum power supplies.

The F5 BIG-IP i11000 Series License can provide network administrators with dedicated SSL encryption hardware for offloading and hardware-based support for Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC). The suite also supports 180M Layer 4 concurrent and up to 32 vADC guests for integration of security applications and services. These security services include layer 4 and layer 7 traffic management and DNS, DDoS protection, and web application firewalls.

F5 BIG-IP i 11000 Series License

F5 BIG-IP i11000 Series key features

There are other features in addition to those mentioned above, which we will mention below.

High speed in private clouds

Organizations are migrating to private clouds to achieve high speed and go-to-market applications while maintaining control. Regardless of the type and brand of cloud they choose, they are usually only provided with networking and application services such as load balancing. Application distribution services and advanced security are needed to optimize and protect applications.

BIG-IP platforms with high scalability and programmable interfaces and service delivery formats enable integration and automation with synchronization systems. After conducting these investigations, BIG-IP provides services that are in line with the application needs for solutions such as F5 BIG-IP i11000 Series and the licenses it provides for them on a regular basis.

F5 products integrate with a modern suite of private cloud technologies including OpenStack, VMware and Microsoft. F5 for OpenStack provides the possibility of internal synchronization with Heat templates to automate the global implementation of advanced application services and security. This results in reducing the implementation time from days to minutes. Integration with VMware vRealize Orchestrator through the Blue Medora vRO plugin used in the F5 BIG-IP i11000 Series solution helps reduce configuration time. It also makes F5 application services available to application owners automatically and complex and multi-step workflows are performed automatically. F5 iWorkflow enables the integration of F5 devices with SDN synchronization systems and acts as a connection point between synchronization and F5 devices.

Two-layer architecture

The two-tier architecture provides an optimal design for organizations that are implementing a private cloud. By using this feature, you can use software and hardware application distribution services. The first layer provides services such as L4 traffic management, DDOS firewall or SSL offload.

They are also centralized and common for all network traffic and implement consistent application policies. These services, which deal with high volume traffic and impose a large load on the processor, require high performance, high scalability, and guaranteed service level agreements (SLAs). Dedicated and targeted hardware such as BIG-IP i11000 Series appliances have met these needs and are more cost-effective than auxiliary servers depending on the environment and application needs.

BIG-IP i11000 Series

Layer 2, or Application, includes emerging cloud-native applications that are distributed in microservices. Applications need special services that manage in-app traffic. These services, which can include basic load balancing functionality in the web application firewall or web performance optimizations, can be provided separately for each application through scalable and flexible software such as virtual versions of BIG-IP products.  This two-layer architecture model exists in F5 application services and licenses provided for this company’s products as standard. High flexibility, strategic control points for implementing application policies and the ability to view the entire traffic are among the features of using this solution.


This feature plays a key role in licensed solutions such as F5 BIG-IP i11000 Series for achieving the benefits of cloud and software architectures, as well as changing the scale of application services instantly, automation and synchronization. F5 platforms use different methods to plan the structure and network of application services so that organizations can automate their equipment.

Also, this advantage allows organizations to react instantly to events and easily integrate with coordination systems. F5 iRules scripting provides the ability to control and have a detailed view of traffic and offers features such as customization, quick response to code errors and security vulnerabilities, and support for new protocols. The new F5 iRules LX gives JavaScript developers access to more than 25,000 Node.js packages by extending iRules. In this way, it leads to a reduction in costs and an increase in the speed of implementation.

In addition, with F5 iApps templates, organizations can automate the implementation and configuration of application services within minutes. F5 iControl’s REST APIs and SDKs enable integration with professional commercial and open source orchestration systems, VMware, OpenStack clouds, and configuration management systems.

F5 iApps

Centralized management of BIG-IQ

F5 BIG-IQ® Centralized Management is the management and coordination platform of F5. This platform is the central control point of F5 physical and virtual devices and their application distribution and security services. BIG-IQ Centralized Management is available both as a virtual version and as a BIG-IP i11000 Series appliance. The platform simplifies management and helps ensure compliance. It can also provide organizations with visibility and reports necessary for troubleshooting and responding to security problems and attacks.

