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Vulnerability Management License

The licensed is a cloud security solution that aids companies in the energy, transportation, automotive, education, retail, financial, and other sectors in streamlining operations related to vulnerability management, incident response, policy assurance, and more on a centralized platform. By carrying out weekly or monthly testing, it allows employees to spot threats across all web applications. License

Team members can continuously check container images against newly discovered threats and vulnerabilities using Employees can use the pre-installed scan templates to find and remove out-of-date SSL and TLS certifications as well as misconfigured servers. Supervisors can also set up layer hierarchy intelligence and perform automated malware inspections to gain insights into vulnerability mitigation operations.

A variety of third-party solutions can be integrated with the licensed thanks to its application programming interface (API), which is available for use by businesses. Key Features

Uptime Guarantee SLA

Through a strong service level agreement (SLA), Tenable offers the first uptime guarantee in the vulnerability management industry for If the SLA is not met, service credits are provided, just like with top cloud providers like Amazon Web Services.

API that is documented and an integrated SDK

Build on the platform, utilizing a fully documented API set and SDK, to quickly integrate and automate the sharing of capabilities and vulnerability data. Utilizing these tools will help you get the most out of your vulnerability data at no additional cost.

Asset management

The licensed determines the precise identity of each resource in your environment using an advanced asset identification algorithm, including dynamic assets like laptops, virtual machines, and cloud instances. Regardless of how they move or how long they last, this algorithm employs a broad range of attributes to precisely track changes to assets.

Options for a thorough scan

Integrated Nessus Sensors increase scan coverage and lessen vulnerability blind spots. Passive traffic listening and active and agent scanning are complimentary. Agent-based scanning and passive traffic listening cover difficult-to-scan assets, like transient devices, and sensitive hosts, like medical or industrial control devices. Active scanning covers the greatest range of assets and vulnerabilities. License

Security of containers continuously checks container images for vulnerabilities, malware, and enterprise policy compliance as the only vulnerability management solution with integrated container security capabilities. Organizations can identify hidden risks in containers, address them before they enter production, and make sure container images adhere to enterprise IT security policies without slowing innovation cycles by integrating security into the container build process up front.

Apps That Are Integrated

Your most difficult security problems can be solved with a variety of applications from, including vulnerability management, container security, web application scanning, and more. Applications are created on a common platform, use the Nessus Sensors, API, and SDK, and are accessed through a single interface, making it simple to activate new applications and start using them right away. Web Application Scanning.

With the help of the licensed Web Application Scanning, you are able to scan your web applications in a secure and automatic manner, giving you deep visibility into vulnerabilities and useful context to help you decide which fixes to implement first.

Organizations continue to develop business applications that are more complex, but the security team tasked with identifying and addressing security risks is still plagued by vulnerabilities in those applications. The complexity and sprawl you manage could easily be increased by simply adding another security solution to your portfolio, one that might not provide complete coverage for your modern applications. Alternatively, you could try a different strategy. Web Application Scanning, which is a component of the platform, offers secure and automatic vulnerability scanning that protects your entire online portfolio. You can see and manage your security exposure across all types of assets and completely protect your organization by integrating thorough and accurate web application scanning into a larger vulnerability management solution.

Sync Up With the More Comprehensive VM Solution

The licensed Web Application Scanning is a modular and stand-alone component of, a cloud-based vulnerability management platform created for the dynamic computing assets of today.

Include coverage of HTML5 and AJAX web applications

Check your HTML5 and AJAX web applications as well as classic HTML apps. To assist you in finishing the job and avoiding blind spots, the product offers extensive coverage.

Automate to lessen your manual labor

You can easily increase visibility with highly automated web application scanning.

Using Highly Accurate Scanning, Increase Visibility

To save yourself and your colleagues’ time, develop confidence in the accuracy of vulnerability reports. With few false positives and negatives, Web Application Scanning offers superior accuracy. License

Secure Web Application Scanning

To avoid latency and interruptions in performance, specify which components of critical web applications can be safely scanned and which components should never be scanned.

Recognize Your Web Applications

You can view and evaluate your web applications globally by using Web Application Scanning to comprehend the sitemap and layout of your web applications.