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Arcon PAM License

Arcon PAM

No organization’s IT infrastructure is static. As an organization’s IT infrastructure grows, so does the number of applications, servers, cloud resources, and other critical systems, leading to a proliferation of privileged and authorized identities.

These identities have high privileges to allow access to target systems. Privileged identities are spread across sensitive corporate centers and have access to various parts of the IT infrastructure, such as operating systems, databases, servers, and network equipment, and hence can access highly classified data.

Arcon PAM License

Arcon PAM License


Because of their inherent importance in the entire IT fabric, privileged identities are always vulnerable to abuse by insiders, disgruntled employees, or malicious third parties. Several research reports show that about 75% of data breaches occur due to obtaining high-level authorized access.

The licensed ARCON PAM is the best Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution that implements high-level user access management mechanisms. This solution provides high-level user account management best practices and provides the foundation for strong identity and access management. This licensed solution provides the deepest level of control over privileged users as well as multi-factor authentication and password encryption to secure enterprise data. Trusted by more than 500 companies around the world, ARCON’s high-level user access management solution provides the best scalability with the greatest compatibility with the organization’s technology architecture and supports cloud platforms.

ARCON PAM a critical solution for every network

The licensed Arcon PAM strikes a high balance between security, adaptability and business efficiency. Today’s information security managers are looking for a comprehensive security solution that provides business efficiency, a strong security control mechanism, and a structure that conforms to security defaults. Every manager expects a good return on investment for every budget they allocate.

By controlling, monitoring and securing privileged accounts, ARCON PAM not only protects data from malicious insiders and third parties, but also ensures true business continuity. This solution provides all security requirements under one roof and balances IT efficiency, security and adaptability.

In the following, we examine the features of this licensed solution and state how it can help organizations in predicting, protecting and preventing unauthorized access in the organizational network.

ARCON PAM License key features

Password Vault

Every IT data set has a number of privileged users and is usually shared among multiple users, making them vulnerable to abuse. It is very difficult to create manual control over the password change process. In addition, password security is a major challenge.

ARCON PAM produces a very mature password safe deposit box that generates strong and dynamic passwords and can automatically change passwords for multiple devices or systems at once. Passwords are stored in a highly secure electronic safe deposit box.

Passwords are stored in ARCON products in a proprietary and multi-layered encryption. In this way, it will be able to provide complex passwords fully automatically, dynamically at certain time intervals for a very large number of devices.


Dual Factor

Privileged account access for users accessing critical IT infrastructure requires a strong authentication system. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) serves as a strategic entry point to identity management systems and helps manage the system based on users. Two-factor authentication will ensure that if the password is stolen by password thieves, they will not be able to use it to gain access to the resources and equipment of the organization and cause disruption or change.

In order to use the second authentication factor, ARCON company has presented its one-time password (OTP) module so that it can be used on smart devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Also, integration tools with third-party authentication solutions, RSA tokens and VASCO tokens, Precision, 3M, SafeNet, Vasco, RSA, Gemalto and Safran tokens have also been provided.

For more information, Arcon License

Fine-Grained Access Control

The licensed ARCON PAM has a unique technology framework that provides component-by-component access control for privileged users, even if users inherently have admin access and it is not possible to restrict their access to any system. This is possible for several technologies, such as operating systems, databases, network and security devices, etc.

Component-by-component access control helps organizations protect their systems from unauthorized access and unintentional errors. This feature allows you to manage the restriction and control of privileged users through a centralized and role-based policy. These capabilities give IT administrators the ability to limit execution commands and filter to ensure safe, authorized, and Controlled gives to target systems. It minimizes the level of risk by providing the deepest level of control over controllers and data processors.

In order to prevent human error for managers with high access levels or to prevent deliberate sabotage and destructive activities that may be carried out by disaffected or infiltrating human resources in the organization, it is possible to restrict high access levels (admin) as well as preventing the implementation of some malicious commands without using the position of senior leaders.

Monitoring communications

The ability to monitor sessions enables the IT security team to see any suspicious activity around the privileged account. The live dashboard ensures that all sensitive activities performed by administrators across the IT infrastructure are seen in real-time.

ARCON PAM solution

Arcon PAM License

Automatic discovery

IT infrastructures in shared and distributed account environments are at great risk. This is a big problem for the security and risk management team to identify and track the ownership of privileges. To overcome this challenge, the automatic discovery of the licensed ARCON PAM solution enables the risk management team to discover shared accounts, software and service accounts in the IT infrastructure. Identifying and tracking the ownership of points reduces the risks associated with the life cycle of an account.

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