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Cisco Secure Portfolio Overview

Cisco Secure Portfolio

Cisco Secure Portfolio

The world is changing. Everyone finds a new way to work. organizations with remote branches provide a distributed presence for conducting business. But smaller locations still require effective protection from the latest security threats. The last thing you want is inadequate security at a remote location that leads to an attack or data breach.

As attackers get smarter by the day your job gets even more complicated, especially with new avenues like IoT and cloud services that increase vulnerability to threads. Cisco secure portfolio powered by TALOS, is entrusted with a critical mission to give you clear and easy contextual awareness into the broader threat landscape. So you know which security events need immediate attention. That way, you can prioritize your responses and focus more resources on what really matters driving your business goals forward.

Cisco Secure Firewall with low touch provisioning provides intelligent control points across your entire organization, with unified policy and threat visibility. Low touch provisioning allows Secure Firewalls to be initially provisioned at corporate headquarters by an IT staff member. The full policy and device configuration is set up and saved ahead of time within the Secure Firewall Manager (FMC). Plus, at the remote location, the employee powers Secure Firewall up and make it connect to the network downloading its full policy and configuration. This enables both the remote employees and IT staffs to breathe a sigh of relief with time saved to go back to their work, securely.


What is Cisco SecureX?

SecureX is Cisco’s extended detection response platform making it one of the broadest and most integrated cyber security platforms on the market.

What is Cisco SecureX?

Cisco SecureX integrates with the entire Cisco Secure portfolio from endpoint security to email security, network analytics and of course the firewall, as well as over 30 third-party products. Customers should know that SecureX is a no-cost add-on that means if you are already a secure firewall customer, you are already entitled to SecureX. This service allows you to enrich firewall events with information from other security technologies to gain a deeper context as to what’s going on in your environment. Furthermore, SecureX offers a range of one-click response actions from blocking a domain on your firewall to opening a ticket which helps reducing threat dwell time. Also, SecureX provides a scalable cloud-hosted automation engine that can maximize the efficiency of your firewall deployment by taking advantage of REST APIs.

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