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VIPRION 2400 License

F5 VIPRION 2400 License

A true pay-as-you-grow model, the 2400 chassis with four B2250 blades offers non-disruptive L7, SSL and compression-on-demand performance. For agility and improved efficiency, it offers the highest-density, multi-tenant virtualization solution that can dynamically scale virtual ADC instances as business needs change. The 2400 uses 80 PLUS Gold certified power supplies to save on cooling and power costs. The 2400 uses 80 PLUS Gold Certified power supplies to save on cooling and energy costs.

F5 VIPRION 2400 License

The licensed F5 VIPRION 2400 system gives you the flexibility and feature-rich capabilities of the F5 in a powerful and highly expandable hardware platform. This platform allows you to install and configure multiple F5 products with hot-swappable blades. This gives you the ability to add, remove, or change platform settings to best suit your network.

VIPRION 2400 Chassis and Blades

The purpose-built VIPRION 2250 blade offers four 40GbE ports and supports 48 million simultaneous connections with 80 Gbps L4 throughput. In the VIPRION 2400 or 2200 chassis, the 2250 blade offers significant SSL performance, advanced FPGAs, CPUs and memory that efficiently handle and meet the needs of the enterprise data center, private cloud and software-defined network (SDN). The 2250 blade incorporates enterprise-class Solid State Drive (SSD) storage to improve the hard drive’s I/O performance and reliability, approximately doubling throughput to 155 Gbps.

Many components can be added, removed, or swapped out, including blades, power supplies, fan trays, and more. This configuration allows for a highly resilient and flexible system that can handle large amounts of application traffic and remain operational even if one of its components goes offline. VIPRION platforms consist of two types of components: blades, which provide the hardware and software necessary to handle network traffic, and an enclosure that houses the blades.

The VIPRION 2400 licensed platform supports AC or DC power. If you ordered DC power as an option from the factory, the platform ships with DC power supplies preinstalled. If you ordered DC power supplies from F5 Networks as an upgrade to an AC powered platform, you must convert the AC power supplies to DC power supplies.

Although the VIPRION 2400 platform is highly extensible and designed for easy implementation, familiarity with the platform components can help you successfully and efficiently install and integrate the platform. The chassis is the housing unit that contains all of the components required for the effective functioning of the VIPRION platform.

A blade is the main component that handles traffic management within VIPRION. You can install up to four blades in a VIPRION 2400 chassis. These blades form a group called a cluster. The chassis contains voids in the slots where the blades are not installed. Blanks should be installed in all unused slots as they help ensure proper airflow within the case and ensure EMI compliance.


Achieving maximum reliability

In systems with multiple VIPRION expansion modules, you can remove the desired expansion module without any disruption. In this case, other development modules will quickly take over the processing load. In addition, you can implement VIPRION in an active/standby configuration to increase the level of redundancy (duplication). VIPRION chassis is built with redundant power supply and replaceable components. This multi-layered redundancy significantly reduces the possibility of failure.

Advantages of VIPRION technology

With the help of VIPRION, organizations benefit from the unique architecture of F5 ScaleN and hardware and software innovations with unique capabilities.

The ScaleN architecture in the licensed F5 VIPRION 2400 system enables real-time performance scaling, virtualization or horizontal clustering of multiple VIPRION chassis. Following this, a flexible ADN infrastructure is created that adapts well to the changing business needs of organizations.

Using F5’s virtual clustered multiprocessing capability, multiple virtual BIG-IP instances can be run on the VIPRION platform, and the user can assign a dedicated processor/memory to each of them.

Instant rescaling and performance improvements

You can increase resource capacity and performance with real-time scaling. That way, instead of adding new equipment, you only need to add more capacity to your existing infrastructure. The VIPRION chassis provides linear scaling through expansion modules that utilize F5 Cluster Multiprocessing (CMP) technology. As expansion modules are added, their CPU resources, network interface, SSL, and compression processing power are all automatically made available. Because configurations and policies are copied from the original development module to the new development modules.

Application and device service clustering enables true scaling of BIG-IP devices, automatic configuration synchronization and recovery of application workloads in an active N+1 device cluster.

Reduces management time

You no longer need to spend a lot of time managing your app distribution network. The VIPRION unit is just as simple for admins as an ADC. An extension module is automatically selected as the main extension module. This module then copies all settings and controls to other development modules. When a new expansion module is installed, it installs the firmware version from the original expansion module, copies its settings, and starts processing traffic within minutes.

Load sharing among development modules

Using configurable partitioning, high-speed FPGAs, and advanced cluster multiple processing (CMP), VIPRION distributes the processing load not only within a single expansion module, but across entire chassis expansion modules.

For applications, any desired port can be used on the desired development module. As a result, cabling can be done in such a way that the simplicity is greater and system failure is reduced.


F5 VIPRION 2400 Specifications

Dimensions: 4U industry standard rack mount chassis, 6.89 (17.5cm) Hx17.64” (44.8cm) Wx21.18” (53.8cm) D

Weight: 19.3kg (3blank line cards, 0 power supplies, 0blades, 1fan tray)

Power supplies: 17A per input line (max), 44A per input (max), AC power supply, DC power supply (option), One to two 100-127VAC (1200W) / 200-240VAC (1400W) auto ranging (80 Gold Efficiency), One to two 1400W 44 to 65 VDC

Operating temperature: 32° to 104°F (0° to 40°C)

Operating relative humidity: 5%to85% at 40° C

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