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F5 BIG-IP i2000 Series License

The next-generation F5 ADC platform is cloud-compatible and provides scalability and security for current and emerging applications. The new F5 BIG-IP i 2000 Series License solutions and their licenses feature fast, easy programming, ecosystem compatibility and unparalleled hardware speed. Thus, organizations and companies can increase the speed of their private clouds and secure their vital data at the required scale. Using these tools, organizations can also reduce TCO (total cost of ownership) and prepare their application infrastructure for the future.

F5 BIG-IP i 2000 Series License

Key benefits of F5 BIG-IP SYSTEM i2800 firewall

Using F5 BIG-IP SYSTEM i2000 series firewalls with up-to-date licenses can have many benefits for organizations.

Lower the TCO

By integrating applications and security services with a single and powerful platform by the F5 BIG-IP SYSTEM i2000 series, you can reduce the TCO and the amount of processing in your network infrastructure.

Guaranteed easiest implementation

By simply integrating private cloud environments, cloud-related collocations, and container environments, you can save a lot of time.

Critical data protection

This solution provides organizations with the necessary SSL capacity to protect critical data (including unloading processing from the network and transferring it to hardware) as well as resizing secure transmissions for organizations. Given that this solution has received an A + rating from the world’s leading laboratories, the efficiency of this product can be fully assured.

Follow the FIPS rules

FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) sets the requirements for cryptographic units. Adherence to FIPS is mandatory for many government agencies and industries, such as financial services, which require the highest standards in information, applications, and data security. F5 is launching several licensed products like the F5 BIG-IP i2000 Series that are FIPS approved. These solutions support FIPS 140-2 Level 2 to generate, use, and protect the RSA cryptographic key (when running valid versions of TMOS).

Better protection of capital

ISeries SD (software defined) hardware supports the unique F5 TurboFlex ™ FPGA technology. It also optimizes the performance of this licensed solution for applications such as DDoS protection or UDP traffic processing. With scalable performance (software and up-to-date licenses), the need for difficult processes can be eliminated and the lifespan of application distribution hardware can be increased.

F5 TurboFlex

Securing applications

With the complete and integrated set available (L3-L7 security, including ICSA certified firewall, high-capacity anti-DDOS, tacit access management, etc.), the most effective protection possible.

Intelligent performance in critical locations

Traditional performance metrics that were previously calculated in terms of network throughput can no longer accurately reflect the complex distribution needs of today’s web applications. L7 connection capacity and transactions per second are very important. ADCs, for example, must be able to process high levels of Layer 4 and 7 connections and make application layer decisions, such as deleting sensitive data or transferring application workloads. BIG-IP applications such as the F5 BIG-IP i2000 Series License have the intelligence and power to manage application layer decisions while securing organizations’ data and infrastructure.

Achieve maximum uptime

With interchangeable components (ability to change components without switching off the system), power supplies, additional fans, and integrated management with the Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) as well as IPMI support, you can be sure that the core network infrastructure is based on reliable hardware and Made powerful.

Ability to perform simple yet professional troubleshooting

BIG-IP iSeries upgrades such as the F5 BIG-IP i2000 Series License have BMC (Baseboard Management Controller). That is, they can support the IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) protocol. F5 customers with BMC and AOM (always connected management) firmware can access more data from internal network sensors including temperature, airflow and voltage information to monitor the system. In this licensed solution, it is possible to run an off-band TMOS instance for hardware problems. In addition, the remote system console has access to BMC and AOM capabilities through a TMOS management ip port address. Therefore, in this way, the need of organizations for a separate network can be eliminated. In addition, the F5 BIG-IP i2000 Series can display system information, including sensor values, for troubleshooting on its color and touch LCD screens.

Standardization of application distribution services

BIG-IP ADC upgrades, which are in line with the company’s released licenses, simplify your network by removing loads from servers and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO). In this way, they provide you with an integrated set of application services and device integration, saving management, power, space and cooling costs in the data center.

The performance and scalability of the BIG-IP platform reduces the number of ADCs required to distribute the most popular applications. By removing the heavy computing load from your network, you can significantly reduce the number of application servers you need. This results in cost savings.

 F5 BIG-IP i 2000 Series License

F5 BIG-IP i2000 hardware specifications

  • 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • 2 Core Intel Xeon CPU
  • Double the Layer 4 throughput
  • 500GB enterprise-class hard drive
  • 8x the Layer 4 concurrent connections
  • Four 1GbE fiber ports, and two 10GbE SFP+ ports.
  • 5 the Layer 7 request per second than previous comparable models, with support for F5’s GBB bundle licensing