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Web Application Scanner

Web Application Scanner

Most vulnerability scanners are efficient in fixing security holes and organizations use them to test old systems. Vulnerability scanners play a very important role in penetration testing, especially in the context of periodical tests where the tester is allowed to perform a variety of attacks without fear of detection.

Web Application Scanner

The knowledge gained from vulnerability scanners can be very valuable, but be aware not to rely too much on them. The beauty of penetration testing is that it does not have the ability to automate and the tester must have sufficient skills and knowledge. In most cases, when you become a skilled tester, you will rarely use a scanner tool to detect system vulnerabilities, but instead refer to your knowledge and expertise to deploy a system.

Nessus Web Application Scanner

Nessus is a vulnerability scanner that can search and find different types of vulnerabilities on any device. This vulnerability scanner can find a wide range of vulnerabilities in the fastest time, reliably and accurately. Currently, Nessus is one of the most popular and leading vulnerability scanners in the world. This vulnerability scanner is developed and supported by Tenable Network Security. Since its inception, Tenable Network Security has offered Nessus for free only for personal and non-corporate environments.

Nessus is a proprietary security vulnerability scanner written by Tenable. If you are active in the security world, you must have heard the name of Nessus scanner, a software that detects vulnerabilities in various platforms such as network and operating system and reports to you. Nessus is an open source software that provides the possibility of improving security by identifying weak points.

Nessus has a specialized language for vulnerability assessment called NASL, which stands for Nessus Attack Scripting Language. Security company administrators can use NASL to customize scripts and assess security vulnerabilities.

Functional features of the Nessus program

  • Detection of bots and trojans
  • Assessment of vulnerabilities
  • Support for different platforms
  • High scanning and scanning speed
  • It has a scan results comparison tool
  • Discovery of vulnerabilities in passive mode
  • Working with all types of computer equipment
  • The ability to run multiple scans at the same time
  • And dozens of new features in the professional version
  • Simulation of different attacks with different conditions
  • Detecting the lack of installation of new updates in the system
  • Detection of security weaknesses in Local and Remote network

Acunetix Web Application Scanner

Today, almost 70% of internet websites have many security holes without knowing it. You can scan your website using the powerful Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner software. In this way, if there is any penetration or hole in the website, it will show you how to fix it. By scanning all types of vulnerabilities found on the website, this scanner notifies you quickly if there is a problem with SQL Injection, XSS, etc. bugs and assures you of its security.

acunetix license

Acunetix key features

  • AcuSensor technology
  • Scan ports and find server security issues
  • Support pages with CAPTHCA and password
  • Has standard reporting invoices such as VISA PCI
  • Ability to scan sites with flash, SOAP and AJAX content
  • Penetration tools such as HTTP Editor and HTTP Fuzzer
  • Automatic scanner for testing Ajax sites and Web 2.0 applications
  • Ability to scan thousands of pages simultaneously and at high speed
  • It has a smart crawler with the ability to find the type of web server and scripts
  • Powerful site scanning capability to find SQL injection and Cross site scripting bugs

The Web Vulnerability scanner is usually one of the scanners that are used to find the vulnerabilities of a web application, which is also called WVS for short. There are many types of scanners available to check for different vulnerabilities, which we will mention later.

Tools available in Aciontics

  • HTTP Editor
  • Site Crawler
  • HTTP Fuzzer
  • HTTP Sniffer
  • Target Finder
  • Compare Result
  • Blind Sql injector
  • Subdomain Scanner
  • Authentication Tester

Acunetix DeepScan analyzes the entire website by following all links on the site, including links that are dynamically built using JavaScript, and links that are in robots.txt and sitemap.xml. The result is a sitemap that Acunetix uses to launch targeted checks against each part of the site.

Easy to use web application scanning tool

Cloud-based offering with hassle-free implementation

In today’s dynamic business environment, vulnerability scanners for online web applications deployed via the cloud are best suited for continuous and flexible detection of security vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities.

Use of automation and other advanced technologies

The most important aspects of ease of use are the reduction of manual grinding and the time required thanks to intelligent automation.

Getting Coverage and Accuracy

The web application scanner should ensure that basic security checks where the test cases are repeatable and the same sequence of tests are automated as much as possible. However, at the same time, it should also provide accurate results without False positives.  A false-positive result in loss of developer time giving priority to the issue which is not a risk.  At the same time false-negative results in having a risk of being ignored completely.

Web Application Scanner

Easy availability of insights

The scanner should also provide customizable reports and critical insights that are easily accessible and understandable. In this way, the company can more easily use the insights to take corrective action and improve the security posture.

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