BIG-IQ Centralized Management supports BIG-IP appliances, VIPRION chassis/development modules, and virtual versions (VE) of BIG-IP (both on-premise and cloud). This platform is suitable for organizations that need centralized management of F5 devices and modules, license management of BIG-IP virtual versions, or centralized reporting and alerting for application availability, performance, and security.

Product nameProduct descriptionProduct priceDiscountProduct display
F5-SBS-BIG-URL-9-3YMBIG-IP Subscription: URL Filtering License 3YM (i11XXX) (100000 Sessions)$480,000.00NoProduct display
F5-SBS-BIG-URL-9-3YRBIG-IP Subscription: URL Filtering License 3YR (i11XXX) (50000 Sessions)$243,000.00NoProduct display
F5-SBS-BIG-URL-9-1YMBIG-IP Subscription: URL Filtering License 1YM (i11XXX) (100000 Sessions)$160,000.00NoProduct display
F5-SBS-BIG-URL-9-1YRBIG-IP Subscription: URL Filtering License 1YR (i11XXX) (50000 Sessions)$81,000.00NoProduct display
F5-SBS-BIG-SWG-9-3YMBIG-IP Subscription: SWG License 3YM (i11XXX) (100000 Sessions)$758,880.00NoProduct display
F5-SBS-BIG-SWG-9-3YRBIG-IP Subscription: SWG License 3YR (i11XXX) (50000 Sessions)$384,184.00NoProduct display
F5-SBS-BIG-SWG-9-1YRBIG-IP Subscription: SWG License 1YR (i11XXX) (50000 Sessions)$128,060.00NoProduct display
F5-SBS-BIG-SWG-9-1YMBIG-IP Subscription: SWG License 1YM (i11XXX) (100000 Sessions)$252,960.00NoProduct display
F5-ADD-BIG-SD-I11XXXBIG-IP Add-on: Subscriber Discovery (i11XXX Series)$11,995.00NoProduct display
F5-ADD-BIG-TC-I11XXXBIG-IP Add-on: Traffic Classification (i11XXX Series)$19,495.00NoProduct display
F5-ADD-BIG-PEMI11XXXBIG-IP Add-on: Policy Enforcement Manager Module (i11XXX)$97,995.00NoProduct display
F5-ADDBIGPEMQMI11XXXBIG-IP Add-on: Policy Enforcement Manager Quota Management License (i11XXX)$19,995.00NoProduct display
F5-ADD-BIG-I118XXDS2BIG-IP ADD-ON: Upgrade license (i116XX-DS to i118XX-DS)$55,995.00NoProduct display
F5-ADD-BIG-IPSI11XXXBIG-IP Add-on: Intrusion Prevention System License (i11XXX)$29,995.00NoProduct display
F5-ADD-BIG-LTMI11XXXBIG-IP Add-on: Local Traffic Manager Module (i11XXX)$77,995.00NoProduct display
F5-ADD-BIG-I116XX-DSBIG-IP ADD-ON: Upgrade license (i114XX-DS to i116XX-DS)$70,995.00NoProduct display
F5-ADD-BIG-I118XXDS1BIG-IP ADD-ON: Upgrade license (i114XX-DS to i118XX-DS)$125,995.00NoProduct display
F5-ADD-BIG-GBTI116XXBIG-IP Add-on: Local Traffic Manager to Best Bundle Upgrade for i116XX$60,995.00NoProduct display
F5-ADD-BIG-GBTI118XXBIG-IP Add-on: Local Traffic Manager to Best Bundle Upgrade for i118XX$60,995.00NoProduct display
F5-ADD-BIG-GBRI118XXBIG-IP Add-on: Local Traffic Manager to Better Bundle Upgrade for i118XX$37,995.00NoProduct display