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Juniper Network

juniper network

Juniper started its work for the first time in 1996 in the US state of California in the city of Sunnyvale and was established in the same city. Juniper’s products include a wide range of equipment such as routers, switches, network management software and network security products, including MAG series and SRX series.

At the beginning of its establishment, Juniper focused on the production of Core routers and their licenses, which is an extremely efficient product, and for this reason, it was noticed by ISPs.

The prestigious company Juniper started with the M40 router, which was its only product, which internationalized its product after the contract with Alcatel and Ericson. This is how he started his activity in England and in Asia (Hong Kong) and began a growing trend.

One of the distinctive features of Juniper products is the use of ASIC hardware chips and the use of the licensed Junos operating system, which causes high availability and performance. By having company representatives in Japan and other countries, Juniper was able to increase its sales by 20% in 2000, and in 2002, it started selling edge-routers, and in 2001, it accounted for 1/3 of the sales of high-end core routers. own routers.

The interesting thing about the famous Juniper company in the competition with other companies is that Juniper is the third largest company in the field of selling ISP routers and switches. Also, this company is the fourth largest company in the field of router-edg sales and the second company in the field of core-router sales by 25%.

Juniper Network approach to services

Plan Phase

The purpose of the planning phase is to lay the groundwork for the ideal network design for users. A good network can provide the organization with the opportunity to participate in the competitive environment and achieve success in it. Juniper Networks and its certified partners help users to architect networks suitable for the future with intelligent and agile capabilities and compatible with Cloud services.

Build Phase

At this stage, the focus is on the process of testing, implementing and transferring the network with the aim of implementing a fast and secure network.

Benefiting from Juniper Networks capabilities accelerates the construction and implementation process and reduces the time for business to use the new network design. With the help of Juniper software, it is possible to facilitate the transfer process and minimize implementation risks while improving performance.

Operation Phase

During the activation phase, you can consider how to support the business and do more. Juniper Networks capabilities enable network optimization to be maintained with network automation and capability development.

Juniper’s automation capabilities allow users to:

  • Facilitate daily processes to save time and money
  • Freeing up team members’ time to focus on higher level activities
  • Increase productivity while reducing risk and risks across the network

Project management and risk reduction

Support for planning and construction capabilities is actually Juniper’s approach to project management and risk reduction process. Network management or security enforcement requires careful planning capabilities and the application of the best solutions offered in the IT industry to ensure that projects proceed smoothly and with minimal risk. Juniper Project Management Methodology, or JPMM for short, provides a foundation and basis for managing and controlling projects and the process of identifying and reducing risks.

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