VIPRION 4450 License

F5 VIPRION 4450 Blade License

The purpose-built, NEBS-compliant VIPRION 4450 licensed blade firewall offers two 100 GB ports and six 40 GB ports. These two ports significantly increase the efficiency, throughput and performance of this solution. It is the first ADC to offer 100GbE ports in the QSFP28 form factor. This solution can provide the smallest footprint and lowest power consumption among 100GbE form factors.

F5 VIPRION 4450 Blade License

A VIPRION 4800 chassis fully populated with licensed VIPRION 4450 blades supports more than 1 billion concurrent connections and more than 1Tbps of DDoS protection. In a VIPRION 4480 or 4800 chassis, the 4450 provides a significant improvement in SSL and elliptic curve (ECC) encryption performance, increasing full forward secrecy (PFS). Advanced FPGAs address memory and hardware lookups in the VIPRION 4450. In this way, it efficiently provides software-defined network (SDN) requirements, processor offloading, optimization and compatibility.

Service providers are overwhelmed by a growing number of mobile devices that need to connect to carrier networks and applications. However, this number is dwarfed by the connectivity demand of the Internet of Things (IoT). Additionally, the scale and complexity of attacks on networks, applications, and subscribers continue to concern service providers, who are also impacted by the exponential growth in signaling traffic, the impending loss of IPv4 addresses, and the increasing move to IPv6.

Unsurpassed performance with legendary size

The licensed F5® VIPRION® 4450 blade offers two 100GbE ports and six 40GbE ports, dramatically increasing efficiency, throughput and performance. The specially designed VIPRION 4450, a network teaming system supported, scaled up to 1.2 billion simultaneous connections in a fully loaded VIPRION 4800 eight-blade chassis. That’s enough capacity to address IoT today and in the future.

The VIPRION 4450 licensed blade is the first Application Delivery Controller (ADC) to provide 100GbE ports in the QSFP28 form factor, offering the smallest footprint and lowest power consumption of any form factor. The 4450 blade delivers significant performance improvements for 2K keys with SSL, as well as additional Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) performance improvements and improves Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) capabilities. It also quadruples the massive throughput per second (TPS) transaction rate of the VIPRION 4300 series chassis and blade combinations.

F5® VIPRION® 4450 blade

F5 VIPRION 4450 Blade Key Features

  • Eliminate complexity while increasing efficiency
  • Dynamically scale to accommodate user growth
  • Manage security and connectivity with fewer devices
  • Significant improvements in 2K key performance with SSL
  • Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and accelerate return on investment (ROI)
  • Support for over a billion concurrent connections to ensure network, data and subscriber security
  • Two 100GbE ports and six 40GbE ports that dramatically increase efficiency, throughput and throughput
  • The first ADC with 100GbE ports in the QSFP28 form factor, offering a smaller footprint and lower power consumption

Simplified 4G to 5G Migration

As service providers investigate how best to manage the migration of 4G to 5G networks, network scalability and expandability are critical. The VIPRION 4450 blade and 4800 chassis work together to deliver a blazing connection establishment rate of 20 million connections per second (CPS), making migration easy.

In addition, when organizations run out of IPv4 addresses, the VIPRION 4450 provides support for hundreds of millions of concurrent sessions by supplementing existing IPv4 addresses with IPv6 addresses, making the traversal easily manageable.

Software-Defined Hardware

The VIPRION 4450 blade’s advanced Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) enable significantly improved CPU utilization as well as whitelisting, blacklisting and greylisting capabilities. The personality of the FPGAs can be changed programmatically, increasing the expandability of the 4450 and future-proofing the investment. Software-defined hardware functions provided by FPGAs, memory and hardware search equip the VIPRION 4450 blade to handle

Software-defined networks (SDN) efficiently. This provides CPU offload, optimization, and customization. The VIPRION 4450 blade, in conjunction with the VIPRION 4480 or 4800 chassis, further improves performance, enables dynamic resource allocation and maximizes service consolidation. Throughput and capacity scale linearly with each additional blade, so service providers adding a blade can automatically start processing traffic without a major upgrade.

Extensible and Scalable Security

One of the most effective network attacks remains Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS). The VIPRION 4450 accelerates quickly in conjunction with the F5 BIG-IP® Advanced Firewall Manager™ (AFM, a high-performance stateful full-proxy firewall) to differentiate between malicious and legitimate connections. This combined solution then absorbs or discards malicious connections before they can destroy network resources. Increasing subscriber and data usage is driving the need for firewalls on a service provider’s SGi LAN.

The VIPRION 4450 licensed blade server’s support for more than a billion simultaneous connections ensures that service provider networks, data and subscribers remain secure. The VIPRION 4450 Blade effectively mitigates even the most virulent application attacks, provides early warning of application attack vectors, and highly efficiently defends against simultaneous vectors from multiple fronts. Combined with BIG-IP® Application Security Manager™ (ASM), F5’s agile and scalable Web Application Firewall (WAF), the F5 solution can mitigate and defend against almost any L7 attack.

Product nameProduct descriptionProduct priceDiscountProduct display
F5-VPR-DDOS-B4450NVIPRION Blade: DDoS Hybrid Defender B4450 NEBS Blade$130,495.65Yes ($130,495.65)Product display
F5-VPR-SSLO-B4450NVIPRION Blade: SSL Orchestrator B4450 Blade NEBS$173,995.65Yes ($173,995.65)Product display
F5-VPR-APM-B4450NVIPRION Blade: Access Policy Manager B4450 NEBS$173,995.65Yes ($173,995.65)Product display
F5-VPR-PEM-B4450NVIPRION Blade: Policy Enforcement Manager B4450 NEBS$217,495.65Yes ($217,495.65)Product display
F5-VPR-ASM-B4450NVIPRION Blade: Application Security Manager B4450 NEBS$173,995.65Yes ($173,995.65)Product display
F5-VPR-AWF-B4450NVIPRION Blade: Advanced Web Application Firewall B4450 NEBS$217,495.65Yes ($217,495.65)Product display
F5-VPR-LTM-B4340NVIPRION Blade: Local Traffic Manager B4340 NEBS (96GB Memory) Blade$147,895.65Yes ($147,895.65)Product display
F5-VPR-LTM-B4450NVIPRION Blade: Local Traffic Manager B4450 NEBS$173,995.65Yes ($173,995.65)Product display
F5-VPR-PEM-B4300VIPRION Blade: Policy Enforcement Manager B4300 Blade$141,805.65Yes ($141,805.65)Product display
F5-VPR-PEM-B4340NVIPRION Blade: Policy Enforcement Manager B4340 Blade NEBS$185,305.65Yes ($185,305.65)Product display
F5-VPR-CGN-B4450NVIPRION Blade: Carrier Grade NAT B4450 NEBS$130,495.65Yes ($130,495.65)Product display
F5-VPR-LTM-B4300VIPRION Blade: Local Traffic Manager B4300 Blade$113,095.65Yes ($113,095.65)Product display
F5-VPR-CGN-B4300VIPRION Blade: Carrier Grade NAT B4300 Blade$83,515.65Yes ($83,515.65)Product display
F5-VPR-CGN-B4340NVIPRION Blade: Carrier Grade NAT B4340 Blade NEBS$101,785.65Yes ($101,785.65)Product display
F5-UPG-VPR-SID-C4400VIPRION Field Upgrade: System-ID Card (C4400/C4480 Chassis)$1,300.65Yes ($1,300.65)Product display
F5-VPR-AFM-B4300VIPRION Blade: Advanced Firewall Manager B4300 Blade$113,095.65Yes ($113,095.65)Product display
F5-VPR-AFM-B4340NVIPRION Blade: Advanced Firewall Manager B4340N NEBS Blade$147,895.65Yes ($147,895.65)Product display
F5-VPR-AFM-B4450NVIPRION Blade: Advanced Firewall Manager B4450 NEBS Blade$173,995.65Yes ($173,995.65)Product display
F5-VPR-BPEM-B4450NVIPRION Blade: Basic Policy Enforcement Manager B4450 Blade NEBS (DC Power Only)$173,995.65Yes ($173,995.65)Product display
F5-UPG-VPR-LCD-C4400VIPRION Field Upgrade: LCD (C4400/C4480 Chassis)$1,300.65Yes ($1,300.65)Product display